Relationship between tamil and sanskrit

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relationship between tamil and sanskrit

If both of them have studied both Tamil and Sanskrit, they would have is no difference in values or customs between the South and the North. One of the more intriguing aspects of the development of the conventions shared by Tamil and Sanskrit is their successive desacralization. In the megalithic. Printed in Germany George Luzerne Hart THE RELATION BETWEEN TAMIL AND CLASSICAL SANSKRIT LITERATURE I A COMMON SOURCE FOR TAMIL .

So it is deniable.

PM Modi ji says Tamil is older than Sanskrit during his interaction with students from across India.

I hope archeology is so easy. Sorry, It has nothing to do with devanagri or sanscrit.

relationship between tamil and sanskrit

Check your facts first. It is necessary to educate the Tamils, that whatever languages existing in India today actually derived from Sanskrit language. But NOT dravidiyan languages.

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I think the Tamils also used word darma or dhana. They made to use sanscrit words in tamil. Which make people even now think that tamil borrowed words from sanscrit. We have our own words for these, darma-aram, dhana-selvam. There are many movements to restore the lost words and it is very much successful. And that is wonderful.

If one can accept the truth, he will be wise. Wellmy mother Tongue is Tamil and I have been learning Sanskrit for over 15 years. So there is no need for any doubt on by authority on this topic. Agattiyam is the oldest work in tamil which was written around BC. This was written in Sangam era. Agattiyam was written by Agasthiyar.

Agasthiyar is one of the Saptha Rishis mentioned in the vedas. He is beleived to be sent by Lord ShivaWho is also been described in Rudram and Chamakam in the vedas. So he is a Vedic Sage who travelled south.

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Tolkappiyam- Kappiyam is originated from Kavyam which is a Sanskrit word. This is because there are many instances of the usage of the Word "Kavyam" in sanskrit literature much before.

relationship between tamil and sanskrit

So the argument is "Tolkappiyam being the oldest work in Tamil itself has a sanskrit word in it" Sangam- This is used to denote the earliest period in Tamil History. Now Sangam is a derivative from sanskrit word "Sangaha" which means community or union.

They never migrated into India from outside, nor to the South from the northwest. In the classical Tamil works of the Sangam period, such as Purananuru, Paripadal, Patitruppattu, Tirumurugatruppadai, Mullaippaattu and Malaipatukatam, we can see hundreds of Grantha, or Sanskrit, words. Panini, the son of sage Panana, wrote his inimitable grammatical work, Vyakarana Shastra, based on 14 sutras aphorisms that emerged from the drum held held by the dancing Lord Nataraja at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu—not in North India, where Panini is usually placed.

Why is Sanskrit so controversial?

My diksha guru at Chidambaram told me many times that the native place of Panini was Thiruvotriyur, in Chennai. These facts show that Tamil and Sanskrit in Grantha script are interrelated. To express certain details or concepts, Sanskrit depends on Tamil. Similarly, to express certain details and concepts, Tamil requires Sanskrit. The recent attitude of the alienation of Sanskrit was absolutely absent in the literary works written in Tamil during the Sangam and medieval periods.

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The Tamil kings viewed Tamil and Sanskrit as equally important. Royal inscriptions certifying grants made by the kings to the temples in Tamil Nadu used both Sanskrit in Grantha script and Tamil words. Tirujnana Sambandar goes to the extent of saying that those who do not benefit from the study of both Sanskrit and Tamil are blind and that both Tamil and Sanskrit are capable of reaching the feet of the Lord.

He who abhors Tamil or Sanskrit incurs the displeasure of Lord Murugan.