Vonn woods relationship with god

Why Lindsey Vonn Says Relationship With Tiger Woods 'Didn't Work' | HuffPost Life

vonn woods relationship with god

Lindsey Vonn and Kenan Smith are over! Tiger Woods Dishes on His 'Close' Relationship with Ex-GF Lindsey Vonn Black or White love is love we all bleed red and God loves all races. Attitudes like yours is what causes. Sports has a new power couple: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn confirmed on their Facebook pages Monday afternoon to announce their relationship. ' Michelle Shocked said God hates (gays),' ” using a pejorative term. When Olympian Lindsey Vonn realized it was Valentine's Day, she didn't want to be left out in the cold. So the single skier, whose much-publicized relationship with golfer Tiger Woods ended in , took God let it be me.

When you heard about the photos of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, did the immorality of their relationship come first to mind?

Lindsey Vonn defends Tiger Woods relationship

Or is such sexuality so common today that you're desensitized to it morally? Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

In a culture as hedonistic as ours, one of Satan's most effective tools is the "everyone's doing it" strategy. Three results please him and grieve our Lord: We participate in ungodly activities because they're now "normal.

Why Lindsey Vonn Says Relationship With Tiger Woods 'Didn't Work'

We stop teaching biblical morality to our children. Scripture calls us to teach God's precepts "diligently to your children" Deut.

vonn woods relationship with god

But it's hard to teach what we don't believe. If we think sex outside of marriage is normal, so will our kids. We stop advocating for biblical morality in our culture. What Christian voices are standing up for purity today?

vonn woods relationship with god

Many are afraid of being branded "intolerant," the cardinal sin of our tolerance-based culture. Satan has unfettered access to our media and society because biblical voices are so silent on the moral issues of our day.

Guess What Happened When Lindsey Vonn Tweeted She Had No Valentine

What is the answer to sexual immorality? One major step is understanding why God forbids it. Our Lord is not a cosmic killjoy who wants to inflict an unrealistic sexual ethic on us.

Rather, he is a loving Father who wants only what is best for his children. Although Vonn initially tried to deny her relationship with Woods, it broke out and many people began to know about it. Whether it be a minor injury like an ankle sprain, or something more serious like a MCL tear— it can certainly be a tough obstacle for any athlete to bounce back from. Turns out, the two both suffered serious injuries during similar times in their careers, and they trained together to help overcome those injures as Vonn stated in an interview: And for Woods and Vonn, this was just one of the problems for their relationship.

Vonn testified to this past obstacle in the relationship. She said while she still maintains a healthy relationship with Tiger to this day and that she has no ill feelings towards him, there was one thing she would have changed: She went to all the majors, all the award dinners and all the press conferences.

Her continuous support for him during his time in the pros prior to his incident was evident and she clearly was supportive of him. She also felt after a while that rather than being recognized as an amazing skier, she was just being seen as Tiger's girlfriend.

I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into. However, for others, it's just being too busy to see the other person. And this was evident of Woods' and Vonn's relationship as well. However, when done publicly like Woods and Vonn did on Facebook, it can sometimes receive some backlash if not handled properly.

However, it seemed that Vonn handled the breakup pretty well evident from this Facebook post announcing the end of the relationship.

Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart.