Fatal frame 3 mio ending relationship

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fatal frame 3 mio ending relationship

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, known in Japan as Zero: Shisei no Koe (零〜刺青 ノ Miku's to her brother Mafuyu; and Kei's strong connection to Mio, mourning for her This ending shows that both Kei and Mio survive as well, and that Mio is . For Fatal Frame III: The Tormented on the PlayStation 2, I think one of the alt. endings in the 2nd Yae and Sae both are dead. on topic, yes there is a connection between the first and second games (which leads to the third.) and as such Yae has been long dead by the time Mio and Mayu enter AGV. True Ending of Fatal Frame. By: Fukuro-Mind. After defeating the Kusabi, Mio heads down to the Abyss hoping to find Mio A., Mayu A. - Words: 1, - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 3 Have a good marriage you too!".

After following Yuu into the strange manor, Rei begins to "visit" the Manor of Sleep in her dreams at night in hopes of seeing him again. While exploring the manor's entrance, however, she is chased by a ghost wandering its halls.

fatal frame 3 mio ending relationship

The ghost was covered in tattoos, and after being touched by her just once, Rei wakes from her nightmare and the same tattoo begins to appear on her body, causing her pain. When asleep, Rei returns to the manor every night, looking for the truth behind the Tattooed Curse, and eventually she finds out that only those who are sole survivors of a disaster are brought to the snowy manor. Miku Hinasakiwho lives with Rei and works as her assistant, was the only survivor of the Himuro Mansion in Fatal Frameand she is brought into the nightmare as well.

With her help, Rei is able to uncover the dark rituals that occurred inside the manor, and eventually doomed its inhabitants.

The two must work fast to undo the darkness that grips the dream mansion before the curse of the tattoo consumes them, and they are forever trapped inside the nightmare.

Plot Edit Rei falls into the grip of the Tattooed Curse. When Rei first enters the mansion in her dreams, she is chased by the ghost of a Tattooed Priestessa shrine maiden of the Kuze Shrine.

Rei discovers that their purpose is to be engraved by a sacred tattoo to stop the spread of The Rift, the divide between the land of the living and the land of the dead.

To keep the Rift at bay, the tattoo, in the pattern of a Snake and Holly, is instilled with the pains of those who visit the shrine and offer it.

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Through this ceremony, the tattooed priestess is able to take away the sorrows and suffering of those who come to the shrine, and stop the Rift from spreading. However, because of the agonizing pain she is under, measures must be taken to ensure the priestess will be at peace.

At the end of the ritual, the priestess is taken to the Chamber of Thorns deep within the shrine and impaled inside its walls.

She is then sung a lullaby to ensure that she falls into a deep sleep and never wakes from her pain. Through this Impalement Ritualthe priestess is kept from wandering the shrine, and allowing the pain engraved on her to affect others. The last Tattooed Priestess to undergo these rituals was a young woman named Reika Yukishiro. Reika came from a village beside the Kuze Shrine, where she met and fell in love with a man named Kaname Ototsuki.

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One day, when Kaname was away, disaster befell the village and Reika's whole family was killed. When the shrine offered to adopt Reika, she agreed, hoping that by becoming the Tattooed Priestess she would be able to ease the pain of those who have felt loss, as she has.

Miku follows her brother deep within the manor. When the time to sleep in the Chamber of Thorns came, Reika was unable to forget Kaname, and her dreams began to affect him.

Kaname visited the shrine and, with the help of a handmaidenfound Reika within the Chamber of Thorns. This was strictly against the code of the shrine, and when the Kuze Family Head found out, she rushed to the chamber and killed Kaname in front of the awake Reika.

Devastated, Reika lost control of the tattoo's pain, allowing the Rift to be unleashed. But the Tattooed Priestess's pain could not be controlled, and those who survived disaster and suffer grief over the dead are haunted by the Manor of Sleep and the Tattooed Curse.

Rei is lured into the manor as she continues to think of Yuu, however, those who continue to follow the dead into the manor are eventually consumed by the cursed tattoo and are forever trapped inside the dream. Miku hoped to be with her brother Mafuyu and so follows him deep into the manor. She eventually goes too far and becomes unable to wake from the dream. A long, yet classic yukata with many flowers on it. Unlocked after completing the game in normal mode.

fatal frame 3 mio ending relationship

Same as the above except that the yukata is red with roses on it. Unlocked at the same time with the Black yukata. A classic, short blue maid dress.

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Unlocked after clearing mission mode or beating the game once on Nightmare mode. An attractive suit that Rei probably uses for work. It consists of a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, a short black skirt and shoes. Unlocked after beating the game on hard mode or by completing the game three times on normal mode or easy mode. Other costumes Edit Night time: A long blue dress that Rei wears during the night. It's not a unlockable, but you need to use it until Rei enters the nightmare.

A safari-like costume that Rei uses in the first CG cutscene, when the car crashes. Consists of a beige-like stile shirt, black pants and shoes.

This outfit is what Rei wears from the start of the game.

fatal frame 3 mio ending relationship

It is a blue shirt that has sleeves reaching just below her elbows and a low neckline. The back of the shirt exposes her back and a small portion of her spine area which is binded together with strings. There is a black singlet which stops at her belly button underneath which can be seen from behind. Rei wears black capris which is held by a white belt and also wears white heeled shoes.

Rei shares the same initials as the main antagonist of the game. Rei wears a silver ring on her left ring finger. It is presumably the engagement ring that Yuu gave her.