Articles about pseudo relationship quotes

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articles about pseudo relationship quotes

Those who are impressed by wise-sounding quotes are also more likely to Those who are more receptive to pseudo-profound new-age. Our list of 13 Osho quotes were carefully selected from the book, Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of. Not reading about, thinking about, or reflecting about love, relationships, and our being keeps us shallow and can lead to . If you do anything, you will create a pseudo phenomenon, an acting. . Random Article. We often stereotype the intellectually gifted as clueless in relationships. New research shows they may have greater potential to be happy with.

Apparently pseudo-boyfriend thought this was a no-no, because when he arrived holding his cardboard twinhe was pissed. In the middle of Gramercy, in the rain and with multiple onlookers, I was broken up with by a stunted actor and his fucking cardboard face. To say I was mortified is probably an understatement. Your friends are afraid to be honest with you. Help them, and help yourself. You and your friends have better things to talk about.

You lose your ability to accept reality. It was absolutely going to be a problem. We proceeded to hang out for months after that, leaving me to mistakenly believe that his original admission was just erroneous — like what a kidder, that guy — but, no. He was as serious as Ann Coulter talking about Clinton.

articles about pseudo relationship quotes

I of course suffered an inevitable heartbreak, and it was my own fault. Enjoy it while it lasts, be together while you can be together! It is a fiction, but you need fiction.

Once you have learned how to live alone, once you have learned how to enjoy your simple existence, for no reason at all, then there is a possibility of solving the second, more complicated problem of two persons being together.

Only two meditators can live in love — and then love will not be a koan. But then it will not be a relationship, either, in the sense that you understand it. It will be simply a state of love, not a state of relationship.

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Your body may become old but I have seen you, the bodiless you. I have seen your innermost core, the core that is divine. Love penetrates and goes to the very core of the person, touches the very soul of the person. It starts with one person, it ends with the totality. Love is the beginning, God is the end. To be afraid of love, to be afraid of the growing pains of love, is to remain enclosed in a dark cell.

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Modern man is living in a dark cell. It is narcissistic — narcissism is the greatest obsession of the modern mind. And then there are problems, which are meaningless. There are problems that are creative because they lead you to higher awareness. There are problems that lead you nowhere; they simply keep you tethered, they simply keep you in your old mess. You can avoid those problems by avoiding love — but those are very essential problems! They have to be faced, encountered; they have to be lived and gone through and gone beyond.

articles about pseudo relationship quotes

And to go beyond, the way is through. Love is the only real thing worth doing. All else is secondary. If it helps love, it is good. All else is just a means, love is the end. So whatsover the pain, go into love. The woman thinks she knows the man, the man thinks he knows the woman. It is impossible to know the other, the other remains a mystery. And to take the other for granted is insulting, disrespectful.

To think that you know your wife is very, very ungrateful. How can you know the woman? How can you know the man? You see, everybody wants to be casual and totally cool with dating other people, until they see someone they spend a lot of time with in the arms of someone else. Then they want to be cool and casual, while also strangling someone at a bar until the police have to pry them off. You end up playing a game of small wins. You pull each other closer and push each other away again. The battles are small, but add up.

We naturally want to be able to trust and depend on one another. They can ignore the bad and reject you at your worst, because you allowed them the opportunity to have you in their life regardless.

Someone can, and usually does end up getting more emotionally involved. You may also be spending intimate time with them.

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It has a way of doing that and when it does, everything can change without the other person even knowing. When it does, people can get hurt. The expectations you have for each other are unclear. You have no idea what to expect of each other.

Should you get them a Christmas present? Do you talk on the phone? How long can he or she not talk to you without it being a problem? Are you justified in being angry with them? Your public status is too confusing, and people certainly ask.