Anita mui jackie chan relationship

Legend of Anita Mui: Shining star's lonely life

anita mui jackie chan relationship

May 10, The year-old mother of late Canto-pop queen Anita Mui Yim-fong broke down in tears in court yesterday as she described her relationship with her famous daughter. Clutching the yellowed lyrics of Mui's song Moonlight in a plastic folder, Tam Mei-kam wept as she told how her. Anita Mui Yim-fong (simplified Chinese: 梅艳芳; traditional Chinese: 梅艷芳; Jyutping: Mui4 . In and , she found some international recognition by starring opposite Jackie Chan in The Alice Chan portrayed Mui in the series. Jan 2, Mui Yim-Fong (Anita Mui), actress and singer: born 10 October ; Jackie Chan and the fashion designer Eddie Lau: "Don't cry for me.

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Mui changed outfits more often than Madonna does, and I think she had a better voice, too! Most of the songs were of the syrupy Canto-pop variety, but she delivered them with extraordinary charisma and coolness.

By the end of the night, I felt as if I were her best friend -- and I barely understand Cantonese.

anita mui jackie chan relationship

Mui, who announced in September that she had cervical cancer, vowed to beat the disease, even performing a series of sold-out concerts in Hong Kong shortly afterward, but she died at the age of 40 on Dec. Recording more than 40 albums and appearing in more than 40 films since starting her career at age 10, Mui never married. Her life was her work. Fans of Mui know how irreplaceable and important she was to Hong Kong's entertainment culture.

She was a legend and a force of nature. In a time when pop stars seem to be manufactured on an assembly line, she demonstrated remarkable versatility, singing, dancing and acting. Her sultry voice was able to convey myriad nuances, making her equally at home with power ballads of the old days or the latest dance hits. On screen, she played a range of roles, from high comedy to low-profile housewife. Fleur, the role from the film Rouge that won her most critical acclaim, is a courtesan in s who kills herself out of love and becomes a ghost awaiting her beau in vain.

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In a career that spanned over 20 years, Mui recorded 46 albums and starred in some 40 movies. But her most captivating performances were on stage.

She held a total of solo concerts in Hong Kong's Hung Hom Stadium, one of the highest number of shows at such a large venue. Mui was known for her constant change of persona. She was the consummate artist, offering up lavish costumes and imaginative concepts in her shows, giving her all to her audiences. Her last concerts were in November, less than two months before her death.

Born on October 10,Anita Mui Yim Fong started singing at five to help make ends meet for her family. Her career took off in after she won a talent contest. She quickly became Hong Kong's prima donna and dominated the entertainment scene for the entire decade of the '80s. Mui will be remembered for her strong personality, fierce loyalty, altruism and sense of justice, and for personifying female chivalry in the tradition of Chinese martial arts books or films. She was loyal to those around her and ready to help the less fortunate, organizing charity concerts for families of SARS victims when she herself was suffering a terminal illness.

Mui died of cervical cancer on December 30, The funeral took place in Hong Kong yesterday, and included decorations with a Buddhist adage: Despite her chameleon-like qualities, there is a timelessness about Anita Mui. She belongs to the ages. Mui's altar was adorned with a sea of white flowers - traditional at Chinese funerals - a black-and-white portrait, and a sign with the Buddhist inscription: More fans, each holding a white rose, waited outside the crematorium and some wept.

On Sunday, an estimated 6, fans lined up near the funeral parlour to pay their respects, local media reported. Mui was revered for her tough character and generosity. She insisted on continuing with a concert tour in November despite announcing she had cancer two months earlier. She's been fighting for democracy for many years," said veteran Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Lui Yuk-lin. Mui, who began singing at age four in an amusement park to support her family, shot to fame in after winning a local singing contest.

She also appeared in acclaimed films and won Taiwan's best actress award in for her role as a tormented ghost in the movie Rouge. Mui, the self-styled Asian Madonna, died of cervical cancer on December 30, aged Many flew in from across Asia to bid their last farewells. Also present was prominent Chinese dissident Wu'er Kaixi, one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy movement, which Mui strongly supported. Many fans held bouquets of white roses and other memorabilia to wave their last to the Cantopop diva, who first took to the stage in a local amusement park at the age of four to help her struggling family make ends meet.

Mui got her first break when she won a local singing contest in She quickly acquired a string of awards and legions of fans in Chinese communities all over the world with her unusually deep and resonant voice and flamboyant showmanship. In time, she proved to be one of Hong Kong's most enduring voices, standing out in the city's fickle pop music scene which is dominated by ever-younger entertainers who have trouble putting on live performances.

She showed the world how one can succeed with talent and hard work," said Wong Tat-ming. Critics say her death, coming just eight months after the suicide of Asia's foremost singer, Leslie Cheung, leaves a huge vacuum on the local entertainment scene. Mui, whose elder sister also died of cervical cancer a few years ago, announced in September that she had the disease and was being treated for it, and vowed to recover.

Despite the pain, she stopped her treatment briefly in November to stage eight concerts, which played to full houses. Wreaths lined the walls of the funeral home, where fans had begun to queue up from Saturday night.

Most fans wore black. Some carried flowers and sobbed. Others sang, played Mui's songs, or prayed in silence. Wu'er, who was one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests, flew in from Taiwan to pay his respects to Mui, who had supported the Tiananmen movement. It was his first visit to the former British colony since it returned to Chinese rule in White roses adorned the funeral hall, along with a picture of Mui and screens displaying clips of her performances.

Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa was one of the officials who sent wreaths. Organisers said more than 6, people bade farewell to Mui on Sunday. Her body will be cremated on Monday.

anita mui jackie chan relationship

Often compared to Madonna, Mui was one of Hong Kong's hottest stars and won a string of awards, drawing fans with a flamboyant and mutable on-stage persona. Mui said in September she had cervical cancer and was being treated for it. She gave eight concerts in November and occasionally seemed breathless on stage. Mui began her singing career as a little girl giving shows at an amusement park and shot to stardom as a teenager, winning a singing contest in She starred in more than 40 movies over the last two decades.

Last tour for Anita Mui The people of Hong Kong will bid a final farewell to one of its favourite daughters, Anita Mui, the great entertainer and philanthropist whose funeral takes place today.

Mui — a close friend of Cheung who was present at his funeral — passed away on Dec 30 at the age of 40, having lost her battle against cervical cancer. She leaves behind a mother and two brothers, and a legacy of songs, films and charity works. Although Mui will be best remembered for her illustrious career in showbiz, there was another side to the superstar that is equally cherished by people whose lives she touched.

As a person, Mui was generous and straightforward, one who valued friendship. But actually my biggest gain is friendship. When I was frustrated, many friends were concerned and gave me support. It is such a precious feeling when you have so many friends who can help you. A devout Buddhist, Mui was known for her charity work, having organised numerous fund-raisers and donating a substantial sum of money to good causes.

Her generosity was not limited to the former British colony alone.

anita mui jackie chan relationship

Mui went public with her illness on Sept 6 last year. At a press conference, she vowed to beat the cancer and to carry on for her fans. In November she held a series of eight concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum, and later in the month she was in Japan to shoot a commercial. But her condition took a turn for the worse when she returned to Hong Kong and she was admitted to hospital. Even after death, her generosity continues, as she had pledged to donate her organs upon her demise.

Despite all that she has achieved in life, Mui once said that her biggest regret was not finding her Mr Right. It was widely reported in Hong Kong newspapers that Mui had known about her illness in the yearbut deferred treatment which might involve hysterectomy as she was holding out for marriage and having children. During her last moments in hospital, she had requested to see as many as 50 of her friends, among them showbiz celebrities Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Kelly Chen and Lau.

Perhaps the best example of her selflessness came while she was near death. Before she slipped into a coma, she told her friends who were there that she had two last wishes: With much sadness, yours ended all too abruptly at However, her music career began to slow in when she announced her "semi-retirement" and pulled out of all music awards competitions.

Inshe held a series of farewell concerts. But she returned to the music business three years later after her relationship failed, as her boyfriend was unable to handle her fame.

anita mui jackie chan relationship

She also abandoned her bid for Canadian citizenship. While she was never able to regain her status as Hong Kong's most-popular female singer, she did transform herself into a "respected elder" in the music business by mentoring one-time up-and-comers. In addition to her exceptional music career, she also had a remarkable movie career as a star in over 40 films.

Friends rush to bedside of ailing star Anita Mui

Both her singing and acting careers are a success. She won Taiwan's Golden Horse award as the Best Actress in for her role as a tormented ghost in the movie "Rouge". She did not only get popularity in Hong Kong, but also outside Hong Kong. She held concerts in Taiwan as the first HK star to give a solo concert there. Inshe was invited to attend and sing in the opening ceremony of the Seoul Olympics. The Mayor of San Francisco declared April 18, as "Anita Mui Day" to honor her contributions to the society by raising funds for the Nursing Home that bears her name.

While she enjoyed a successful professional life, her family life was not as successful. Though she reportedly had several love interests, she never married. Her wealth and fame meant that she held a station higher than most of her suitors. She was reported to have an affair with Jackie Chan until Chan broke it off in In the end, she was married to her work.

She was an unconventional woman and brought happiness to lots of people during her life. One of the care centres established by Mui. During the severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS outbreak, she initiated a fundraising concert titled the 1: Profits from the book went to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

It included state-of-the-art equipment for digital audio and video editing. She eventually succumbed to cervical cancer and died of respiratory complications leading to lung failure at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital on 30 December at Thousands of fans turned out for her funeral at North Point in January The episode series was broadcast by China Education Television.

Some subjects, such as her suffering from cancer, Leslie Cheung's suicide. Many fans and off-stage personnel who worked with her had a chance to talk about their personal experiences with Mui.