Relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

TIPS - Inequality, unemployment and poverty in South Africa

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

Whilst these statistics are staggering it is import to take note of the relationship between poverty and unemployment in South Africa. According. inequality and unemployment (PIU) in South Africa and to draw lessons for of racial estates which has entrenched high levels of poverty, structural .. developing countries, and a weak link between the macro and the micro. Reflections on Poverty and Unemployment in South Africa South Africa is very mineral rich, with large deposits of gold, diamonds, is part of is selfishly perpetuating and strengthening their relationship with the international.

After completing their qualifications, some proceed to study in other fields such as pursuing a post-graduate certificate in education PGCEnursing or studying to enter the police service. Consequently, these other careers have over time become difficult to access as the number of applicants increase annually and fewer positions are available.

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

Others opt for low paying jobs such as waiting in restaurants, being fuel attendants in gas stations or working in retail shops etc. Although the government assured open opportunities and a better education for all, black people in South Africa still suffer from exclusion in the labour market.

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

The former privileged schools and universities still have an impact on the absorption of graduates by the labour market. The shortage of skills versus the labour market and the fact that some graduates are qualified but not yet ready for the labour market are some of the contributing factors to the high unemployment rate in South Africa.

And even though the government is meant to help them, they are very ones cheating these startups of out growth opportunities because the South African government is highly corrupt. Lack of conducive socioeconomic environment It cannot be ignored that there are many motivated and hardworking young people who begin businesses and struggle with growth.

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Instead of waiting to be taught to fish some are motivated to be independent and fish for themselves. This can be a challenge, however, when one has no access to the fishing material. This is the case for many black South Africans who decide to venture into business.

Growing Unrest in South Africa after 24 years of ANC Failure on Poverty Inequality and Unemployment.

Black youths start from scratch with nothing and yet in the business world, they are expected to compete with the rest, who are often more advanced competitors. By now it should be clear that looking and waiting on the government for services and provision does not work. Small businesses are said to be amongst the remedies for the accelerating employment rates in South Africa.

South Africa's Unemployment Rate Has A Direct Link To Poverty

This is problematic however as even though the government is meant to help them, corruption and cronyism mean these new businesses are being cheated out of growth opportunities. Concerns about the high levels of youth unemployment and the social upheaval this might cause have been widely expressed.

Among young people this figure is even higher — at The numbers also highlight that many young people struggle to find their first job.

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

In contrast, the elderly face the problem of long-term unemployment after they lost their jobs. A greater share of them last worked more than 5 years ago.

This share was the highest at To save the situation the government might have to make certain difficult choices.

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

These could include accepting that certain age groups, above youth age, are unemployable and that what they need are poverty alleviation interventions.

The government might then be able to focus on facilitating job opportunities for those aged between 15 and 29 who account for nearly half of total unemployed. Overall unemployment at a glance According to the World Bank the average unemployment rate for all upper middle-income countries was 6.

The lesser known and scarier facts about unemployment in South Africa

These include Botswana at When the rate dropped from a peak of The rate has gone up despite policies being adopted that promised to cut joblessness.

But in the intervening six-plus years employment increased by 2.

relationship between unemployment and poverty in south africa

Two extreme groups The numbers suggest the presence of two extreme groups of unemployed in South Africa. The first consists of youth who struggle to find the first job despite actively searching through and answering job advertisement. Most have matric, that is they have completed 12 years of schooling.