Tom sawyers relationship

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tom sawyers relationship

3 major aspects that showed maturation in Tom Sawyer include the adventures that he had with Huckleberry Finn, his relationship with Becky. Well, Tom's relationship with Aunt Polly is quite an interesting one. Although he is always doing things to annoy her, and although she is always scolding him or. Slavery is a subject almost absent from The Adventures of Tom . because such a relationship is beyond his capacity to imagine. As it was, has spoken of this sequence as "material [that] might be one of Tom Sawyer's fantasies. This content .

Analysis Of Tom Sawyers Maturity English Literature Essay

The major conflict of the story is Tom's struggle to become free from his Aunt, who acts as a parent, and to satisfy his desire for adventure and fame. Multiple minor conflicts are presented in the story, each with its own climax and falling action. The theme is further clarified by the writer through Tom's experiences. In the minor conflicts when he fought for Becky's heart and risked his life for the treasure, he portrayed one of the good natures of man which is fighting for a dream and overlooking all the problems and trials to achieve it.

tom sawyers relationship

In the minor conflict when he saved Mr. Potter from being hanged without committing the murder crime, he portrayed another good nature of man in helping other people by doing the right thing and facing his fears even if it meant possible death for him.

However, he also portrayed man's evil nature when he went to Jackson's Island without informing his Aunt. As a child, he showed his thoughtlessness and inconsideration to his Aunt, that even though he knew his Aunt was suffering for supposing he was killed, he didn't inform her of where he went and how he was. He showed his selfishness, not thinking of how he affects other people. The plot structure of the story of the life of Tom displays Mark Twain's realistic idea of humans' weakness in the midst of fear and materialism.

Furthermore, the characters of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer all have their own characteristics that demonstrate the general theme. For instance, Aunt Polly depicts the natural goodness in a human since she decided to take care of his nephew Tom and to endure all the difficulties in dealing with his stubbornness because she loved him like his own child.

The following quotations from Aunt Polly's soliloquy show this," He 'pears to know just how long he can torment me before I get my dander up, and he knows if he can make out to put me off for a minute I ain't got the heart to lash him somehow I've got to do some of my duty, or I'll be the ruination of the child.

Huckleberry Finn is a child who didn't have anybody to treat him as a parent or to provide him with his needs. Although his dad is alive, he acts and lives like he doesn't have a son. Thus, Huck learned to live by himself. Since he, being the son of a town drunk, is poor, filthy, squalid, foul-mouthed, and uneducated, he was easily hated and dreaded by the mothers who didn't want the children to ever talk or approach him. The following quotations show this," Shortly, Tom came upon a juvenile pariah of the village, Huckleberry Finn Growing up in a small town, working at different jobs, and meeting different kinds of people from various walks of life made Mark Twain discover the society's good, evil, and imperfect natures and convinced him to write about them by touching each of the characters of this story with his realistic views about men.

The style of Mark Twain's writing expands the general idea through figurative languages, imagery, diction, and tone. Twain used figurative language and imagery to show the atmosphere, or the surrounding of a character to give the readers an idea of the characters' feelings and emotions.

One example is when he used figurative languages such as terrific storm, awful claps of thunder, blinding sheets of lightning, suspense for his doom, shadow of a doubt, expensive thunderstorm.

These words are intended to give the reader the intensity of Tom's feeling during that part of the story, wherein he felt alone, wicked and conscience-smitten for he is the only child in the village who didn't go to the spiritual revival.

In connection to the theme, Tom felt conscience for he knew he has done a wrong thing. Another style Twain used to effectively deliver the general idea about man's 'imperfection' is by making some parts of the story appealing through the use of tone shift as seen through diction. One example of this is when a student of Tom's school reads his composition to a group of people. In the first half, Twain chose the words delightful, festivity, joy, fancy, voluptuous, graceful, snowy, dance brightness, lightest, gay, delicious, bright dreams, charming, and goodly which all creates a positive and fun atmosphere, but then a negative feeling comes toward the next half through the diction of such words as vanity, harshly, wasted, embittered and conviction.

The positive words used by the speaker appeals positively to the readers because in it, they can reflect themselves in a way that they too desire and persevere through endeavors to become happy in life. As the speaker shifted to a negative tone, readers may question themselves in the words used if they too feel vanity, wasted and embittered by all their efforts, knowing that nothing can really satisfy the soul. Aftermath, he decided to testify during the trial and named Injun Joe as the murderer of Dr.

Injun Joe was nowhere to be found after that. This incident showed maturity in Tom Sawyer because he started to realise that an innocent person was being accused for something that the person did not do and this was definitely wrong and preposterous.

He knew what was right and what was wrong. He wished that Injun Joe was struck by lightning when he was lying. In my opinion, deciding to testify was a brave decision and reflected grace and maturity in him. Since Muff Potter was being such a nice friend to them and he expressed his gratitude to the boys because they came and paid him a visit, guilt overwhelmed them. This chapter was one of the turning points in his life because Tom realised the importance of justice and because of friendship, he had the guts to testify in the trial.

Besides, he showed a sense of responsibility when he testified during the trial.

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Only Tom and Huck witnessed the crime and they were the only hope to reveal the truth in order to save Muff Potter from this mess. This desire suddenly came upon Tom one day. But, the desire to hunt for treasures really provokes me to think twice whether the protagonist character portrays maturity.

While he was hunting for adventures, he was using a bogus name to represent pirates; the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main. So did his comrades; The Red-handed and the Terror of the seas. He was responding to the circumstances and environment in an appropriate and adaptive manner.

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After Tom named Injun Joe as the murderer, he ran away from the town. While Tom and Huck were hunting for hidden treasures at the old haunted house on Still-House Branch, they accidently met Injun Joe and his companion. He was disguising as a deaf old Spanish man. He wanted to bury a bag filled with over six hundred dollars in silver. Tom and Huck who were hiding in the upper part of the house were delighted to know that their dreams of getting treasures would come true.

Things got more interesting when Injun Joe found a box of gold coins before he buried his money. From that moment, Tom and Huck vowed to stay close to Injun Joe, find his hiding place and catch him. They went to the tavern and waited at the alley for Injun Joe. While Tom was lost in the cave with Becky Thatcher and was trying to find their way out, he saw Injun Joe in the cave. After Tom found his way out, he told Judge Thatcher that Injun Joe was still inside the dark and gloomy cave.

Description of the instances from the book should not be too lengthy. At first, when Tom and Huck knew about the hiding place, they did not seek any help from adults and this was considered very dangerous. They were just young adolescents and did not care about the danger that awaited him. The way they put themselves in those kind of fatal situation did not indicate maturity in Tom and Huck.

They felt that they were strong and capable enough of catching Injun Joe on their own. Unfortunately, he was still having the desires to hunt for hidden treasures.

Again, I feel both discussions are insufficient. You probably want to discuss why going back to hunt for treasure is an act of immaturity. This paragraph should only discuss about his maturity but as he was on that island, he was being able to think properly and some of his actions showed maturity.

He realised his mistakes and promised not to repeat the same mistake again; portrayed maturity too. This was because, while he was on that island, he learnt to be independent and listen to his conscience. He cooked his own food; said his own prayers and many more. Petersburg, Tom stole cold ham as his source of food for that particular day. At night, after saying his prayers, his conscience approached him.

He started to think about his wrong doings which were running away and stealing food. From that moment, Tom swore not to steal in their piracy anymore.

Insufficient discussion Nevertheless, he was still running away from reality at the first place. He had problems with Becky why do you mention becky when this is about him and finn? He was gloomy and desperate. It will make things worse than ever. A mature person will face the challenges that come upon him bravely and will think properly the consequences of the actions taken did he do this?. Tom caused Aunt Polly to worry and cry over his absence without leaving any note.

Nonetheless, he did camecome back to leave a note to Aunt Polly after he realised his mistakes. Despite that, taking the responsibility to inform the people who care about you and your whereabouts shows responsibility in that person.

tom sawyers relationship

When Tom returned home, he saw Aunt Polly and Mrs. Harper were crying and weeping for the lost boys. The boys were thought to be dead after they got drown in the river. A funeral was being planned for them although their bodies were nowhere to be found.

tom sawyers relationship

Tom felt very guilty and touched when he saw Aunt Polly was crying. He left a note to Aunt Polly while she was sleeping and kissed her. From the dialogue that Aunt Polly had with Mrs.

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Harper, it was depicted that Tom Sawyer realised how much Aunt Polly loved and cared about him. He returned to the island and informed his comrades about the incident and planned to attend their own funeral. Apart from that, the way Tom showed his friendship was by being concerned towards Huck and shared the love that he and Joe received. Consequently, these actions portrayed maturity in him. When they attended their own funeral, everyone was shocked. Tom and Joe Harper were greeted with kisses and hugs from their beloved ones but Huck just stood there without knowing what to do.

Abased and feeling uncomfortable, Huck did not know what to do or where to hide from the unwelcoming eyes. He had no one. He wanted Huck to feel and share the love that he and Joe Harper were receiving from their loved ones. The friendship that he shared with Huck triggered him to be concerned about how Huck felt towards something.

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts from God and in my opinion the way Tom showed his friendship was through being concerned towards Huck and shared the love that he and Joe received illustrates maturity in him. Before this, he was not very serious in his relationship with Amy Lawrence.

But when he started having a relationship with Becky, he changed his attitude. He appreciated having Becky as his companion. From the conflicts that he had with Becky, it caused him to realise the importance to appreciate the one that he loved.

Before this, Becky was ill and after she recovered, she ignored Tom and this caused Tom to run away from St. After he came back, in his glory, he decided that he could continue his life without Becky and he started to talk with Amy Lawrence, his ex-girlfriend. Apart from that, he realised that making Becky jealous by talking to Amy was not the right way to fix their relationship. He knew that what he did was wrong. Realising his wrong moves, he quickly apologised. It takes a mature person to realise and admit their mistakes.

Before this, he was far from getting trouble. But, after she recovered, his attitude changed immediately. The next instant, he was out and going on like an Indian; yelling, laughing, chasing boys, jumping over the fence at risk of life and limb, throwing handsprings, standing on his head-doing all the heroic things he could conceive of and keeping a furtive eye out, all the while to see if Becky Thatcher was noticing.

Discuss more He was running and yelling all over the place. Immaturity was being depicted by Tom when he did that. On the other hand may not be appropriateTom saved Becky from the punishment that she should receive and this definitely illustrated maturity in Tom. Dobbins had left a key at the drawer lock of his desk.

tom sawyers relationship