Meaning of complicated relationship status

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meaning of complicated relationship status

Or better, do you know someone that has an ON/OFF relationship? You know what I say to my ladies who are in complicated relationships? I say What should I what do they really mean by complicated relationship???. Thanks. This relationship status can mean that the person is currently seeing more than one person. It is possible to be into more than one person at the time, but it. What does Facebook's "it's complicated" relationship status mean to you? When you see it on someone's profile, what do you think?.

To give you an idea, their relationship was like that of Ross and Rachel, except that they had other complications like they were from different cultural and religious backgrounds, lived in two different states, and got to meet each other only once a month.

They loved each other, but the fact that the parents would never agree tormented them when they were together. But once they cool down, and are miles away, they miss each other and reconcile.

meaning of complicated relationship status

This went on for few years before finally they mutually agreed to cut all contact with each other. Though that relationship ended quite unfortunately, my curiosity for understanding complicated relationships piqued. Why is it Complicated?

Relationship status: It's Complicated". What does this mean?

These relationships become complicated because of mixed feelings or because there are other people involved in the equation. These might just be few of the many situations one could find themselves in: You are in a relationship with someone who you are no longer in love with, and your heart is somewhere or with someone else.

meaning of complicated relationship status

You end up enmeshed in a non-exclusive relationship. The person you love is with someone else but does end up having a relationship with you, while still being attached to the other person.

Relationship Status: It’s (Really) Complicated

You are in love with multiple people at the same time. Relationships have always been tricky, irrespective of whether they are complicated or not. Back when monogamous relationships were trendy, people used to not just spend time in finding the right person, but would also spend all their energy in maintaining that one relationship.

meaning of complicated relationship status

Fast forward to today, and we have people trying to juggle multiple relationships at the same time, in hopes to find that perfect one. People in complicated relationships are stuck.

What It Really Means to Be in a COMPLICATED Relationship

Mostly because of their emotional habits. Like how we all have a morning routine that we have learned and practise every single day of our life, emotional habits develop when we are around people. For example, I love both my parents equally, but the way I react and respond to my mom is different than my dad. Even in romantic relationships, the way we feel and think about certain people, the happiness or pain they cause, make us form emotional habits.

If the person is no longer in our life, we try and recreate those moments in our minds to make ourselves feel better again.

meaning of complicated relationship status

Over time, we are so used to those memories that we almost forget what the actual person was like. We refuse to accept changes life brings about and that just makes it difficult for everyone.

This relationship is often painful and even toxic, but persons in it are still drawn towards each other. These people often see themselves as single, but after a while they simply get together with the same partner.

Relationship status: It’s complicated

They might move on from this relationship eventually, but it usually takes a lot of time. Long distance relationship Having a long distance relationship is definitely complicated.

meaning of complicated relationship status

Live can either bring two people closer together or move them apart. If a person has an opportunity that can change their life, very often relationships get left behind.

Friends with my ex Some couples manage to stay friends after they break up.

Relationship status: It's Complicated". What does this mean? - guyQ by AskMen

This is not a common scenario but it can happen for many reasons. One of these reasons is sharing a home. This totally makes the relationship very complicated. It is not easy to find a home to move to straight away, so sometimes couples continue to live together before they make permanent arrangements.

This moment can be excruciating. You fought so bad that it seems like the whole world is falling apart.