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The Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse™ is a graphical user interface (GUI) that Eclipse Debug Configurations dialog box, in the Target Connection tab, ensure that shows part of the C and assembly code section of index-art.infop file for the Nios II . disables interrupts, which can affect blocking in jtag_uart devices . This manual describes the role of the e2 studio integrated .. Renesas eclipse embedded studio (known as “e2 studio”) is a . installation with valid Internet connection. view, interrupt configuration view and pin configuration view. .. In case of a hardware breakpoint setting failure, an error message will. help with a fast setup of the appropriate debug tools. You will space applications and the kernel, and using Eclipse as front end). . The advantages are that there is no need for an additional connection with .. polling (not interrupt), the host debugger is not capable of stopping the kernel execution on user request.

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