6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust

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6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust

In the reversed position, the Six of Pentacles tarot can indicate a barrier that's blocking your happiness or your sense of generosity. It can also. The message of this month's card, the six of pentacles in reverse, can be likened to breathing. It calls our awareness to giving out, and bringing. The meaning of the reversed Six of Pentacles can often be confusing. At first glance it appears looks as though the abundance that just feel into.

He gives coins to the two beggars kneeling at his feet, while his other hand holds a balanced scale. This image symbolizes financial security and abundance, just like the Ten of Pentaclesas well as equality and fairness.

The man shares his blessings to those who are in need in order to keep the natural balance in the world. What you receive and what you give are all in balance.

6 Pentacles reversed

You can be the man giving away a little of his wealth, or you can be the beggar kneeling down in front of him, needing help and feeling grateful. It does not always mean help through material things or money.

This can also be in the form of your wisdom, your presence, or your time. If you are the beggar in the image, it can mean that someone will be charitable and generous enough to help you with your problems. Remember that whatever help will be extended to you is only to help you get back on your feet.

You will need to find a more stable and more permanent way to be self-sufficient. This tarot card may be an opposite to the Five of Cups. Asking help, or receiving help, does not mean you are desperate and weak.

Six of Pentacles Tarot and Love When it comes to love and relationships, the Six of Pentacles tarot signifies balance and fairness.

6 of pentacles rx relationship

Your relationship is enjoying an overall sense of good health because it does not lack in mutual love, understanding, and security. It often signifies happiness, generosity, fairness, and balance in your relationship. The querent is probably focusing to much on the lack in their life right now, instead of what already have. The Six of Pentacles reversed usually appears in readings involving work, finance or love.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust

It can indicate a time when we are thinking to negatively about these aspects in our lives. If it's work or finance related, it might be that we are working a job or earning money in a way we aren't happy with. In this situation, it could mean that it's time to go in a new direction, while more often then not, we simply need to change the way we think about our work. Is it really as bad as we are telling ourselves?

Or does it just seem that way at the moment?

6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust

If this card appears under a question of love or relationships, it either indicates an imbalance in the couple - such as one person giving or taking more than the either. Or it shows that the querent is thinking to much about the downsides of the relationship and not taking the time to appreciate what they have. This can lead to a situation where the person continues to give less and less, expecting more to come from the situation.

Efforts from past work will be rewarded.

Two-Minute Tarot: Six of Pentacles

A generous offer or opportunity arises for you to consider. It is a most auspicious time to look into all avenues that intrigue you. An opportunity for promotion or advancement could present itself to you which will bring you long-term financial gain. The Six of Pentacles implies that assistance will come when it is most needed. It may manifest as a sudden win or windfall, or finances becoming available at the most appropriate time.

The VI of Pentacles offers an opportunity to restore equilibrium and faith through the kindness of others.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust

The Six of Pentacles is a card which suggests support or charity from a benevolent friend. It also suggests an opportunity for material rewards to be shared with others. The mood of the VI of Pentacles is one of wellbeing and security, with a renewed faith in life and in oneself. Two 6s appearing in a spread tells of justifiable faith and trust in your partner. Three Sixes tells of an exciting romance.

When the VI of Pentacles appears next to The Star in a spread, it tells you to keep up the good work as an exciting new cycle is about to begin in your life. You will soon be experiencing a new beginning or a new cycle, and the message is to not give up as it is important that you persist as success in near.


They are just tests. A new, easier cycle is about to begin, but you first must deal with the issues at hand. The 6 of Pentacles appearing next to the 3 of Swords in a spread is asking you to look to ways to relax, de-stress and take your mind off your work and career.

The Six of Pentacles appearing with 3 Wands cards in a spread it is telling you to shift your focus from your work to your personal life. You need to find ways to relax and slow down your mind and body.

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Appearing with three Wands cards, the 6 of Pentacles may be prompting you to check your health and wellbeing. Some care needs to be taken. Prevention is better than cure.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship trust