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Love/Hate: ‘Don’t sack Garda Kieran O’Reilly over his role - Irish Mirror Online

A drugs squad detective who played an undercover cop in the hit RTÉ crime drama Love/Hate is under fire because of his role in the show. the window of a Garda car, reassuring her, 'I'll be out before tea-time'. as we learn more about their relationship and yearn for their reconciliation. The Love/ Hate season one finale airs on Channel 5 on Wednesday. Also in , the Garda Inspectorate published a report, “Policing in Ireland – Looking Forward”. that if you weren't chasing criminals in a patrol car then you weren't doing anything worthwhile. I explained the type of relationships we had with local authorities, voluntary and .. I truly hate those FG turds.

Real life garda on Love/Hate ‘disappointed’ with internal probe -

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