Tarot knight of cups relationship

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tarot knight of cups relationship

When life doesn't sync with expectations, look for the Knight of Cups to explain there is a definite personification in the Knight as a man in relationship to the. Oct 20, In your past position, the Knight of Cups often points to a whirlwind relationship that left you feeling as though there was no closure. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Knight of Cups including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an.

The longer you allow the unhappy situation to fester the lower your mood will become and the more entrenched the situation will become. Adopt a calm approach. The Socialite Knight of Cups The Knight of Cups turning up in your Reading can suggest that you are planning a celebration or party and are in the process of extending invitations to friends and families.

Then again, it may be you who has received an invitation and are looking around for the perfect present or gift to bring with you. There is certainly an air of anticipation and excitement about the upcoming event and you will be determined to have a great time. This could be the party or wedding of the year or possibly a family re-union or engagement party.

The Knight of Cups can often suggest meetings of one sort or another which are of an emotional nature. These meetings tend to bring people together who have mutual interests and connections, very often family and friends. The Knight of Cups extends a warm welcome to everyone and is genuinely happy to see you. He can imply that you are getting great pleasure out of spending time with friends and family, or if you have been keeping yourself to yourself for the last while then you should make time to be more sociable, get out and about, visit and keep in touch with loved ones.

Under this particular influence of The Knight of Cups there will be the temptation to overindulge in Alcohol and Food so try to pace yourself and think moderation.

tarot knight of cups relationship

Think bad hangover too and this may discourage you. You may decide to put yourself forward for a make-over or a total re-vamp of your wardrobe. You want to look your best and this may be simply from a personal point of view or because a certain situation demands it of you.

He suggests a love of fashion and keeping up with the latest styles and trends. You probably take hours preparing to go out and no doubt plan your wardrobe weeks in advance. You have a tendency to worry about what others think of you all the time and find it difficult and upsetting when you discover someone dislikes or criticises you. You like to stand out from the crowd so may go for a slightly eccentric or quirky style of fashion, which others then may attempt to copy.

You probably enjoy travelling abroad when you want to purchase something very special. You like your clothes to be the centre of attention and the focus of conversation.

tarot knight of cups relationship

You have the ability to talk endlessly about how you put your outfit together and your choice of colours without giving any information about where you purchased it or how much you paid for it. You even allow people to believe that you had some of your garments especially made for you. You enjoy being elusive about this side of you for the last thing you want is others running out to buy the same.

The thing is that some of your purchases are quite cheap but with your wonderful creative imagination and natural flair, you have the knack of working them with other items so that they look designer and expensive. Then again you may be contriving a look or attitude that does not truly represent you at all. You may be trying to impress someone by giving a false impression of yourself. If The Knight of Cups is surrounded by Reversed Pentacle Cards then you may be spending too much money on clothes and luxuries, or it may be possible that you are seeking access into the inner circles of the wealthy set by appearing to be one of them.

There may be a hidden agenda behind all the finery and manufactured appearance.

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He uses the excuse that he has not got the stomach for it or that it has nothing to do with him. Often the truth is that he has not got the courage to face up to the situation or deal with those that are involved. If this is the case with you, then The Upright Knight of Cups implores you to do the right thing and face your problems head on, in fact be the one to go out after them rather than sit waiting for them to catch up with you.

tarot knight of cups relationship

Emotionally upsetting as they may be, you will feel proud and gain much respect once you take charge and control. The Knight of Cups generally despises himself after he runs away instead of confronting his problems.

Knight of Cups

If this is your mess then let it be you who is the one to clean it up. This may involve you having to grow up and assume responsibility for once. Tough as it will be, it has to be done. He is traditionally of slim build with a distinct elegance and sophisticated air.

He is romantic, poetic, imaginative and creative. A lover of music and the arts, he is a sensitive, sentimental soul who feels and responds on a deeply level. He is charming, gallant and chivalrous, a true Knight in Shining Armour. He is touched by the beauty and aesthetics in people and nature. He will be a soft, gentle person who speaks quietly and calmly but may appear delicate at times.

He is strongly in touch with his feelings and the feelings of others, but can get easily hurt or upset which causes his famous reputation for being moody or sulky. He is not afraid to show his feminine side and will be seen to cry during both happy and sad movies. He is deeply connected to his family and enjoys spending time with them. This Knight will look forward to the day when he too will have his own family.

tarot knight of cups relationship

In his spare time he likes nothing better than to hang out with his friends or get lost in his creative projects such as art and music. He likes peace and quiet, and walks by the sea.

Knight of Cups in 4 Minutes

He is a good swimmer, preferring the pool or ocean for exercise rather than muscle building in the gym. He likes to read and go to the movies regularly. He is more a wine drinker than a beer swiller and his taste in music will tend towards love songs, golden oldies and classical. Due to his love of nostalgia and the past, you will find him attending concerts of artists his parents listened to as he grew up.

He is not instantly drawn to new or loud music but does like to keep up to-date with new bands. However, he can appear out of place at some of the heavier concerts and wild music festivals. When he holidays, he more than likely heads for the sea or to romantic settings such as Castles, or cities associated with love and fashion such as Paris or Rome.

He has a love of history but again from a nostalgic point of view. He enjoys period dramas that often depict an unrealistic representation of times when ladies were ladies and men were men. He is a stickler for etiquette, good manners and politeness. Peace loving and a seeker of harmony, The Knight of Cups is tactful and diplomatic in his dealings with others. He will often appear refined, immaculately dressed and fashionable.

He takes his time and is not prone to hurry. Obviously these descriptions apply to his positive side so we must remember that like all The Court Cards they do have a Negative Aspect, and when it comes to the Knights, because they are influenced by Fire, these negatives can be quite extreme.

The Knight of Cups in a Reading If the Knight of Cups appears in a reading, especially when in connection with a question about love, then you know that romance is on the way. This card can mean that an actual person with the characteristics of this Knight is going to feature strongly in your life, or it could be that the card simply represents the beginning of a new relationship.

Should the card appear reversed upside downthen things might get difficult romance-wise, or your knight's shining armor is somewhat tarnished.

Read on to get the full picture. The Knight of Cups from the dark and disturbing Deviant Moon tarot. Source The Characteristics of the Knight of Cups A more complex character than he first appears, the Knight of Cups is a real romantic. He loves to be in love. He loves to be loved.

The problem with him is that he loves these two things more than he will love you. If this card appears early on or before a relationship starts then you have fair warning.

He'll bowl you over with romantic gestures but he can't change a diaper. His actions are determined by his emotions, though he is generally an easy-going sort of chap, not given to tantrums.

He is somewhat narcistic and acts as though he is being observed at all times. He tends to view himself through the eyes of others and cares too much about what people think of him. In consequence, he suffers from insecurity and lack of confidence, which he hides quite well. Is a new love interest long on romance and short on paying for the flowers, wine and candles?

Knight of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

Many scenarios are possible, but it is usually quite easy to spot what or who the Knight of Cups is in your life when these descriptions arise. In the future position, this card indicates a coming passion.

You may find a new hobby that overtakes your whole life. An obsession with a new partner can instantly turn passion into a dangerous addiction.

The Knight of Cups in the future position is a trampler of logic and planning; it is a coming bout with pure emotional ecstasy and the aftermath of losing that perfect pleasure.

Knight of Cups Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

Forewarned is forearmed and you may have a little head start in separating a con artist looking to bed you from a true lover for the ages. Card Combinations Whenever two Court Cards appear in a reading together, one is most definitely you and the other is another prominent person in your life. It is often difficult to confess to your Tarot reader that you are, in fact, the force in your life that a particular card is personifying.

When two Court Cards appear in the same reading, it is easier for you to help your Tarot reader assess who is who, thus facilitating a clearer, more accurate reading.

When the Knight of Cups appears in a reading with lots of other cards from the suit of Cups, the lack of logic and structure are holding back a favorable resolution. When this Knight card is present in a reading dominated by Wands, your passion for a creative pursuit or hobby is consuming everything.

Pentacles in numbers in a reading that includes the Knight of Cups reveals you are following your bliss and that the money will follow. Court Cards mix particularly well with Aces.

An Ace of any suit present in a reading with the Knight of Cups adds a positive spin to the groundbreaking swell of passion indicated by this card.