Dread game relationship goals

Hypergamy And Your Woman - Imagination And Dread - Becoming a Force of Nature

dread game relationship goals

Dec 15, But relationships need game. And the one of the most effective means of keeping the interest and excitement level high is dread game. Mar 7, Now, I'm not exactly sure if Bloops view the concept of "dread game" from a moral may still assign a high value to the relationship--or just to staying married. EDIT: I just wanted to point out that the purpose of this post is to. Mar 27, Good dread game doesn't even have to be initiated by you. If a woman has done something to destabilize a relationship, he can and should .. You have to remind a woman (often) that you have goals, dreams, etc and if.

Yet, this is exactly what the Feminine Imperative conditions women to believe and seeks to shame men for not complying with this fallacy. This SIW ideal is the carrot that gets the mules to pull the cart. That ideal is never fully attainable because if it were it would make an end state for feminism a realizable goal rather than the self-perpetuating social mechanism it is.

A woman is every bit as good a feminine role model as she is a masculine one, ergo, she has no need for men beyond the physical aspect.

Hypergamy And Your Woman – Imagination And Dread

Men and women evolved to be complements to the other and in evolutionary terms are far stronger together than apart. This ideal for SIW success is based on a masculine ideal. A woman of the future who emulates and exceeds the successes of any apex-male CEO of those sexist Fortune companies. The push for female-primacy has conditioned generations of women to expect an entitled, default respect, and a deference to their authority from men.

By extension this leads women to the Alpha Female trope. Women are conditioned to believe that if they value the aspects of what makes men attractive, what makes them a good pairing, that men must also value those traits in women.

If status, power, social proof, affluence, careerism, drive, etc. Feminine-primary society is capitalizing on this fear.

The root of this misunderstanding is once again the socialized lie of egalitarian, blank-slate equalism. If men and women are functional equals what defines male dominance should also define female dominance.

Beyond this, submission, respect, nurturing potential mothering qualitiesa natural deference to male authority, humility, admiration and an unobligated desire to recognize that man as her complementary partner are just some of the long-term attributes that make a woman someone a man might want to invest himself in a family with.

Even acknowledging the innate, complementary natures of men and women is an affront to the equalist narrative. She is smoking hot - I have full on oneitis for her - I don't want anyone else! How can she not see this?? There is a shift in the power dynamic, and she just needs to get used to it.

I will go out on a limb here, how your wife is behaving sounds like a lot of career or business oriented Asian women. There is the stereotype of the gold digging Asian woman who wants a beta bucks so she can milk him for all he is worth.

There is the second type of Asian woman who attracts an alpha male and then castrates him so he doesn't run away. With the second type you have to establish boundaries, but at the same time show her you care and she is important to you.

dread game relationship goals

This whole thing is your doing as you're basically reversing all the bad you did in getting lazy depressed etc. So there's bound to be teething problems, just stick with it mate. Also, just realised what it looks like from her perspective, you got fat and depressed, she stayed. Now you're handsome again, it looks like you're cheating.

So maybe explain to her that you still love her, whilst reminding her that you won't tolerate this kind of bad behaviour. Ask for a cleaner house, and better more healthy meals, again she will resist, but then do it anyway, reward her when she does, ignore her when she doesn't.

You must direct her, tell her to get things ready for X trip. Little jobs, she'll absolutely love it, just remember to reward good behaviours.

This is just proof that this shit is working for you. This mother of all shit tests is going to be tough but you can do this. I'm not sure I have any good seasoned advice about this though - you have entered the big leagues. It will be tough but try to maintain empathy for your wife - this is all stemming from her personal anxieties so you should feel a little bad for her.

Hang on fucking tight and ride this out, she won't be able to maintain the maniac energy forever. Also, take it or leave it, but I would not provide any reason for changing your password other than, 'I don't know, I just felt like it'. As mentioned in the book 'When I Say No, I Feel Guilty', you have the right to offer no reasons or excuses for justifying your behavior.

To do so would be to begin to lose frame and the shit test. Flying over empty countryside never produced an anti-aircraft artillery response, because there was nothing there worth defending.

As one approached urban areas or other valuable targets, AAA became common. That's good stuff, take that advice to heart. One thing though, when you're married you do have to be able to address the relationship, rather than just avoid everything. Have you already done the obvious, which is to look her in the eye and say I am not cheating on you, I am not looking to cheat on you, and I love you and am committed to our marriage?

I am not saying to go beta about it, ie don't apologize, don't elaborate beyond the above, avoid needless detail, don't speculate on what she might be thinking, don't engage in hypotheticals etc. Just say I love you and I am not cheating on you and don't plan to. Clearly with total confidence.

I have found that kind of directness can often get the female hampster spinning in a more positive direction, let her do the rationalizing as to why it's true that will result if you say that directly, convincingly and with confidence. I'm gonna go with hurry up and wait. See how the situation develops. Don't make things worse by putting your foot in it.

dread in relationships | The Rational Male

Don't react to her shitty behavior. If you change your routine that could be seen as caving to her demands, or as proof that you're fucking around on her. Keep doing what you're doing, keep your nose clean, don't focus your dread game so heavily anymore. It's done everything it needs to.

The Rational Male

Keep working out and being awesome. You overcame depression and lost pounds, she should be happy for you. Instead she's being a crab in the bucket. She went for the nuclear option.

You know her better than any of us do, is this a credible threat or is she just conducting emotional warfare? My mother goes for the nuclear option with my dad every now and then. He doesn't take her seriously because we all know that she's just being dramatic. DON'T go to the sofa for any reason, and her treating you like the worst person ever is the final shit test before she caves in and accepts that you're a changed man, either she'll leave to find the beta bux she originally married, or stay with someone she doesn't really know, bit sad I know but you come out ahead which is all TRP cares about.

You are still young and you sound like you have a strong foundation to beuild a great alpha.

dread game relationship goals

Take some legal advice if you are and see how to make it as painless as posible for the kids. If you aren't, just go for a road trip, and when you come back lay on some rules and stick to them. Do not give her a inch, do not let her involve the children.

If she abides by them, you are the best husmband and father you can be, if she doesn't you cut contact, you give her 48 hours of single mother life. Hold frame, when you and your wife are in heat of the argument, ask her, "you think I dont love you? That should fix your problem. Really treated me like shit Is there some macro with these? I told a friend not long ago that his wife was not to be getting text messages that he was unable to check on her phone cuz they are married and that is an open book.

I tell you the same thing. You can't start changing passwords and hiding online shit like that. Way, way, way out of line IMHO. Way, way different than going out with buddies or talking about girls at work or other soft dread.

This is not even HARD dread flirting with girls in front of her, studying pickup artistry. This tactic is the last ditch effort to get your wife's attention before you leave and divorce her. What do you do now. Tell her you agree that BOTH of your phone and internet lives are open to inspection and remind her that works both ways.

Do it with complete amused mastery.

dread game relationship goals

Like you say, nothing to hide. Edit after reading other comments: This is definitely a good thing, not a bad thing. Your wife has stayed with you through thick, Red Pill to Blue Pill pussy and back to Red Pill again, depression, fat, slobbery bitch to respectable again.

The chance she has remained faithful because of her obvious value placed on fidelity is also high. Her value of you is also high. Reset the relationship out of the Dead Bedroom tonight. Give her the PW and say: You may need to reconsider this. If she is away she calls in, let's is know her where abouts. I think this is a pure case of me having been a pussy for too lond and just need to get my alpha on. A shift in relative SMVs doesn't seem like it would elicit this kind of response, although someone with the experience of cheating either cheated or cheater would recognize this instantly and it would speak to them very viscerally, as it did your wife.

Was she cheated on in the past? Did she cheat on a previous bf? You shouldn't have let her have you sleep on the couch, if she doesn't want to sleep with you she can go on the couch. Her response it not characteristic of anything else. Your wife is freaking out since the image that she had of you as a castrated beta bitch is suddenly completely not in line with reality so her first response is to see if you will break under threat of everything she can think off.

Some dread game is good, but don't let her hamster spin so hard it kill itself and she does something monumentally stupid. Keep frame, have a calm discussion with her and set the limits.

Prepare your financial assets to avoid being divorce raped. Hire a private investigator to snoop on her. He'll get the skinny on what she's up to. Once you have your ducks in a row, file for divorce. Don't ever sleep on the sofa, and don't ever ever move out.

Get a DNA test for both your kids. Even if they're not yours, you may end up having to pay for child support depending on what state you live in. But get a DNA test anyway to remove any doubt.

Your marriage is over and you can do better. You wouldn't have been able to attract a cockroach at your worst point, and now the second you're finally making yourself look like a human again, you're going to in her mind move on to another woman. After she stuck with you?!? No wonder she's furious. If you have nothing to hide from her, you have nothing to hide.

Relationship Game | The Rational Male

But now you've painted yourself in a corner because it will be beta to back down. It is imperative you understand where her anger is coming from. It's not just you cheating, it's you cheating after she stuck it out with your fat slob ass. Depending on what kind of phone you have, or what you've already said to her, you may want to try to brush it off as "My phone kept butt dialing in my pocket so I put a code on it. To discover you were going through it took me off guard, then your outburst was completely unacceptable.

Tell her "Our marriage will be and always has been completely open. If you had politely asked for the code for some valid reason, I would've given it to you without a second thought. If you had politely asked out of suspicion, I would've given it to you, and been offended by your distrust.

But this tantrum is completely unacceptable. All forms of communication by both sides will be completely open to the other. If she wants your passcodes, she can have them. If you want hers, you expect them. But do not ask for hers, and if she tries to give them to you, do not accept them. It doesn't matter anyway, if she was going to cheat she'd find another secret way to communicate anyway. Now that the passcodes are off the table, the real issue comes at hand.

There is no discussion about this, just lay it down: Going ballistic, screaming, shouting, making demands, threating to ruin you, leave, cheat, etc. Of course she's going to act up again, but make sure the fact that it isn't acceptable is stated by you. This will help you nip it in the bud in the future, and hopefully minimize the magnitude of her outbursts.

Tell her her concern is addressed, and you now want to see her be a loving wife to address your concern; that is how hateful she has been in this altercation. When she asks what that means, just kiss her and proceed to have sex with her. Being alpha at this point isn't further dread game or standing your ground. It's showing her that she's wrong to doubt you and she's a silly girl for thinking such nonsense. Don't say it, but act it. But you have to do it in a way where you can maintain frame and not look like you're backing down.

Do it in a way where your altercation with her had to do with her distrust and outburst, not about whether or not you'll give her passcodes. Do it from the point of view that the passcodes could've always been hers to begin with, and your conflict has to do with how she reacted to the situation so suddenly and emotionally violently. Dont back down though, if she wants to start freaking out and going through your email and phone shes just gonna push and push and push.

Not sure how youre gonna win with a chick youre so committed to. I mean, she treated you like shit right? Why ARE you doing all this? To get your all's relationship better? It sounds like she preferred the broken-alpha she had on a leash, who she could disrespect and throw a few dog treats of sex to here and then.

Honestly I think you just need to dominate her. When she freaks out just grab her, kiss her, and fuck the living hell out of her for hours. Break HER, like a wild stallion.