Business partner relationship category sap crm

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business partner relationship category sap crm

SAP CRM Business Partner Relationship Category defines the type of Relationship between SAP CRM BP: most used Category (Payer, Bill-To. When you define your own relationships and partner function categories, you must perform the necessary TBZ9: Business configuration table in CRM. To: Joe Hanosh Subject: [sap-r3-crm] RE:How to Add a new Relationship Category for a. Business Partner # Siebel Systems' Acquisition of UpShot Completed.

Page title for an Account mentions the Account Type "Individual Account" Business Partner Grouping When a business partner is created, a number termed as "business partner number" is assigned to it.

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Number Range in SPRO settings For example, from the above screen shot, business partner with number range 01 will be assigned a number ''while business partner with number range 02 will be assigned number 'A' Number range can be Internal or External Internal Number Range Based up on the customizing settings this is generated within the CRM system This is a sequential number from the relevant number range External Number Range In this case, number can be assigned by the user while creating the record Or the number can be derived from an external system In both cases the number used must lie within the corresponding number range interval This number range is then assigned to a grouping SPRO path to assign Number Range to Group: Thus Grouping can be considered as a container which holds the Number Range settings While creating a BP, user selects the Grouping Selected grouping identifies the number to be generated If the grouping is using an Internal number range, the business partner number will be auto assigned while saving the Business Partner For the Grouping corresponding to external number ranges ID field can be enabled for user to give a Business Partner number or BP number can be fetched from external system e.

It is possible to assign more than one business partner role to a business partner This means a business partner can be involved in different business transactions with different roles But the general information of the business partner like name, address, etc.

SAP CRM Partner Processing: Category, Function, Sequence, Determination

The drop down list shows the available roles that can be assigned to the account. Using the Insert button it is possible to assign new role to a business partner: A connection between two business partners is formed using the "business partner relationships".

business partner relationship category sap crm

This updates all the Business Partners involved in the relations Existing relationship can be modified using the 'Actions' buttons Business Partner Relationship Assignment Block in Web UI It is possible to have a relationship time dependent. Thus the relationship will be valid for the time frame specified while the creation of this relationship Using the New button in above screenshot it is possible to create new relation: Account Classification SAP CRM provides functionality of account classification using which you can classify your accounts according to any criteria.

This is particularly useful when a large enterprise needs to classify different business areas according to different criteria It is possible to perform search for accounts based upon these classification criterion Account classification is also available as an individual assignment block on the Account page: Partner Processing Assignment Block in a Business Transaction Following can be configured as part of the Partner processing configuration in Application: Mandatory partner Automatic partner search.

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Partner determination also controls: The partners that must be involved in the business transaction. If partners are determined automatically.

How do we define Business Partner relationship Category?

Partners are manually changeable. Partner Function Category It is a classification of responsibilities and is used in partner processing as system key to identify the partner function and the business partners who take on those responsibilities.

business partner relationship category sap crm

Sometimes a partner function and the category to which it is assigned have the same name, but this is not always the case and they can have different names. Partner function categories often correspond to business partner relationship categories.

business partner relationship category sap crm

Partner Function The persons with whom you do the business are described using partner functions. Partner functions can be named freely as per your organization. A business partner relationship category can be assigned when a partner function is defined.

business partner relationship category sap crm

Partner Function definition in the SPRO A partner determination procedure is to be assigned to a transaction type and an item category. Partner determination procedure Partner determination procedure defines system behavior, with business partners, during partner processing.

SAP CRM Business Partner: Grouping, Roles, Relationships

Following example of partner determination procedure displays few tasks that it can perform: Partner determination procedure is to combine partner functions and access sequences and contains additional information. Access Sequence It describes the search strategy to determine the data sources that system uses to determine partner.

business partner relationship category sap crm

It also contains order in which the sources are to be used.