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Wasteland 2 embraces its CRPG legacy to become one of the finest--if (Old- school Wasteland players will find a ton of nods to the first game, from Ace to Angela Deth to the entire Arizona map.) You'll end up using some of your skills a bare handful of times over the E-commerce Affiliate Relationships. "Forsaken by his people, he strode into the wasteland," the narrator intones in the to talk about without mentioning its relationship to the original two Fallouts. Wasteland 2 is a difficult game to play because it bucks many trends in .. Unless you're skipping or somehow missing recruiting Angela Deth. Just completed the game and never found any remains at the helicopter crash outside Matthias's citadel. Is she able to be found? the credits.

Save AG center instead of highpool Thanks to your timely internvention, Ag Center is recovering from the outbreak of mutant plant and insect growth that threatened to destroy it, and is once again distributing much needed fresh produce to communities across Arizona. There is still much rebuilding to be done, but because of you no one is going hungry, and the future of farming in Arizona is looking brighter every day.

Save Matt Indeed, Matt is so grateful that he has given the Rangers an additional discount on the produce he delivers to the Rangers. Even Kathy feels more kindly to the Rangers these days. Save Rosedon't take her to LA Meanwhile, Rose, who despite her synthetic arm and heart was not taken over by the AI because you stopped it from broadcasting outside of Ranger Citadel, has been experimenting on the remains of the deadly exploding seed pods, and is getting very close to developing an organic hand grenade.

Save AG center, cleanse the three locations In addition to saving Ag Center, your thorough cleansing of Knottsburg, the Shiitake Mushroom Farms, and Stubbin's Farm, has spared the wasteland any further outbreaks of mutant plant and insect growth, and the citizens of those communities remain firm supporters of the desert rangers.

Rail Nomad Edit Thanks to your help, the Atchisons are in control of Rail Nomad and no longer have the Topekans to blame for their troubles. Sadly, that does not mean their troubles are over. Though they are rapidly expanding their network of rails, they killed dall the Topekan engineers and therefore there is no one to drive the trains.

They have put out a call for qualified engineers, but so far no-one has answered, and meanwhile the trains are not running and they are going broke.

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Soon they will be poorer than they were before their victory. Prison Edit With the conflict between the Rangers and the Red Skorpion Militia ending in a truce, but without anything really resolved, things are pretty much as they were before they heated up. And while there is no open fighting between RSM and Rangers, there is no cooperation either, and veiled threats and provocations continue on both sides.

Prison Released and dihonorably discharged from the Rangers for public drunkenness, Rick Baychowski has moved in with his brother Red and opened a bar near the Prison using the money from the Damonta treasure. Unsurprisingly, he is rapidly drinking himself to death.

The DBM run the canyon efficiently and ruthlessly, and as promised, it is very safe, but their tolls are so high that Trade is till falling off. Damonta Edit Because you so decisively dealt with the robot threat, Damonta is safe again and able to rebuild. The people who fled the danger have returned, businesses are reopening, and trade is beginning to pick up, though because the DBM are in charge of the Canyon of Titantrade to the west is limited.

Damonta Now that Binh is back with them, and saved from being taken over by the AI because you stopped it from boradcasting it's its source code, Hector and Carla at the El Saigon are getting back to normal and cooking up their old family recipes again, though they constanly worry about Binh's artificial heart.

Damonta Hopi and Magee reopened quickly and their repair ibusiness is booming, but their wariness of robots has remained with them, and they have vowed to dismantle every robot in the airplane graveyard so they can never wake up again. Rodia Edit Thanks to you, the Mayor is back in charge and working hard to reverse the damage done by the Jerks. His first order of business was to throw out Gekko, install a new bank manager, and start using scrap as the town's official currency again.

Acoounts have been reopened and people have money to spend again, causing the economy to thrive. He claims to be in a relationship that "can never be," and tasks you with delivering a message to his lover. Turns out, it "can never be" because it's a dog.

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If his general demeanor didn't give it away, he offers various "pharmaceuticals" to you for sale once you complete his quest. Jess-Belle A deluded young woman living in the valley below the Highpool dam. Her father pampered her throughout her life, and she is now convinced that she's a beautiful princess waiting on a knight in shining armor to take her away. Before he ran away, her father left her a dowry to find a good husband with. Unfortunately, he lost it in a card game with some Red Skorpions in Highpool shortly thereafter, forcing Team Echo to find it for her.

Her dowry turns out to be a Gold-Plated Derringer pistol, with her initials carved into the handle. She is completely out there.

The quest journal makes note of it, at one point saying that her innocence is almost heartwarming. Her father ran away on her a while ago. She insists that he had noble intentions, and had gone off on a "quest," though judging from what is revealed of him, that's somewhat unlikely.

Her father read her so many cheesy romance novels that she's convinced she's living in one, referring to the Rangers as her "brave knights. Notable in that even she isn't sure what it is, as her father never actually showed it to her - it's apparently something "as beautiful as her" and is marked with her initials. Rail Nomads "Even the strongest man needs two arms to drive the train. They can trace their lineage back to a place known as "Kansas," but for now, they're camped out north of the abandoned Radio Tower.

They are divided into two main tribes — the Atchisons and the Topekans, whose cultures are heavily influenced by both Native American tradition and Railroad mythology, most notably the legends of John Henry and the Golden Spike.

For a time, there was peace between the tribes — the Topekans using their knowledge of engines to maintain the train while the Atchisons navigated and maintained the tracks. This peace came crashing down around 15 years ago, however, when a saboteur ruined the train's brakes, causing an accident that took many lives.

Both sides blamed one another, and have been at war ever since. Their camp has become something of a trading post in the meantime, with many Hobos and vagrants making their home there. While the Cochise Team visited their camp years ago, little could be done to resolve their conflict — indeed, several Topekans even tried to murder the Rangers for associating with the Atchisons.

Ultimately, they left without having accomplished much of anything, and many of the tribes' number have succumbed to drug and alcohol addiction in the time since then. All Hail the Great God Mickey! The tribe worshipped John Henry as god of iron who built all the rails in the Wasteland and consider the Golden Spike as sacred relic along with coveting anything related to rail mythos.

Though, Atchison tribe were not impressed with Topekan's old worship of Choo Choo Charlie, a mascot from a candy bar. Their worship of railroad mythology and trains come across as odd to many outsiders. Grey and Gray Morality: Both of the tribes had good and bad sides but their grudge over an accident along with pre-existing tension namely over sharing profits from railroad trade made peace treaty somewhat difficult.

A Native American tribe or rather impersonators, based on a comment by an authentic Native American like Vulture's Cry who worshipped and made their livelihood around trains and railroads.

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Chief Kekkahbah Voiced by: Sean Chiplock The leader of the Topekan tribe, Kekkahbah is a jovial and welcoming man, and respects the authority of the Rangers.

However, while he welcomes their aid in disposing of the Rail Thieves and Junkies, he refuses to allow them to interfere in the business of the tribes, insisting that the matter is an internal one that should be settled as such. This is mostly due to his personal stake in the matter - he lost his left arm in the accident that divided the tribes, and firmly believes that the Atchisons' leader, Casey James, was responsible.

He commands an elite group of loyal soldiers known as Choppers, who willingly remove their left arm as a sign of respect. He is also in possession of the Golden Spike, a holy relic that is coveted by both tribes. Convincing him to give it up plays a key role in the peace negotiations. An Arm and a Leg: He lost his left arm in the train crash that divided the tribes.

His elite soldiers, the Choppers, also lack left arms, though they remove them voluntarily as a sign of respect.

In order to achieve peace, the player can use his missing arm as a clever metaphor for the tribes' conflict. He and his people worship the railways, and hold the Golden Spike to be a holy relic. Kekkahbah is currently in possession of it, and thus commands a great deal of respect.

He and his Choppers may be missing their left arms, but they can still hold their own in battle. If he's allowed to join and survives the final assault on the Ranger Citadel, he will offer to stay behind and detonate the nuclear bomb in order to wipe out Cochise. The ending slides mention that his sacrifice ends up setting an example for peace and cooperation between the various tribes and groups in the wasteland.

The Rangers are at one point given the option of asking him why he can't drive the train himself, to which he replies that it is impossible to do so with only one arm.

They have the option of repeating this to him to negotiate a peace. He and the rest of the Rail Nomads play into this role, despite the fact that many of them aren't even Natives. Lampshaded by Vulture's Cry, an actual Native American tribeswoman, who is confused by their obsession with the stereotype.

Take a Third Option: In order to negotiate a peace, he and Casey James must both be talked into taking one, driving the Golden Spike into the rails as a symbol of unification, so that neither of them must have it. Also having him set off the Nuke at Ranger Citadel is the best option. That way you don't lose any of the very valuable rangers and his sacrifice helps keep the peace between the two tribes. Casey James The leader of the Atchison tribe, Casey James has little respect for the Rangers, due to their lack of intervention in the conflict that has claimed so many of his tribesmen's lives.

He has a particular grudge against Chief Kekkahbah, his former friend who now blames him for the accident that nearly killed them both. The Atchisons' underdog status has made him vindictive and underhanded, resorting to planting bombs around the Topekans' camp and terrorizing any Topekans who stray towards their territory.

While he is extremely vicious, it is done in pursuit of vengeance for his long-abused tribesmen. As such, he believes that the Topekans must be destroyed, and that the Atchisons are the rightful owners of the rails Convincing him to let go of the Spike plays a key role in the peace negotiations.

For peace negotiations to succeed, he must cut off his own left arm as an offering. The game doesn't show it, but the quest log notes that it may have been "the bloodiest peace talk in history. Casey covets it, as Kekkahbah has taken it as his own. Compared to Kekkahbah's Noble Savage airs, Casey James is closer to this, having a thick southern accent and dressing less stereotypically. He still follows tribal customs, of course. He and his tribe made bombs out of explosives and coffee cans to launch a guerrilla campaign to make up for Topekan's larger wealth and manpower.

The game fades to black when he removes his arm, though the sounds and quest log entries confirm that it was not pretty. If he was given the news that his daughter was almost killed by a bomb intended for Topekan children in the playground, he began to show regret over his terrorist tactics. In order to negotiate a peace, he and Kekkahbah must both be talked into taking one, driving the Golden Spike into the rails as a symbol of unification, so that neither of them must have it. Jessie James The daughter of Casey James, Jessie is an adventurous young girl who is disillusioned with the conflict between the Atchisons and Topekans.

Because of this, she maintains a secret relationship with a Topekan boy by the name of Ralphy Parker, and frequently visits his tribe's camp in secret. Eventually, her life is threatened by bomb at the Topekans' playground, and her fate plays a key role in resolving the conflict peacefully. For tropes relating to her boyfriend, Ralphy Parker, see "Party Members. Doubles as a reference both to the infamous male outlaw and the female country musician. She's one of the only people in the Rail Nomads' Camp, along with Ralphy, who sees how futile the tribes' conflict is.

Manages to be this well into her teen years, firmly believing that there is hope for a peaceful resolution to the tribes' conflict. They take it as a sign that the conflict between the tribes is pointless. Rangers will be fed to my dogs alive. Much of this is likely the result of their origins — indeed, their earliest members were the death-row inmates that the Rangers cast out from the Federal Prison shortly after the apocalypse.

The Cochise Team was beset upon by them many times during the Robot War, and relations haven't really changed much since. They haven't bothered the Rangers too much in the past few years, though, and claim to have reformed into a Peacekeeping Militia.

Fact is, they've just taken a more business-like approach to their criminal activities, lording over homesteaders in their territory through harsh, dictatorial laws. Those who resist quickly find themselves hanging from a noose, a cruel reminder not to disturb the peace in Happy Valley. Initially a nomadic gang of killers, the Skorpions now operate out of the Federal Prison east of Highpool that used to be the Rangers' HQ. But if you play your cards right, you might just be able to get the RSM to reform a bit and work with you, exchanging prisoners and information.

He collects these taxes with the help of Chaos righthis brutish enforcer whose lack of brain cells is made up for with muscle. He charges the Rangers a fee to enter the Prison area "peacefully," but fails to radio ahead to the next outpost, forcing the Rangers to either sneak by or blast through.

Chris is the brains, Chaos the brawn. Chaos serves as this to Chris, though not to the Red Skorpions themselves. Chaos can barely speak in complete sentences — all he needs to know is how to pound someone's head in. Chris intentionally fills this role to keep Happy Valley under the thumb of the Skorpions.

Chris oozes smugness from every orifice, and loves to taunt the Rangers over every little thing. It is clear that the only reason someone hasn't straight up broken his scrawny body over their knee yet is because Chaos protects him. Chris manages to wear a combination of this and a Rummage Sale Reject — a tacky pinstripe suit with patches from other clothes sewn on and, inexplicably, a fish skeleton for a tie.

Those Two Bad Guys: They fill this role for the Red Skorpions, never leaving each other's sides and playing off each other's personalities. Jim Auwaerter Jim is a friend of the Red Skorpions whose connections allow him to thrive in Happy Valley, presenting an idyllic image to unsuspecting homesteaders, making them susceptible to the Skorpions' protection racket.

Once the homesteaders have been robbed blind, they're forced into indentured servitude and put to work on Auwaerter's farm. Despite this, he seems almost blissfully ignorant of the suffering around him.

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He's a pretty nice guy who legitimately believes that he's doing good work, but this is mostly because he's utterly blind to what's going on around him. He's modeled and named after the real-life Jim Auwaerter, who donated a large sum to the game's kickstarter. He legitimately doesn't realize that the people working for him are slaves, due to the Skorpions fierce propaganda and his own blinding ignorance.

Like Danforth, he seems totally convinced that the Skorpions are doing good work in Happy Valley, remaining utterly blind to the suffering of his "employees. After Danforth goes ballistic, he disappears from the valley.

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Pitbull Pitbull is a psychotic pimp who uses his status as a Red Skorpion enforcer to keep girls across Arizona under his thumb. He operates out of Happy Valley, near the Prison, where he keeps his favorite girls locked up in cages at his "Fuk Shak," but his reach extends as far as the Rail Nomads' camp, where he's got several working girls in deep debt. His original arm got gangrene after one of his "girls" bit him, and has been replaced by a robotic one, courtesy of Dr. He has surprisingly high HP and armor for a single man, though he's typically no match for a well-prepared team.

Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Even Danforth, who is usually too deluded to see any faults in the Red Skorpions, will admit that Pitbull had it coming if you kill him. He's got his name stamped across his chest and a Red Skorpion insignia on his arm. To this end, he's taken over the Red Skorpions and transformed them from a nomadic gang of killers into an organized gang of killers. He's also quite paranoid, refusing to leave his heavily-fortified Prison - as such, he mostly communicates via loudspeakers.

Turns out, he's Bobby Bergin, the boy from Highpool that everyone thought was killed by the Rangers. The town's doctor saved his life, but he ran away, swearing vengeance on the Rangers. Never harm one of his dogs. Canned Orders over Loudspeaker: