Long distance relationship gift package ideas

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long distance relationship gift package ideas

Get help on making a long-distance relationship work and fill the Best gift ideas for people in long-distance relationships . in real time, watch video playback to see who's stealing packages, and get alerted to any motion. We've searched to find the best long distance relationship ideas out there to Christmas Care Package (The Dating Divas) – Being away from. More than great long distance relationship gifts for couples. This makes a fantastic, classy LDR gift they'll treasure forever. . I've tried lots of different ways to pack my jewelry, but keep coming back to this simple drawstring case.

The possibilities are endless. And if you want to package this all up an an awww-worthy way, check out LoveCoups. A countdown clock You can set this clock to countdown to any specific date i. But think twice with this one. Some people will love it and others will find it pure torture. Get all arty There are some pretty fun and hip art pieces out there suited for LDR couples. Just like jewelry, some of my favorites use co-ordinates. One classy option pictured right is sold by DefineDesign11 on Etsy.

Not your cup of tea? Give yourself a day to put together this beautiful lampshade. You can pair it with a simple light kit from a home improvement store to complete the lamp, or build it for a lamp he already has in his place. Polaroid Magnets Magnets always have a place to go in the household, so why not make magnets for your boyfriend to look at and remember you by.

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These Polaroid magnets are a great gift for a long distance boyfriend, because they allow him to look at you every day. With some cork, Mod Podge, and laminate pages, you can create these tangible memories to remind him of you whenever he needs a place to set his drinks. They are heartfelt and useful. Memory Jar For a simpler, but still meaningful, gift, try this memory jar. It consists of writing all of the wonderful memories you share with him on pieces of paper to fill up the jar.

long distance relationship gift package ideas

You can decorate the jar however you want. When he is missing you, he can read through the memories in the jar. Photo Booth Picture Strip Another cute picture project is this photo booth picture strip. Photos make excellent gifts, because they give us something to look at when we miss someone or a memory.

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This photo booth strip gives a stylish twist to any four digital pictures you have that will give him something to remember you. Lipstick Art One of the worst parts of being away from each other is missing out on physical connections. This lipstick art is a great way to give him something that will remind him of your kisses and your love. Use some of your favorite lipstick colors to great a personal piece of art for him.

Pop-Up Photo Box For those moments when he is missing you, this gift will help him feel connected again.

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A pop-up photo box is stylish and contains several photos for him to look at when distance makes him lonely. You need a wood craft box, photos, wood stain, and a wood burning tool to create this heartfelt gift.

Instagram Calendar This Instagram calendar is a perfect gift to keep help him keep track of important dates while getting to look at great memories you share.

long distance relationship gift package ideas

This easy DIY makes a useful gift. Love Map This is an especially adorable gift to give your boyfriend if you are in a long distance relationship. The love map takes sections of maps and allows you to show places that are significant in your relationship, like where you met. There is also an option to include a photo with your telegram. Thousands of LDR couples from all over the world have worn them to express their love from afar, as a promise to stay strong during their times apart.

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It is probably the most beautiful gift he has ever given me. But now I have a real rose that is preserved and I can treasure it for a lifetime. He got it in my favorite color, purple of course. They have many other very romantic gifts, check them out!