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“Bobby” Waterbury shows kindness through her relationships with her family, . Mr. Thomas "Tom" Oakley, in Michelle Magorian's 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. hard to beat in Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt's Oscar and the Lady in Pink. Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian was one such book that I . It's about the relationships that define and the choices we make. The relationship between the young adult reader, the writer and the book. " The main Emmanuelle accepts her deafness as part of her identity. Lalana et al . Magorian. Resembles an adult novel. Mankell. Looks honestly at Aids in Africa.

Admittedly there is a main focus on homosexual relationships, it is not the whole story though. Not that it should or would matter if it was.

We all feel love and lust, we all compare ourselves to other people of the same sex, often admiring them even if there is nothing sexual in it. Plus when McMillam does write about sex or initimate moments between two men it is done directly and visually but always with a beauty even at its most base of moments. We all go through these things whatever gender, sexuality and race. It is all about how we relate to each other, men and men relating or not being one of the themes here too.

Who are the kindest characters in children's fiction?

Speaking of which, back to the masculine nature of the collection though… There are a whole spectrum of machinations of masculinity, from the danger of Leda To Her Daughter to the questioning and pondering How To Be A Man from the erotically charged Saturday Night to the vulnerable and open Screen, which shows you the bare insights of a lover looking at the object of his love and then at the objectification of the man in the film, albeit a porno, see there are those brilliant twists and flipping things on their head moments again.

This is me not being au fait with the art form rather than anything McMillan does and I enjoyed it regardless. With the first and final sets of poems being slightly more conventional in terms of form, if not subject, Protest of the Physical is something quite different.

It is one great big piece of poetry made up of smaller poems well that is how I read it some which take up a whole page, be it in length or in random places literally all over the page, or just a few lines. It is something I will need to read again and again to get more and more from, rather like a painting that holds you and gives you more and more as you stare. I came from a very non-traditional background for a writer — I grew up in a working class family in a mining community.

But I was always encouraged to read, to educate myself and to work hard. All of which came in very handy. I had a couple of false starts in my creative writing career — including enough rejection letters to paper the bathroom — but once I began to write crime fiction, it all came together.

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Nothing I can think of except maybe one dedication! You have always loved crime fiction, what is it that you love so much about the genre? I love that it gives me the opportunity to put characters under pressure and see what that makes them do. I love that moment of delight when I finally get the plot to make sense so that all the other elements of the book can fall into place. And I love that crime writers take their work but not themselves seriously.

Do you ever think a crime book will win the Booker Prize? Why does it matter? Really, crime writers and readers need to stop being so chippy about this.

We know the quality of the best of our genre. Which books and authors inspired you to write? And many, many others. Are there any books you wish you had written yourself? Which contemporary authors do you turn to? Describe your typical writing routine, do you have any writers quirks or any writing rituals?

I get out of bed, I shower, and I drink two cups of coffee. I eat bacon and beans and a portion of fruit. I go out to the office, turn on the music and start the writing day revising what I wrote the day before. Which one book must all Savidge Readers run out and buy right now, which is your very favourite?

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What is next for Val McDermid? A standalone called The Vanishing Point. And maybe another radio drama serial, because I really enjoyed the one I did this spring. If you want to see any of the other previous Savidge Reads Grills then do pop and have a look.

Have you stuck with the series, the standalones or both?