Duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

Duck Dynasty: 9 Dirty Robertson Family Secrets Revealed — Jase's Pants, Jep's Beard, and More!

duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

Merritt and Lily Robertson from Duck Dynasty as young children. Old Photos of the Robertson Kids. Willie, Jep, and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty as kids. Korie Robertson is a New York Times best-selling author, the wife of Duck Commander® CEO Willie Robertson, mother of six, and star of A&E's Duck Dynasty. Willie and Korie Robertson, owners of Duck Commander and stars of Duck.

Apologies Wikimedia Commons On Good Morning America, one year after the controversy around his aforementioned comments, Phil tried to make things right. Unfortunately, he did this by comparing himself to Jesus. He said his opinions are simply connected to his religious beliefs, and that he ultimately wants to unify the human race. His comments before and after the mea culpa definitely failed, and only seemed to get worse… Evidence AETV Soon after one controversy ends, another begins.

Following the GMA interview, an old video surfaced showing Phil discussing child marriage. Not just talking about it, but supporting and promoting it. He believes girls should be married around 14 or 15 years old, and rationalized this by referencing his relationship with his wife, which started when she was that age.

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Phil went on EWTN, a catholic news network, to share his thoughts. He concluded by saying that the men could be forgiven if they turn to Christ. Jim Crow Wikimedia Commons A few years before his comments about Hollywood, he distracted everyone from his homophobia by highlighting his racism. He believes that African Americans were much better off during the Jim Crow era, which enforced racial segregation and took place for decades from the late s to the s.

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InPhil helped congressional candidate Vance McAllister win the election by endorsing him in a commercial. He also supported Ted Cruz for President.

duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

They have traveled to military bases to speak and do meet-and-greets. At one point the USO even partnered up with the show to donate prom dresses to military teens.

The drama started when a civil service worker at an Air Force Base in Florida supported Phil following more of his controversial statements. A union that was representing other federal employees was not happy about the very public position the employee took, which actually violated the Civil Rights Act of While reality shows are often scripted, Duck Dynasty took it to a new level when the producers sent out a casting email looking for four men with long beards to stand in for the actors on the show.

This is about as far from reality as possible. Odd Son Out Instagram — officialreedrob Not everyone in the family was thrilled to be famous. He ended up pushing through his troubles, getting engaged and married to the love of his life and has sense become a successful musician. Willie Instagram — duckdynastyae Other family members like being famous too much. Despite the previous entry, it was actually Korie who wanted to move and open her own store in Los Angeles.

Their daughter Sadie, who is discussed later, was also interested in breaking into the entertainment industry. Despite their marriage suffering, the family prayed for them to make it through.

It happened during her first marriage, which was an incredibly stressful time in her life, and even continued into the beginning of her relationship with Jep. She struggled with intense dieting and exercise that she says she was able to move beyond thanks to prayer and family. He talked about being molested in elementary school. The abuser was actually an older girl who used to sit next to him on the bus.

This is where the the assault happened, and he said it made him not want to go to school.

duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

He was also able to overcome this later in life. But like his wife, he grew beyond his past struggles. In it, Lisa admitted to being molested as a young girl and even having an abortion as a teen. Al also included some revelations… The Other Brother Duck Commander Alan Robertson, a preacher who is the oldest of the brothers, was pretty wild as a young man. Like Jep, he also struggled with drinking and drugs. He grew up hunting, fishing and helping build the family business. He eventually left the company to serve as a minister.

duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

The Producers Instagram — duckdynastyae Back to the show, which was often overshadowed by all of the outside drama. Two of the producers, Deirdre and Scott Gurney, were allegedly involved in some very shady criminal behavior which led to them being fired by their own production company.

It makes sense that the famous duck hunter would have a problem with a group who does their best to protect animals. Kay's 65 bday party! His grandnephew John Luke needed advice about breaking up with his girlfriend, and Si proudly declared he'd been married for over four decades. Willie and Korie View photos Talk about young love! Willie and Korie met at summer camp when they were in fourth and third grade, respectively.

All our memories are together. Everything we have, we built together. The eldest two, John Luke and Sadie, are high schoolers who are dating.

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Now married for more than 21 years, Willie credits his wife for the family business's success. They met in high school on a fake date to make Jase's ex-girlfriend jealous! Now, they've been married over 20 years and have three kids -- Reed, Cole, and Mia.

We were all poor, and we've all been married for lots of years," Jase explained. We really came from humble beginnings.

duck dynasty willie and korie meet at

It's just been the American dream lived out, we do what we love to do, and it just worked out. But you know our wives are with us because of our spiritual qualities, which flies in the face of what most people think. Jep and Jessica View photos There's not much info out there about how Jep and Jessica met though we'll hazard a guess and say high school.

They have four kids: Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River. Jessica is an avid Twitter user and often tweets about her hubby and vice versa: