The legend of hercules 2014 ending a relationship

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the legend of hercules 2014 ending a relationship

The Legend of Hercules () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more the character of Hercules, son of Zeus, who was born solely to end the life of the .. of Crete but his jealous older half-brother Iphicles announces his marriage to her. The Legend of Hercules also known as “Hercules: The Legend Begins” of battle, but after continuing a relationship with Hebe (Gaia Weiss), who is betrothed to Near the end, there are scenes of destruction within the kingdom, and a scene. As you are reading this, “The Legend of Hercules,” a very bad movie starring Kellan Lutz as the son of Zeus, 01/10/ pm ET Updated Jan 25, Q: Is the relationship depicted between Hercules and Iphicles in “The Legend of . Lil Xan Kicked Out of Airbnb in Palm Springs, After Leaving Rehab Facility.

The mother of Hercules, Alcmene, and his true love Hebe both think Hercules is dead. Alcmene prays to Hera and is overheard by the King. They fight and he demands to know the truth.

She tells him that Hercules is the son of Zeus and is supposed to destroy him.

the legend of hercules 2014 ending a relationship

Then she tries to kill him but he kills her instead. Then the King tells everyone that the Queen killed herself over the grief from the loss of her son. Hercules comes back to Greece and defeats all the gladiators. He finds outs his mother is dead.

the legend of hercules 2014 ending a relationship

Knowing this must have been at the hands of the King he vows revenge. Hebe tries to kill herself rather than marry Iphicles but she is saved at the last moment by the Queen's servant and brought to Hercules.

Hercules and Sotiris start a rebellion against King Amphitryon. They are caught by Iphicles. All are imprisoned but Hercules is put on public display in chains. Hercules calls on the help of the god Zeus, which allows him to break free of the chains. Iphicles has Hebe as a hostage and will kill her if Hercules doesn't stop.

But Hebe gets the better of him. Using the sword she is threatened with, she forces it through her shoulder area, just missing her heart, and it goes out her back and into Iphicles killing him instead.

the legend of hercules 2014 ending a relationship

Hercules finally defeats Amphitryon and rules over the kingdom as the prophecy had predicted. Kellan Lutz has to be one of the most charisma-free and can't-act-his-way-out-a-paper-bag actors working today, he brings none of the heroism and conflict of this great charismatic hero and spends all his screen time looking blank and wooden and uttering his admittedly terrible lines with the flattest and most awkward line delivery imaginable.

Can't say anything better about the ladies either, who also show their acting limitations, especially the portrayal of Hebe who is in dire need of an acting coach. The obligatory villain acting is so pantomimic and overdone that one's surprised at how there was any scenery left from all the chewing, and it is so cartoonish that it veers on at times unintentionally comical rather than menacing. Blame cannot be entirely laid at their door though.

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Even worse is the script, which is extremely flabby and heavy in banality and melodrama. The characters are genre stereotypes basically and have the development of a thin piece of cardboard. The story, what there is of it for the running time this is often wafer-thin and threadbare storytelling rushes from one scene and plot point to another, and jumps around constantly that following what's going on is not always easy.

But because the writing and characterisation has so little to them and that thrills, emotional engagement and such are next to none the film feels interminably dull and lifeless often. Some bad fantasy-action-adventure films have the credit of looking good. The photography is unfocused and editing choppy, with an irritating over-reliance of slow motion and impregnated pauses that come over often as gimmicky, excessive and unnecessary. The sets and costumes look recycled, and to say that the special effects are dodgy is not just an understatement but actually pretty insulting, some of the worst effects of any film seen in recent years.

What little there is of the action is at best uninspired choreographically, an eyesore visually and in terms of peril they're somewhat tame. Hercules is chained and publicly flogged, then watches in horror as Iphicles murders Chiron under Amphitryon's orders.

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In anguish he acknowledges Zeus as his father and calls upon him for strength. Hercules breaks free from his chains and kills Amphitryon's guard, though Amphitryon and Iphicles escape. Hercules and Sotiris raise an army and storm Amphitryon's palace. Amphitryon's palace guard join Hercules and his army and they battle Amphitryon's mercenaries. Hercules calls upon his father who infuses his sword with the power of lightning. Hercules defeats the mercenaries with his lightning sword, then meets Amphitryon in personal combat.

Hercules nearly defeats Amphitryon but Iphicles holds Hebe hostage and threatens to kill her if Hercules does not let Amphitryon go. Hercules hesitates but Hebe thrusts the dagger through her shoulder, killing Iphicles.

The Legend of Hercules Movie Review Summary

Hercules finally avenges Alcmene's death and kills Amphitryon with the same blade that killed his mother. Hercules rushes to Hebe's side as she slowly drifts into unconsciousness. Nearly a year later, the cries of a baby are heard, Hercules' and Hebe's baby boy. That night, he watches over his kingdom, finally fulfilling his destiny.