Celie and netties relationship in the color purple

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celie and netties relationship in the color purple

Comparison between Celie and Nettie In the novel „The Color Purple‟, Alice Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel. As an educated, intelligent woman, Nettie is quite self-sufficient. Unmarried for the majority of the book, Nettie never judges her personal worth in relation to men . Thematic significance. Nettie's history plays an important part in The Color Purple and embodies one of the novel's major themes - the relationship of the black.

The Color Purple: celie in shug's dressing room

In many ways, this was possible for Nettie only because of the sacrifices Celie made. Even though Celie is forced to leave school after she becomes pregnant, she keeps Pa away from Nettie so that she can continue her education. Celie also marries Mr. By the time I git the tray ready for the food it be cold. By the time I git all the children ready for school it be dinner time.

celie and netties relationship in the color purple

Both Celie and Nettie face gender inequality, but here too they differ in their reactions to it. Celie adopts Shug Avery as a role model and eventually learns to fight back, leaving her husband and becoming a successful, happy and independent woman. Nettie escapes from this life of drudgery and virtual slavery by travelling to Africa as a missionary with Samuel and Corrine. You sure is looking fine Miss Nettie and stuff like that. I tried to ignore him and walk faster… I started to fight him, and The women of the Olinka tribe are not treated as equals, and are not permitted to attend school with the males.

The Olinka men also think less of Nettie because she is an unmarried woman travelling alone. But Nettie is still happy with her life and refuses to comply with expectations and marry until she is ready to do so. Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel.

In the novel, both sisters are religious and turn to God in times of need. At first, she writes to God as she has no one else to write to and here, to Celie, God is a distant figure, who she doubts cares about her concerns.

The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

Nettie says they are not her biological children, and asks Samuel to explain where the children were found. Of course, the children do have a biological relationship to Nettie; Nettie is their biological aunt.

It seems that Samuel, too, picked up on the resemblance between the two children, especially Olivia, and Nettie. Active Themes Samuel explains that, back in Georgia, many years ago, a black man owned a dry goods store with his two brothers.

This store began attracting too many customers for the liking of the white store owners in the town, so these white owners lynched killed the three black men and burned down the store. The owner they killed was Celie's and Nettie's biological father.

celie and netties relationship in the color purple

At last, the story of how the children came to Samuel is revealed, and in the process Nettie and Celie learn of their own true past: Of course, there is the tragedy of racism in the story as well, given that the man was killed by whites who disliked his growing economic power.

Active Themes Upon learning of her husband's death, Celie's and Nettie's mother then began a long slide into mental illness. Nettie helps with the day to day chores that Mr. Celie appreciates how much Nettie believes in her.

celie and netties relationship in the color purple

As is evident, Celie and Nettie share an unbreakable love for eachother. At this point in the book, Nettie has been kicked out of Mr. Because of this incident, Mr. The story goes on and as Nettie promised, she writes to Celie frequently. The problem is, Celie is not receiving any of these letters.

The Color Purple: Celie & Nettie

Later on in the book, Celie discovers a hidden pile of letters from Nettie. Celie and Nettie connect through these letters. These hidden letters serve as a bridge to their love for one another. Even though they are not physically together, they are emotionally and spiritually together.