Uruz rune meaning relationship to you

URUZ rune meaning and interpretation – runes and their meanings

uruz rune meaning relationship to you

Meaning Auroch (wild Oxen) Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning Strength may come up to be dealt with, within the context of the relationship. The Uruz rune often indicates in a reading that you may have been living a. Basic holistic rune meanings and correspondences for the Uruz rune. a relationship that makes you stronger – reversed: a relationship that drains you. It often indicates that you have outgrown your current life situation, and that it's time to While the Fehu rune represents domesticated cattle (wealth), the meaning of Uruz Uruz can mean a change in a relationship, a letting go of the old and.

It represents the physical movement of things in our world, as well as ideas and notions.

uruz rune meaning relationship to you

On the physical side, this rune represents age, gravity and rain; rain because it starts on earth, goes up into the sky and returns to the earth; it is the drawn formula for gravity: We have the physical ability to control what happens in the material world around us as we live, but we have no control over birth or death.

An idea starts within our subconscious, then comes into our active mind, then into our physical world. Uruz is a formative or protective force which is un-manifested, but which can shape things to come. Uruz represents an awareness of death and of our own mortality.

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There may also be sexual connotations in this rune. Uruz is associated with the primal creative force.

uruz rune meaning relationship to you

It is a spiritual or divine force which pervades the universe; a vital essence. The shape of the runic symbol is likened to the horns of the primal cow or the auroch. The Fehu rune is also associated with the Primal Cow, but in a different sense. Uruz represents force and freedom or a force always straining to be free if contained.

URUZ rune meaning and interpretation

Drawing Uruz shows that you have the strength within you to fulfil your dreams, goals and desires, but with that strength comes responsibility. Use your strength to keep focused on your path and to stop yourself being off-balanced by others.

There are always some people who project negativity and are negative within themselves.

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That is their choice and life path with many hard lessons to learn along the way. Strength comes from not letting those people and their antics upset you. This comes from mastering the ego. When the Uruz rune is drawn it may be indicating that a loss may be an opportunity in disguise.

The Uruz rune often indicates in a reading that you may have been living a lifestyle that you have outgrown. When speaking of a single person, It shows rich adventures filled with passion, which quickly consume themselves.

In the life of a couple, it brings a share of sexual harmony, a lot of passion and complete satisfaction, maybe even revitalizing a struggling couple. Healthwise, this rune represents strength, vitality and endurance. Uruz is the token of physical strength and vitality, energy and adrenaline, coupled with a will of life which can entirely refresh a man. In case of disease, the recovery is swift and sudden, coming in a surprising manner.

The Uruz meaning and Uruz reversed meaning of this Rune.

Reversed, it signifies all of the vices and weaknesses deducted from the aforementioned virtues. Socially, the man is dominated by those around him, lacking in power, and other make decisions in his name. The mental strength is minimal, as is the will of doing anything. This rune is also representative of the Norse God "Ull". Ull was the God of archery, hunting, and winter.

He is the "leader of the hunt" in Germanic folklore.

uruz rune meaning relationship to you

How to Interpret "Uruz" This rune represents raw physical power. It would not be uncommon for it to turn up in readings for an athlete, hunter, or a member of the military.

uruz rune meaning relationship to you

Uruz also represents sexuality and virility -- most commonly but not exclusively the male side of those attributes. It may also represent a show of force which is unusually great for a specific individual. Its appearance often signals a significant internal life change if the individual involved in a rune reading is a man; or a shift in his masculine powers, depending on his age.