Building a relationship with your spirit guide

5 Steps to Deepening your Relationship With Your Spirit Guides | James Van Praagh

building a relationship with your spirit guide

I started communicating with my spirit guides when I was very young. know that in their own perfect way, your spirit guides will make themselves known. One of the best ways I have found to develop my relationship with my spirit guides is. Let's go over some ways you can connect to your spirit guide quickly expand your realization of your higher self, and make your journey easier. of communication with your guide, the stronger your relationship will become. By raising your own energy, you will make it easier for the guides to meet you halfway. In my brand new book, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, I explain in.

Good guides will never mess with your free will, and they will never force you to make decisions. The guides you want to work with are the ones who lovingly support, encourage, and teach you in your current incarnation. They want the best for you and will help you achieve it.

Should you want their assistance, ask. This article is primarily focused on the importance of the relationship you establish with your main guide for psychic or spiritual work. You will know them when you meet. What Is a Main Spirit Guide? The purpose of the main guide is to be your partner in psychic or mediumship work.

Help you understand and use your spiritual senses and abilities. Offer advice and guidance. Teach and help you learn. Feel loving and supportive. Any guide that doesn't should be mentally told to leave and will no longer be your main guide. Essentially, a main guide will become your partner in spirit communication, and they often feel very much like a long lost friend. They know you inside and out, and over time you will realize you know them better than you think as well.

How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides - Forever Conscious

Your main guide can appear in any form they feel is beneficial to you. For example, they will "man" the spirit door when you are working, only allowing spirits through that they know you can handle communication with. They will help you translate the information you receive when doing a reading for someone else, and they will also determine when communication is over by "closing that mental door.

If you are at this stage, please make your meditation schedule a regimented priority.

Identifying and Cultivating Relationships With Your Spirit Guides | Exemplore

When we meditate with the intention of meeting our guides, it's like meeting a friend for coffee. Our guides will expect us to show up. If you're not taking the relationship seriously, neither will they.

They will assist you in becoming grounded, balanced, and protected. Some state that guides are just aspects of the higher self.

building a relationship with your spirit guide

I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I do feel that on this journey we encounter both. Even aspects of our former selves in previous lives.

But the main guide will "feel" different, and you will just "know" when they are there. This is one very special relationship, and with time, trust, and effort, it will never let you down. Respect Is Key A relationship with your main guide should be based on respect.

Any guide willing to work with you will honor any boundaries you have. It is a major blessing to get to know them as the relationship unfolds. Get yourself on a regular meditation schedule. Unless you were born a natural psychic or medium, the best way to meet your main guide is through meditation. The important part is being consistent.

building a relationship with your spirit guide

Plan to devote at least two hours a week to your meditation work, preferably at the same day and time each week. This can be used to simply note what you receive in meditation, or it can also document information you receive from your guide s. You will want to log what you see, hear, feel, and sense, not only about your guide, but also psychic impressions.

Be discreet with this journal as it houses personal information that does not need to be shared with everyone. Ask for your guide to come into your dream state.

Identifying and Cultivating Relationships With Your Spirit Guides

You can ask for assistance with a problem before dozing off to sleep, and then hopefully you will receive info either in the dream state or upon first waking up. A journal will be a big help in tracking this information and deciphering the symbolism hidden in your guide's message.

Be Consistent Dedication and commitment to service are going to influence communication and will increase your odds of successfully establishing contact with your guide.

For some reason, guides like to lead us to find feathers in very odd locations.

building a relationship with your spirit guide

Very vivid dreams lucidityand visions in meditations. Hearing your name called when no one is physically around. Repeating numbers, songs, or animals crossing your path.

Automatic writing, or feeling the need to write down internal guidance you "hear. For example, receiving a book or other bit of information right at the exact moment you need it. Again, you'll just "know. Learn to Ground and Protect Before Working With Spirit Guides If you determine you are ready to work with Spirit, then you must first learn to ground and protect with focused intention.

You don't have to visualize this, but you must sense, feel, and set the intention that you are protected. Do this until you feel it without question.

building a relationship with your spirit guide

Do this two to three times a day before trying to contact disincarnate spirits or guides. You can visualize being protected in many ways; some use robes, some use bubbles, some use mirrors. Use whatever comes to mind that makes you feel protected beyond any doubt. There is no set way, and you may find over time that your preferences change. This is all okay. Creating your own unique sacred space is a necessity for building a strong relationship with your spirit.

The foundation for guidance is for you to train your subconscious mind to know that your sacred space is the place you go to tune into a different frequency. It allows you to make that shift.

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How strong is your inner critic? You need to be aware of this. Guidance is very subtle and loving. You need to be consistent about your relationship with guides by having a sacred space where you can go to meet with them every day.

Remember guidance comes from the heart space so what you pick up and perceive may have no words at all. Guidance is pure vibration. Spirit communication is like music. You want to look for feeling, tone, flavor and tempo not words. They connect to your spirit. Connecting with your guides is all about listening and feeling.

For example if someone is talking to you and you feel it in your heart space you know it is their spirit talking. In order to build a relationship with your spirit you need to recognize, nurture and feed it.

Once this relationship is developed it will open up communication with your Divine support system, your spirit guides.