Relationship advice blog jobs

18 Places to Find Blogging Jobs: An Essential Resource for Freelance Bloggers

relationship advice blog jobs

A blog will be written for men or women, not the same dating blog for I hope to find a ghost writer that I have an ongoing work relationship. Here's where to start your search for blogging jobs. proven your skills and reliability to your client, so make the most of the relationship. If so, this is the perfect job for you. seeking an energetic, thoughtful and insightful writer to produce content for our relationship advice blog.

18 Places to Find Blogging Jobs: An Essential Resource for Freelance Bloggers

Tom and his team look for all the crucial information, like who to pitch and potential rates, and present it clearly and simply so you can evaluate each opportunity. For more information, check out our review of Paid to Blog Jobs.

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Its job board shares carefully curated opportunities. Why not stick with the job boards? Here are a few other places to look for blogging work: Who Pays Writers Created by writer and editor Manjula Martin, Who Pays Writers collects anonymous reports of rates paid by all sorts of publications, from tiny niche blogs to massive print magazines. Once you have your hit list of blogs you want to write for, check out their contributor guidelines and get pitching! Google No, not blogging for Google.

Searching using the right queries can help you find all sorts of interesting blogging gigs.

Best Relationship Blogs to Read If You Want to Enter the Niche

Twitter Yes, all that time you spend on social media could actually help you land jobs. Beyond letting you showcase your writing for other clients, Twitter helps you find blogging opportunities in a few different ways: Search for blogging jobs: When I did, I found several advertised blogging opportunities, like this one: Clicking on hashtags like blogging, bloggingjobs and writinggigs can help you find newly posted jobs. Congratulations, you probably already do this! To keep these important tweets separate from the rest of your Twitter stream, use a Twitter List.

Everyone wants to share their work, right?

Ongoing Writer Needed For Relationship / Confidence Advice Website For Women

Your current client roster Your clients already know you do an awesome job, right? See whether they need your help with blogging as well. Do your homework so that you have a solid foundation to build on. Elephant Journal The Elephant Journal is one of our favorite sites for various topics.

Relationship Advice: Salary of a Dating Expert

It is not just a relationship blog, but it covers spirituality and mindfulness, among others. More so, the blog offers perspectives from both sexes, making it interesting for everyone.

relationship advice blog jobs

Oh, and this blog exudes passion like no other. Science of Relationships Can relationships be pinned down to a science? Perhaps we can only get so close as science can get to understanding emotions and moods.

Career Vs. Love

This blog is just that. It takes data and applies it to relationships, dishing out advice backed up by, well, science. Their mission statement says it best: The important things in life deserve data, and nothing is more important than relationships.

relationship advice blog jobs

As scientists and educators we believe that if you really want to know the truth about something, you need research. It may seem different an approach from many relationship blogs you encounter, but give it a go, and you might just be convinced to take this route.