Interdependency relationship dependent definition

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interdependency relationship dependent definition

Jun 14, Dependence in itself is not the devil. In fact dependence is a core component of building a secure and lasting relationship. It is defined as. Jun 29, However the definition extends beyond marriage-like relationships. The formal An interdependency relationship will exist between two individuals if: (If this was the case, every parent would be a dependant of their child.). Oct 5, Interdependence is not the same as codependency. Learn how Being dependent on another person can sound scary or even unhealthy.


Not knowing where you end and they begin. This can be problematic for several reasons, but chiefly because you need to be a whole person rather than looking for another to complete you. You need to understand your value and worth as a person rather than depending on your partner for it. Try to picture dependence on a scale. On one end you have extreme independence and on the polar opposite end you have codependence.

Neither extreme is helpful for your relationship. The best solution is to find a middle ground. Those who are anxiously attached or have endured abuse or struggled with substance abuse tend to lean more towards the codependent side, whereas those who are avoidant tend to be more on the independent side.

It is a scale and not all anxious and avoidant individuals would fall into the extremes, but those who rate high on anxious or avoidant behaviours tend to follow this pattern. Ideally, we want to move away from the outer edges of the scale, towards the middle—towards interdependence. The ideal is to create a hybrid—an interdependent relationship.

An interdependent relationship is where both partners are mutually reliant on each other.

interdependency relationship dependent definition

It is a safe bond where partners can rely on each other but also maintain their autonomous identity. Trust me this is not as easy as it sounds.

interdependency relationship dependent definition

Many people lose themselves in others, or push intimacy away in an attempt to protect themselves. Finding a balance of depending on but also being autonomous can be tricky.

Codependent, Independent & Interdependent Relationships

Here are a few tips to help fuse the two extremes and move towards interdependence: Find a Secure Model Securely attached individuals are excellent when it comes to the balancing act of interdependence.

Due to their positive view of self and others, they tend to see people as dependable and reliable. They trust that people will support them and they are eager to support others. This means they enter into their relationships not only concerned with their own needs but also the needs of their partner.

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We can learn from and emulate the traits of a secure individual; it can be very helpful when learning to nurture a hybrid relationship. Learn more about secure individuals here. What are your goals or aspirations? What are you passionate about? Work to develop a life that is complete with or without someone to share it with. Having your own identity and path in life is extremely fulfilling and keeps you from shape shifting or losing yourself in each new relationship.

Learn to Depend on Others For those who tend to be more avoidant or independent, the prescription is to try to tolerate the ability to depend on others. Go out on a limb and ask someone for help.

Codependency vs. Interdependency

The SIS Act provides that superannuation death benefits may only be paid to: Where neither of the above class of persons can be identified, the trustee of the superannuation fund has the statutory power to nominate any person as a recipient of a superannuation death benefit payment, whose power may be modified by the terms of the fund's trust deed.

The deceased person's spouse or former spouse; The deceased person's child aged less than 18; Any other person with whom the deceased person had an 'interdependency relationship' just before he or she died; or Any other person who was financially dependant on the deceased just before he or she died. In addition, sub-section 2 of the ITAA further includes in this definition a person who receives a lump-sum benefit as a result of the death of another person who died in the line of duty as a member of various forces, e.

Section 10A of the SIS Act and section of the ITAA provide that, for there to be an interdependency relationship, two people whether or not related by family must show that they: Have a close personal relationship; Live together; One or each of them provides the other with financial support; and One or each of them provides the other with domestic support and personal care. Each of the above elements must be satisfied, and must be true for the time period immediately preceding the death of the deceased person.

Two people could also be in an interdependency relationship if they have a close personal relationship and the only reason they fail to satisfy all the conditions in section is that either or both of them suffer from a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability, or they are temporarily living apart because, for example, one is overseas or in jail.

interdependency relationship dependent definition

The sorts of factors trustees may consider include: Duration of relationship; Whether or not a sexual relationship exists; Ownership, use and acquisition of property; Care and support of children; Reputation and public aspects of the relationship; Any evidence suggesting that the parties intend the relationship to be permanent; and The existence of a statutory declaration signed by one of the persons to the effect that they are, or in the case of a statutory declaration made after the end of the relationship were, in an interdependency relationship with the other person.

It is not necessary to show that each of these factors exists in order for an interdependency relationship to exist. Instead, each factor is to be given the appropriate weighting depending on the circumstances.

interdependency relationship dependent definition