Heechul taeyeon relationship problems

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The members got into dating rumors except Jessica, Yuri, and Seohyun. But SM definitely has problems, considering how the artists always leave gets into controversies ㅋㅋㅋ TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO, SNSD, F(x), etc. Heechul is a like a older brother to Taeyeon and Taeyeon is like a little sister to Heechul.:heart: - - - - - They have such a wonderful brother-sister relationship ! The fact that they Heechul's advice to Taengoo! Heechul. Super Junior's Heechul and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon hang out Heechul and Taeyeon relationship Kim Heechul, Tiffany, Super Junior, . Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Tears Up While Listening to Super Junior Heechul's Advice - they have .

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The difference between me and Teukie and the rest is that Teukie is the kind that will have sequelae for a long period of time, keeping all memories in the heart kind of innocence. How can one be like that? Unconsciously become like that. Just throw infatuation away.

Dislike doing the same things repeatedly too. When I was on more varieties, I have developed my own self-philosophy.

Super Junior’s Heechul and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Talk about Their Close Friendship

If one is in a variety doing the same performance repeatedly, everyone will think that that is not effort but staying in situ. Yes, ever thought about that too. This time before the start of filming, have talked to the company about a lot of details regarding the production. The company is the one that let me choose the character, to life up the role is my responsibility.

heechul taeyeon relationship problems

How does it feel to see yourself act? Then, holding the microphone sideways, crawling on the ground, kiss performance on stage, what are those? Will want to perform what can be shown on stage, but seeing it after the show, will be shy. To tell the truth, the self-confessed handsome Kim Heechul sshi, are you the same before debut and now?

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Changed a lot, character is better too, haha Character has changed for the better? Yes, after debut usually will become difficult to get along.

heechul taeyeon relationship problems

People around me said I have become better. Now I say this myself, during the beginning of Super Junior activities, I think a lot.

No matter what a lot has said you debuted as an actor from Super Junior Yes, feel troubled about it too. Because in the drama the situation is that I have to cry, but on stage have to sing happily. When the members are feeling sad, how do you regulate? These are things that fans know about too.

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I really dislike it when the performing location is not perfect, so got mad, atmosphere will become bad too. Impossible to know right from the start that you have talent in acting, if not particularly good at singing and dancing, then how did you become a celebrity? Heechul sshi became a celebrity because of good looks? Truth be told, yes, I admit it. Watching the audition tape now, ah-hu. So I desperately lost 8kg. Will say what should be said, but, will try not to speak foul language.

Have to comply with what should be complied with because a kid like me, even a little error can be destroyed in a second. Yes, even though ever deviated, freely unrestrained, but will try not to break the law.

heechul taeyeon relationship problems

Red hair, yellow hair, light yellow hair, have tried all colors before. Can I have a biscuit and continue? But recently likes natural. And I cannot digest the playboy look, Kibum will be able to digest.

EXO's Baekhyun apologises for the pain he caused fans dating Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon

Because of that your relation with Eunhyuk became bad right? No, because was satisfied at that time. To say it again, even though freely unrestrained, but will comply with what should be complied with. What do you want to eat?

In the end, Heechul said this part is very interesting. Requested us that we have to write this in Seeing them I myself will become pure. Did Jessica's business ever affect them? It actually never affected anything. If Jessica did something wrong, then SM would've kicked her out of the company.

She's still in the company and it's a win-win situation for both - Pann: They're really rotten inside. But SM definitely has problems, considering how the artists always leave the groups or disband in bad ways 3. I barely saw artists who left in a good way 4. All he talked about was other people 5.

Blind item of Jessica's business Jessica started her business and negotiated with SM that she's going to pay the loyalty to SM. But the eight SNSD members and their parents were against it.

Because of this, their relationship with Jessica got worsened and they told her to leave SNSD if she was going to run her business. The reason why her business is troublesome is because if a member runs a certain business, they can't get CFs from the business category.

She should've been responsible for her team if she renewed her contract for 3 years 2. They can't get CF deals, their earnings get decreased, but she's running a business of it.

Heechul's call to Taeyeon on Lipstick Prince 2

How can they not be pissed? It's true that Jessica is being selfish but she already negotiated her business with SM. Why are you bringing business and CFs when they're not related at all? So their "family" "sister" bond were all lies. Their relationship got bad just because of money when they worked together for years 5. Their CFs got cut off because of Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. Do you think they'll get other CFs?