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yuuto kiba relationship quotes

A war is something new to me but I guess I would need to fight ――Kiba Yuuto. The clash against the Trihexa and the Evil Dragons would turn. Jun 26, Explore all famous quotations and sayings by Yuuto Kiba on Anime Characters Database. Jul 8, Devil's Love [ Yuuto Kiba x Reader ]. Yuuto Kiba[x]Reader It was [y/n]'s decision to keep their relationship a total secret. She didn't want to.

On the Les Yay side, we have both Xenovia and Asia, who despite the fact that both love Issei, Xenovia's pretty touchy with Asia like the one time they were at the gym locker room, she undresses Asia personally.

Xenovia in general tries to include Asia in everything she does with Issei, and goes absolutely nuts when Asia is hurt in any way.

Yuuto Kiba

Rias and Akeno get in on it during the onsen scene, where Akeno was apparently doing something extremely arousing to Rias' breasts. To the point Rias told Akeno to stop because she wanted Issei to be the first to do that to her. Rias' first meeting with Akeno is to compliment her black hair back when they were kids. Sure Rias is an Occidental Otakubut And there's the fact that Rias' Queen is Akeno.

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When Koneko was under a spell which Rias put where it was meant for Issei to reverse his personality which made Koneko a pervert and strip both Rias and Asia, and play with their breasts.

Under the shower no less. On the Foe Yay side, we have a one-sided relationship with Issei and Vali. Foe Yay is a recurring theme, much to Issei's chagrin. Not only Vali but Sairaorg and Cao-Cao of all people have the Blood Knight version of a man-crush on him, seeing him as a worthy target to defeat.

Not entirely Foe Yay but Sairaorg has been sending Issei gifts as of volume 14, a behavior most likely influenced by Issei being a rival for himbeing good friends and even having resolved his emotional baggage when Issei used Bilingual on Sairaorg's mom and eventually causing her to wake from her coma. Sairaorg is openly expressing Courtly Love towards Issei. And then there's Saji and Issei. Saji's powers work right only if Issei is with him because of the dragons that are within them.

And then when Issei finally died, Saji cried a lot and swore that he would take down Khaos Brigade or die trying.

yuuto kiba relationship quotes

Then there's Xenovia and Irina. Especially Volume 14 where while all the girls were sleeping at Issei's bed, Irina uses Xenovia as a hug-pillow. She is the mistress to Issei's servant. A Mother to Her Men: She really loves her servants; breaking their hearts and making them cry is a one-way ticket to the afterlife. Ddraig states that the Gremory family is known for being extremely affectionate toward their servants.

She has the second largest bust in the series and not afraid to show it off. In general she is the character that appear naked more often since the first episode. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: For that matter her surname, Gremory, is shared by one of the seventy-two demons of the Goetia. Despite her strict nature during missions and training, Rias is very kind and caring toward her Peerage than most other masters. That is, if you don't push her buttons.

In Volume 10, Issei finally confesses to her and she officially becomes his girlfriend.

yuuto kiba relationship quotes

Issei still wishes for a harem and now that she's secure about how he feels about her, Rias will let him have it as long as she's always number one. He proposes to her in Volume 22 and she accepts, making her the first official fiancee in an ever-growing list of them.

yuuto kiba relationship quotes

Koneko proposes to Issei in Volume 11, and he accepts on the condition that she grow taller and bustier, but this has yet to be revisited. The heiress of the Gremory Clan. She was overpowered by Sona during their Rating Game in Volume 5. Upon her graduation, Rias assigns Asia to take her place as the club's president. Person of Mass Destruction: She has the "Power of Destruction", a type of demonic energy that allows her to release energies that can disintegrate matter, both living and inanimate, with relative ease.

She is further able to control the shape and power of the technique such as creating multiple softball sized bullets to lessen the destructive force yet increase the range of her attack. In the ending theme of the anime's first season, there's a playing card theme, and Rias is shown as the King. She gives one to Raynare, right before blowing her to smithereens. You've toyed with my servant's emotions for the last time.

As Issei's master, Rias calls him her possession and says that he belongs to her only. This was taken Up to Eleven later on as Rias' feelings for him grow and she doesn't want any girls close to him. This eventually changes in volume 10 when they become an Official Coupleeven letting him have a date with others and a harem.

Sometimes wears a pair of glasses, even though she has good vision. Her hair reaches down to her thighs. Kings are supposed to hang back and command their pieces. Rias prefers to mix it in — and it's not a good thing, because a team loses if their King goes down. Both she and Sairaorg are called out on this. She is known as the "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess". She is one of the main heroes who has distinctive crimson hair. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Being a powerful devil with destruction magic is a double-edged sword when it puts the leader in harm's way.

Happens literally in ratings games, where a manpower shortage and her reluctance to let her peerage suffer for her sake lead her to get involved quite quickly.

Best shown during the first Rating Game of the series, where her strategy is a glorified diversion so she can take on the enemy king directly. As the second-born child of the Gremory clan, she became its heiress when her brother Sirzechs became a member of the Four Great Satans.

Rias is declared as the beauty of Kuoh Academy. She's willing to be naked in front of her servants, especially towards Issei.

Rias likes to sleep in the nude and enjoys Issei ogling at her She Is the King: She often goes barelegged when wearing certain outfits such as the Kuoh Academy uniform. Ichiei Ishibumi says that her given name comes from Garchomp's Japanese name Gaburias. The connection between a female Devil and a draconic Landshark is up to interpretation. By the time of Volume 11, she and Issei have fallen in love to the point that they forget people are watching them.

She's got awesome magical attack power, but she's terrible at taking hits. She greatly resembles her mother Venelana in her later years, but with her father Zeoticus's hair and eye color. Seriously, she is more of a mother to her servants than a "master" proper.

Issei is open about his desire of having a harem, but Rias is generally acknowledged to be the one to hold the title of his "legal wife" and immutable favorite. This doesn't stop the other girls from trying to usurp the position. Her "Oppai Beam", the ability to project a red light from her breasts, which recharges Issei's energy.

Each use of this power causes her breasts to temporarily shrink in size, which makes Issei cry even though it's sometimes necessary. Her breast size will restore itself after a few days of rest. She makes Issei undergo one of these, by forcing him to run as fast as she can and stretching his body to the limit. Her Extinguished Star technique, named after the origin of black holes as the result of a star with significant mass burning out. It creates a Sphere of Destruction that sucks in and thoroughly disintegrates even tough-scaled Evil Dragons.

Harm Issei and Rias will vaporize you, as Raynare and her mooks found out the hard way. During the anime's first three seasons, Yoko Hikasa voices Rias with a husky, sensuous mature and womanly voice.

By the time of Hero, it suddenly softens to a more sweeter, gentler and "traditionally" girly one. Like the other members of the Gremory Team, Yuuto was shocked to learn that Issei had "died" at the end of Volume Yuuto losing his arm during his last fight with Siegfried At the beginning of Volume 12Yuuto and the other members of the Gremory Team stayed in the Gremory Palace, while the whole team was still in shock with Issei's death, especially Rias and Akeno. Yuuto later goes to the basement of the Gremory Palace to check on the Vali Team while asking the original Sun Wukong about Samael 's curse.

He, then, faces off once more against Siegfried in their third and final encounter. During the fight, Siegfried uses Chaos Break which makes his body undergo a demonification process to transform into a monstrous spider all while fusing with his Demon Swords and Sacred Gear. With this new form, Siegfried easily overwhelms all the members of the Gremory Team, cutting off Yuuto's left arm which he was able to reconnect later in the battle through the combined efforts of Ravel, Koneko, and Asia and injuring both of his legs.

The battle was overturned when one of Issei's Evil Pieces transformed into the sword Ascalonallowing Yuuto to injure Siegfried. Siegfried finally lost to the latter after his strongest Demon Sword, Gramleft him and chose Yuuto as its new wielder. As he received attacks from the Gremory Team with Yuuto dealing the final blow by stabbing him with both Gram and Ascalon, his body started to crumble away.

After Cao Cao's defeat, Arthur challenged Yuuto after deeming him to be a worthy opponent for his Holy King Swordtelling Yuuto that he will fight him when Vali fights Issei, which he quietly accepts. At the end of the same volume, Yuuto is also officially promoted into a Middle-Class Devil. He later goes to Romania along with Rias and Azazel in order to find out more about Gasper's unknown power.

In Volume 15Yuuto accompanies Rias who was staying at the House of Vladi until a Vampire from the House of Tepes asked them to meet the current leader of the Tepes Faction, Valerie Tepesmuch to the surprise of the two.

In Volume 16Yuuto and Rias reunited with their friends who came to the Tepes territory. He later participated in rescuing Valerie from Marius Tepes who attempted to extract the Longinus, Sephiroth Graalfrom Valerie where he and his friends fought against the modified Vampires and Grendel. After Rizevim turns all of the modified Vampires into mass-produced Evil Dragons, Yuuto and Rossweisse teamed up together to fend off the mass-produced Evil Dragons.

Yuuto, along with the other members of the Occult Research Club, went to the Underworld in Volume 17 and participated in the experience day for the school Sona Sitri built located at Auros in the Agares territory.

While doing the respective activities assigned to them, Qlippoth managed to surround both Auros and Agreas inside a barrier and announced their intent to attack after a certain period of time.

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Before the time was up, they reconfirmed their plan and Yuuto ended up pairing with Tsubaki of the Sitri group and fought against the mass-produced Evil Dragons. Yuuto and the Occult Research Club went to Heaven in Volume 18 to talk to Michael about the Christmas project the alliance is working on. After the meeting, Michael informed them about the death of Church officials and the presence of Evil Dragons were present.

Yuuto helped defend Heaven from the attack of Qlippoth. He was able to successfully defeat a clone with the help of Rossweisse and Akeno.

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After all the fights were settled, Yuuto and the Occult Research Club celebrated Christmas and it was announced that he will succeed Akeno as the new Vice-President of the club. Issei reminding Yuuto to not die in the upcoming fight In Volume 19Yuuto participated in the fight against the exorcists that rebelled against the Church.

He requested to transfer to the group that would fight against Ewald Cristaldi saying that he doesn't want to fight against him for revenge but as a challenge against the former wielder of Excalibur. Before the fight, Issei reminded him not to take his life for granted and that he should return alive.

Struggled in the fight against Ewald after being dosed with enhanced Holy Water, Yuuto almost wielded Gram risking his life-span being devoured by the Demonic Sword, but was stopped by Dulio Gesualdosaying to save that against Qlippoth and hugged Yuuto, seeing him as his brother since he also came from one of the Church facilities.

Dulio used his technique, Speranza Bolla di Sapone, that made Yuuto remember the things important to him. Because of this, Yuuto was able to use a new technique, siphoning the holy aura of the opposing holy sword, and was able to defeat Ewald with the combined efforts of Irina, Dulio and Griselda Quarta. After the fight against Ewald, he and Irina transferred over to the field where the Gremory team, Saji, and Arthur was fighting against the group led by Vasco Strada.

Yuuto attacked Vasco but the latter was able to easily block Yuuto's sword and crush it his bare hands. After the fight against Strada, Walburga appeared and fought against them and was defeated with their combined efforts.

Before Vasco was taken away for interrogation, he introduced a girl from Yuuto's past, Tosca.