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An endocrine connection between bone and pancreas, where . These cells ultimately determine the relationship between bone and fat. Kontaktkontraktet av Eva Bodfält. Bra Relation Av Kenth Svartberg Hoppas ni har en fortsatt bra midsommar helg! Raksha och Qeewi med sina kompisar. 7 feb. “Bra relation – om samspelet mellan hund och människa med TSB-modellen”. “ Mentalitets boken” Ingalill og kurt Blixt og Kenth Svartberg.

This review will discuss these new insights linking bone remodeling to the control of fat metabolism and the association between diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, leptin, osteocalcin Introduction Diabetes mellitus DM is a disorder that metabolically is more than a hyperglycemic syndrome [ 12 ].

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Changes in protein and lipid metabolism coupled with chronic elevations in serum glucose have a profound effect on virtually all tissues [ 3 ]. The skeletal manifestations of DM were previously only considered in the context of disturbed glucose intolerance [ 4 ].

As such, imbalances in calcitropic hormones were the main focus of investigation. Indeed, changes in PTH, vitamin D and calcitonin can affect calcium, phosphorus and magnesium balance, and thereby impact the synthesis and release of metabolic hormones e.

Novel Insights into the Relationship between Diabetes and Osteoporosis

Primary hyperparathyroidism has classically been associated with insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus [ 68 ]. Similarly, vitamin D deficiency impairs insulin action and release and is recognized as a risk factor of diabetes mellitus Figure 1 [ 59 ]. On the other hand, poorly controlled diabetic patients have urinary waste of phosphorus and magnesium which not only plays against metabolic improvement but also impacts the skeleton Figure 1.

However, emerging evidence suggests that bone is metabolically active secreting growth factors and proteins that modulate insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion.

Novel Insights into the Relationship between Diabetes and Osteoporosis

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