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Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a cartoon throwback to a beloved character from the '80s, but older fans may notice a significant Masters of the Universe character missing from her origin story in Noelle Stevenson's new adaptation. When the character She-Ra was. She-Ra is the twin sister of He-Man, and the rebel protector of the planet Etheria. into the powerful Etherian rebel hero every time her help is needed. Her strongest relationship as in the He-Man stories is with her group of. To help satisfy the unpredicted demand for a female fantasy character, the Despite being an offshoot of the hyper-masculine He-Man line, She-Ra was officially . a grittier style, similar to what Friedkin had done on The French Connection.

Fortunately for her she has a flying horse, a transforming sword, and the ability to communicate with animals.


Can He-Man do that? Read on to find out the 15 other things that She-Ra can do that He-Man can't! The same mystical energies would transform the timid cat Cringer into Battle-Cat even though he's technically a tiger. She also uses her sword to transform her horse, Spirit, into the unicorn named Swift Wind.

Although we're not quite sure if it's cool or even comfortable to ride a giant tiger, having a flying unicorn as a way to get from place to place is pretty cool. Sorry, Battle Cat, but we think that Swift Wind is the better ride. When they're not transformed, Sprit is still able to fight Hordak's armies, whereas Cringer would, well They also have cool swords however, She-Ra's Sword of Protection rocks some bling in the middlebut when it comes to abilities, She-Ra has what squirrels in Rick and Morty would call "a possible Dolittle situation.

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She most frequently uses mental communication with Swift Wind. Can He-Man communicate with animals? We haven't seen him use this power, or maybe he has it and isn't asking nicely enough.

heman shera relationship help

One time She-Ra spoke to a bear; let's see Mark Wahlberg try and do that! Some may say it's a matter of semantics, others think there's a big difference. One group that may think they are two different categories are toy stores, and the difference came to light when making a decision on what shelf to put She-Ra on.

heman shera relationship help

Was she going to go next to her brother He-Man, or next to Barbie? Retailers weren't really sure what to do with She-Ra. She was marketed as a "fashion action doll" and that only made stores and buyers more confused. What was the end result? There was no consensus and different stores put her on different shelves, sometimes next to dolls, sometimes next to action figures. Just when you thought the Power Sword couldn't get any more awesome, She-Ra throws down some HMB fierceness and whips out the Sword of Protection, that does everything the Power Sword can do and lots more.

December 26, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment From Krampus to Santa Claus, the holiday season is filled with all sorts of memorable characters. On December 26,the studio executives at Warner Bros. Regan MacNeil, a demonic tween famous for her distaste for pea soup and unholy attitude toward religious relics.

Here are 20 fascinating facts about William Friedkin's groundbreaking horror film on its 45th anniversary. It is based on a true story. The story became national news, and caught the interest of Blatty, who was a student at Georgetown University at the time hence the change in location.

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William Peter Blatty wrote the novel in a cabin in California. The demon's name is Pazuzu.

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Pazuzuwhich is taken from the name of the king of the demons in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology. Mercedes McCambridge provided the voice of the demon. Under the threat of legal action, her name was quickly added to the credits.

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Chain smoking and whiskey helped McCambridge achieve Pazuzu's raspiness. Home Entertainment Sounding like a demon has its downsides.

In the case of McCambridge, she believed that chain smoking and a diet of raw eggs and whiskey were the key to a great vocal performance. Pig squeals were a key part of the sound design.

heman shera relationship help

When the demon is finally exorcised from her body, the sound you hear is a group of pigs being led to slaughter. It was the first horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

heman shera relationship help

The horror genre has never gotten much love from the Academy. Though there still seems to be a bias against scary movies during awards season, The Exorcist earned 10 Oscar nominations inincluding a Best Supporting Actress nod for Linda Blair, who was just 15 years old at the time.

Violet Beauregarde was considered for the role of Regan. Linda Blair's mother loved the script. Blatty insisted that William Friedkin direct the film.