Cute knight inventor ending a relationship

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cute knight inventor ending a relationship

student just take all the class to end of beginer. and if you INVENTOR Yet another question about the game "Cute Knight". For Cute Knight on the PC, Endings Guide by hanakogames. "Inventor" Master both Crafting and Brewing skills. Official Requirements. Cute Knight Kingdom a life/dating game from Hanako Games, with a charming have the player character ending up as a princess or a queen via marriage.

If the player kills a living creature as opposed to golems or undeadit increases Michiko's sin. Sin goes down if the player works at the church or the doctor's. Combat is turn-based and features magic point -based charms spells. These spells use nine elements, including the classical four. If Michiko's hit points HP drop to zero the player is automatically rescued. There is no character death, but she may need to pay to recover her lost health. Regardless, it will deplete the Dream meter during her recovery period and may lead to the bad ending.

Characters[ edit ] Michiko - The default name for the player character. She begins the game as an orphan and is looking for her real family. If the player seeks to find the true family, which is ending one, it is revealed that Michiko and Kirelan were switched at birth by Queen Penelope who wanted a baby boy but gave birth to Michiko instead.

She pays a man to steal her a child and take her own away. This child is the son of the magic teacher Orchid.

cute knight inventor ending a relationship

To find out the whole truth you have to win the wizard challenge, find princess Alexandra, win the May festival and discover your birthmark.

Depending on whether you have high or low sin, and befriended Kiralan in the stables, you can end up being either: Princess Alexandra - The kingdom's runaway princess, she bears a striking resemblance to the player character.

cute knight inventor ending a relationship

She can be found picking through trash in the slums, and the player can choose to either help her return home or impersonate her. Prince Kirelan - Raised as heir to the kingdom, he does not resemble either the king or the queen. He prefers the company of animals to life at court and spends a week at the church stables at the end of every month on the 23rd.

Queen Penelope - She judges the Flower Queen Festival each year at the end of March, and the player must win the contest in order to speak with her. She has concealed the truth about her first child for over eighteen years.

Cute Knight Kingdom

King Humphrey - He presides over the Tournament of Champions at each Midsummer Festival and shows no awareness of the various kidnappings and impersonations that plague his immediate family. The Old Nursemaid - The servant who raised both Kirelan and Alexandra can be encountered at the library while reading to the children there.

She provides crucial hints about the player character's true identity. Orchid - The magic teacher, she also presides over the Wizard's Challenge at the Midsummer Tournament.

She has one daughter, Rose, and also an older son who was stolen from her as a baby.

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This baby is in fact prince Kirelan. Shane - The fighting teacher, he sometimes spends his evenings drinking at the inn. This can be the beginning of romance for the player character if she is the one to drag him home. This is the weapons instructor - take his class again after this and he'll give you a bonus. Raise your Charm over 40, your Weapons skill over 40, and your XP overthen work as a Bouncer again. Shane will ask you out.

If your XP is underthe date ends badly. After the date, return to Combat class to marry him. The Librarian will take an interest in you and eventually ask you to train her. You will have to find a plain wooden staff for her either craft one or wait until they are available in the storeand then she will give you a magical necklace. Keep going like this and she will ask to become your sidekick. It's a good idea to take out the four elemental guardians around the outside of the lowest level first.

If your skills are high enough and your items and potions are good enough, this could turn out to be an easy fight. If you haven't already found Alex, she 'mysteriously' reappears after the dragon is defeated and the barrier around the slums is removed.

If you assist the Crafting Teacher with all of his special projects, finding him all the components he asks for, raising your magic to at least 50, and volunteering for his final experiment, it will Go Boom. After a while, the game will end. These endings generally rely on combat, magic, and XP. Strength also adds a bonus. Luck and Strength add bonuses. With high Charm, you are a performer, otherwise you travel to compete.

Mind and Charm subtract from this ending. If you do manage to reach this ending with some Mind and Charm, you can become a warlord. One you get from Rose, one can be found reading the books in the library, and one is taught by the nun at the church if you meditate there.

Good weapons skills and having done thief tasks a lot helps. With good Charm, you will marry a professor. You know how to fight, but you haven't done it much. With enough Mind you decide to build the perfect man yourself! High stamina also helps. If you have high Sin, you may become a loan shark. Several slightly different husbands possible. If sinful, may also become a spymaster.

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Success in your career depends on Strength, Stamina, and Luck. Having partied for money adds to this ending. Will marry a bard if not sinful.

Luck and lots of Gold help.

Cute Knight Ending Question?

Solo burglar, leader of a criminal network, or hanging on to whoever's in charge. Most jobs have a Good high dream and a Bad low dream result. Charm and Cooking skill affect your success.

Steal if sinful, marry if charming. May hire Abby if you made friends with her. May open a candy shop if charming.

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No requirements, but charm helps. Low stamina gives you a bad ending. If sinful and charming, may decide to take up a different line of work. Who you marry, how well your business does. Also the job you will probably get if you fail everything but are not sinful enough to be a Beggar.