Live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself relationship

How Not to Lose Yourself In a Relationship – P.S. I Love You

live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself relationship

I love being in love. It feels great to share your life with someone else. It's amazing to have someone to come home to and to share your most. Signs You're Losing Yourself In Your Relationship & What To Do About Them an obsession, and every relationship was the most important thing in my life (and, In other words, I was lost in my relationships — which practicing Now, I'm in the first relationship ever that hasn't completely consumed me. We're all guilty of losing ourselves a little when we're in a new relationship. went out on the town with him, and even started to pick up on his daily habits. But after vowing to never let myself lose myself in a relationship ever again, A little separation goes a long way. You're worth living an amazing, individual life .

You may fall into the trap of inauthenticity in an attempt to maintain a relationship and avoid pain. Your boundaries become blurred.

9 Painful Signs You’ve Completely Lost Yourself In Your Relationship

You are not authentic. You lose your interest in your hobbies.

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  • How Not to Lose Yourself In a Relationship
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Your interests are his interests. His interests are your interests. You let go of your routine, your structure, and your life. Your friends, your work, your hobbies should remain a priority. Living a lie and being inauthentic in a relationship can be subtle or obvious.

live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself relationship

Do you go overboard to please others so they like you? Authenticity keeps you strong.

8 Ways to Regain Love in a Relationship

It simply means that you are being real. It means that you become transparent to the world, including your dates and partners, because you know that who you are is acceptable, and worthy of love and acceptance. Authenticity requires fearless confidence in who you are.

live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself relationship

It is not about you. Self-acceptance is the key. It's a key word, and one that I can't emphasise enough. At this stage of your relationship, you probably know when your significant other is going to object to something, or when he's going to want to participate in an activity you have no interest in. You will have built up a quick response system to counter these things: These sorts of stock responses are not conducive to a successful, happy relationship and can stop you from regaining love in your relationship.

Instead, consciously think about your answer to one of your partner's requests, take a moment to understand and think about what he's saying, and give a clear, measured response.

9 Painful Signs You’ve Completely Lost Yourself In Your Relationship | Thought Catalog

Hopefully, over time you can learn to compromise on some things, and if he wants the relationship to continue and your love to come back to him, then he'll notice that and respond. Even if you end up disagreeing on something, or saying no, the fact you have clearly considered a response before answering will do the power of good. And hey, you might actually enjoy some of the activities you never would have done before!

Make new friends and have more of an outside life. To regain love, you may first have to broaden your horizons, so the man in your life starts to crave attention. When you spend time apart, you will appreciate your time together much more!

If you have kids, get to know other parents and spend time with them. If you want to get fit, join a gym and start training your body, not for him, for yourself. Maybe you've always had a dream of spending time painting, or some other creative pastime. This is your chance to do it!

This Is Why You Should Never Lose Yourself In A Relationship | Thought Catalog

All of these activities have one thing in common—your man can join you in these pursuits. If he does, then as well as spending some extra quality time with each other, you may find a shared love for a hobby or skill.

I don't mean Monopoly or Scrabble! The mind games and digs at each other have to stop. You may feel justified in what you say or what you do during one of these verbal battles, but over time they not only wear you out, but also kill your partner's longing to be with you. Start being straight with each other rather than beating about the bush and making snide comments.

Mind games in some situations can be fun, and completely harmless, such as teasing in the bedroom, or play fighting. These can actually help foster a good relationship, and be healthy reminders of why you love each other.

live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself relationship

However the petty arguments that can start to creep in to a relationship after a while do nothing to help you start to regain love like you felt when you first met. Honesty—one simple word, but probably the most important aspect to a relationship, and certainly an essential part of regaining love that may have lapsed.

I'm sure you were honest at some point in your bonding, when nothing seemed taboo, and you could tell your partner everything there was to know about yourself. As we grow, things change, and two things happen. It may not be big, but it's all these little lies and dishonesties that could end up costing you a life together. You'll find each other opening up together, and as well as promoting love toward each other, it'll also get you talking, and communicating easily with each other. Following on from the last step and working hand in hand with it, trust is the key to a lasting bond of love.

If you don't trust your partner, then love is not apparent. If we allow it to, untrusting thoughts consume us. Regaining love without first regaining trust will be an uphill struggle, and so start to work through your insecure feelings as soon as possible. Ask yourself why you have lost the faith you once had in your man, and what either you or he could do to regain that, and make things right again. As with honesty and trust, communication is one of those key elements in regaining love, and is essential for any push to rekindle a relationship.