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fox business relationship quote

Conservative commenter Lou Dobbs, who has hosted his eponymic show on the Fox Business Network for more than seven years, suggested. Fox News is severing its relationship with retired Air Force Lt. Gen. back for appearances on Fox Business Network or Fox News Channel. Enjoy the best Lindsay Fox Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Lindsay Fox, Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy.

In contrast the study found that CNN's coverage was more fair and balanced. Groseclose's model used the number of times a host cited a particular think tank on his or her program and compared it with the number of times a member of the U.

Congress cited a think tank, correlating that with the politician's Americans for Democratic Action rating. Groseclose and Professor Jeff Milyo rebutted, saying Nunberg "shows a gross misunderstanding [of] our statistical method and the actual assumptions upon which it relies. It would be nice if there were a less politically fraught body of data on which such modeling exercises could be explored. The study, however, did find that Fox's coverage was less negative toward Republican candidates than the coverage of broadcast networks.

fox business relationship quote

The report put the figure slightly lower—81 percent—for the Wall Street Journal. The misleading statements identified in the report included " President Donald Trump 's first days in office by several major mainstream media outlets including Fox.

The erroneous belief that "The U. In response, Fox News frequent guest Ann Coulter characterized the PIPA findings as "misperceptions of pointless liberal factoids" and called it a "hoax poll".

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Only a substantially more comprehensive study could undertake such broad research questions," and stated "that the correlation between viewing Fox News and holding misperceptions does not prove that Fox News' presentation caused the misperceptions", inferring that causality is not necessary to prove correlation.

According to the results of the study, " The study employed objective questions, such as whether Hosni Mubarak was still in power in Egypt. The channel's Vice President of News, John Moodycontrols content by writing memos to the news department staff.

In the documentary Outfoxedformer Fox News employees talk about the inner workings of the channel. In memos from the documentary, Moody instructs employees how to approach particular stories and on what stories to approach. Critics of Fox News claim that the instructions on many of the memos indicate a conservative bias. The Washington Post quoted Larry Johnson, a former part-time Fox News commentator, describing the Moody memos as "talking points instructing us what the themes are supposed to be, and God help you if you stray.

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They come in the form of an executive memo distributed electronically each morning, addressing what stories will be covered and, often, suggesting how they should be covered. To the newsroom personnel responsible for the channel's daytime programming, The Memo is the Bible. If, on any given day, you notice that the Fox anchors seem to be trying to drive a particular point home, you can bet The Memo is behind it. Moody that recommended the following: In the e-mail, Sammon instructed producers to not use the phrase " public option " when discussing a key measure of President Obama's reform bill, and instead use the terms "government option" or "government-run health insurance[,]" noting negative connotations; Sammon also suggested that the qualifier "so-called" be said before any proper mention of the public option.

Critics claimed that Sammon took advice from Republican pollster Frank Luntzwho appeared on Hannity shortly before the e-mail was written and made the same suggestions in identifying the public option. Critics also noticed that reporters and panelists on Special Report with Bret Baier used the term "public option" before the e-mail was sent, but used the term "government option" immediately afterwards. Sammon, in an interview with Howard Kurtz for The Daily Beastdefended the directive and denied he was trying to skew Fox News' coverage.

The tool showed that the article for Shepard Smith was edited from Fox computers, removing mention of an arrest. Original photo of Jacques Steinberg. Photo aired on Fox News Channel. Original photo of Steven Reddicliffe.

fox business relationship quote

On the edition of July 2, of Fox and Friendsco-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy aired photos of New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and Times television editor Steven Reddicliffe that appeared to have been crudely doctored, apparently in order to portray the journalists unflatteringly. This occurred during a discussion of a piece in the edition of June 28 of The New York Times, which pointed out what Steinberg called "ominous trends" in Fox News' ratings.

A still picture in the ad was in fact taken from a CNN broadcast covering the event. The veracity of this ad was called into question on the air by then-CNN commentator Rick Sanchezalong with others pointing to various coverage of the event. On September 20,President Obama appeared on all the major news programs except Fox News, a snub partially in response to remarks about the President by commentators Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and general coverage by Fox with regard to Obama's health care proposal.

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Following this, a senior Obama adviser told U. In some cases, the increased wages promote spending, which offsets the higher labor cost. Rubio on welders vs. Marco Rubio said the United States needs more vocational training. We need more welders and less philosophers.

Philosophically and statistically speaking, no. Both government and private sector research show philosophy majors make more money than welders, and with much more room to significantly increase pay throughout their careers. The average mid-career pay for philosophy majors is even better: Trump on deportation Donald Trump, the billionaire developer, defended his immigration policy of urging mass deportation of illegal immigrants by turning to history.

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Moved them again beyond the border, they came back. Moved them way south. They never came back. Eisenhower did oversee a campaign that was actually called "Operation Wetback.

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Historians say that number is far too high for a variety of reasons, including the fact that hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants would have had to self-deport. The campaign accompanied more legal immigration opportunities. Paul on Rubio's plans, income inequality Sen.

Rand Paul of Kentucky addressed inequality, defending GOP policies by noting that inequality "seems to be worst in cities run by Democrats. The claim inflates the actual powers of mayors to shape inequality in their cities and it ignores the role of population size and suburbanization in driving inequality. It also glosses over the fact that metropolitan areas, as opposed to cities, show no such relationship.

fox business relationship quote

We rated Paul's statement Half True. Rubio has backed more defense spending since at least Marchwhen he and U.

fox business relationship quote

Other than that, his statement is accurate. When asked a question about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a pending trade agreement between the United States and 11 other Asian countries, Trump said the deal was "designed for China to come in, as they always do, through the back door and totally take advantage of everyone. Cruz on the Bible vs. I understand that you cannot allow families to go bankrupt if they truly need help," she said.

Even taking the low end of estimates, tens of millions of Americans have benefited from the law, in big ways such as securing insurance for the first time or smaller ways paying less for drugs under Medicare Part D. One does not have to buy into every aspect of the law or feel comfortable with its overall price tag to acknowledge that lots of people have benefited from it.

Carson on Benghazi Finally, on foreign policy, Carson attacked Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, for what she said about attacks in Benghazi, Libya, while she was secretary of state.