Daytime shooting star ending relationship

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daytime shooting star ending relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Daytime Shooting Star. A series about love , friendship and getting over past relationships, Hirunaka no Ryusei (lit. a shoujo manga by Mika Yamamori serialized in Margaret since May , it ended in. Read Untitled Part 1 from the story Daytime Shooting Star: Alternative ending because I should of kept this relationship going, and I should have protected you . I know this disclaimer is unnecessary since I clearly wrote Spoiler on the Fuck ' daytime shooting star', because in the end it turned out that.

Tsubomi and Shishio seem to still be on friendly terms despite breaking up.

daytime shooting star ending relationship

Anguished Declaration of Love: Mamura gives one to Suzume with a Cooldown Hugeven right after she gives one to Shishio. Every character's name or surname is inspired by animals.

Suzume stays with Mamura?

For example, Suzume means "sparrow", while Shishio contains the kanji for "lion". Yuyuka's surname contains the kanji for "cat," Mamura uses the "horse" kanji, Yukichi has "bear," Kameyoshi has "turtle," Inukai has "dog," Tsubomi has "dear," Sarumaru has "monkey," and Tsurutani has "crane.

Yukichi gives Shishio a few after he discovers his relationship with Suzume. With your status right now, do you think you can make her happy? What would happen if I'm not the one who found out about your relationship? Can you really come and comfort her immediately when she needs you the most, or when she's sad or in pain? In Chapter 73, Suzume and her friends go to the beach as part of their visit to Okinawa. Suzume and Mamura start faking a relationship so Mamura isn't bothered by his Instant Fanclub.

Later they start going out for real, and confess their love for each other in the last chapter.

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Shishio has one in the lower part of his neck. Tsurutani and Inukai suddenly start going out in the middle of the series. Volume 8's extra chapter is dedicated to this pairing. After the sports festival, Minagawa and Yuyuka have started going out together. Between Suzume and Mamura on chapter Shishio and Mamura are noted for being very good looking. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Later in the series, she learns to control both sides, and she becomes much nicer.

Yuyuka's the blond, Tsurutani the brunette, and Kameyoshi the redhead. Both the first and the last pages show a shooting star.

daytime shooting star ending relationship

Break His Heart to Save Him: Shishio breaks up with Suzume a couple of months after they begin a relationship, right after Yukichi reminds Shishio of how dangerous it could be. Mamura's dad comes off as one.

daytime shooting star ending relationship

He loves his family a lot, but he's bad at picking groceries, and the first time we meet him, he had forgotten his wallet to pay for his purchases. But Not Too Foreign: Tsurutani is a quarter Spanish, which explains her unusual curly hair. Cannot Spit It Out: Shishio cannot come clean about how he feels and opts to defend himself with asking hypothetical questions first to test the waters, mostly because he is afraid of being hurt.

In addition, he's in a situation where it would be difficult to date Suzume while keeping his job at the same time, so to protect both of them, he never tells her upfront that he loves her.

Yuyuka is also to this degree about her feelings for Mamura, and both Suzume and Togyuu have said that she's not honest about what she feels numerous times. Suzume and Yuyuka have one when Yuyuka reveals that she was being a False Friend to her. When Shishio and the class find them, Suzume lies about their fight to protect Yuyuka's reputation, and that's how they became friends.

daytime shooting star ending relationship

Yamamori modeled Mamura off of model Kentaro Sakaguchi, who also got to portray Mamura in a collaboration photoshoot. I was really supportive of Mamura all the way since the first time I laid my eyes on him! I was really devastated at first but…. WELP, see the drama now?

Daytime Shooting Star Japanese Movie - Ending cut

And sensei is, perhaps like most shoujo male leads, good in his own way. If Satsuki-sensei is kind, Mamura is definitely kinder. If the former is a gentleman, all the more Mamura. The god of understanding?!

But instead of pushing Suzume to him, he was just there. Yes, he told her he likes her. But he also told her he knows of her feelings, so is not pushing her to like him back. Not laughing too much, but really good and really kind. That was one advantage sensei had until he fecking wasted it!

Suzume Yosano

Where did the movie go… wrong? And everything around sensei! I gotta say Mamura was really more proactive this time. If my memory serves me right, it was really quite a while since Mamura realised he had feelings for Suzume.

But nope, not this time!

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Or, well, maybe because this is a movie so they had to cut it short? The Mamura in this movie is just lacking, and I daresay even looked desperate. Because he understands Suzume still have feelings for Satsuki-sensei.

Her attention to him is only half. So, for him, everything right now is… enough. Someone who truly understands, and to an extent tolerate hahahaha her. Where was the meet the family?! And why Mamura definitely deserve happiness oops. Like out of nowhere after dumping her, he wants to be back on the game and get her. An indecisive evil idiot! There was a perfect reason in the manga. Something about a past, and his ex-girlfriend.

I cannot recall much, but it was a good reason for his indecisiveness.