Relationship between human rights and environmental law

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relationship between human rights and environmental law

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While recognising that those principles are not exhaustive, and that many aspects of the relationship between human rights and the environment still need to be clarified, FIDH believes that this report is an important step in the understanding and implementation of human rights obligations relating to the environment.

This relationship will clearly be essential for the protection of people and the planet in the years to come. Over the past 10 years, FIDH has worked to reaffirm the relevance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the current debate over climate change, toxic waste and energy. Affected populations have the right to be protected from adverse environmental impacts, such as polluted water, soil and air, deforestation, and displacements that result from desertification or floods caused by climate change.

Brief Introduction To Human Rigths And The Environment

As we have documented, major gaps remain in the implementation of international human rights law and State and non-state actors are often responsible for massive violations of environmental and human rights. Human rights defenders, and in particular environmental and land defenders, are increasingly the target of repressive measures; the pressure on land has become unbearable.

Between andthe Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders documented 43 assassination cases targeting land rights defenders and the judicial harassment of defenders, https: While in others, like South Africa, the decline of the mining industry entails huge environmental and human rights impacts due to the lack of appropriate accountability of both companies and public institutions.

The sudden closure of the Blyvoorzicht mine has left a community of people to fend for themselves. Europe itself is not immune from negative impacts on human health and the environment generated by economic activities, as demonstrated by the decision of the European Committee of Social rights in the case FIDH filed against Greece for the industrial pollution of the Aesopos river where high levels of pollution, due to the discharge of industrial liquid for over 40 years, continue to affect several villages totalling more than inhabitants.

relationship between human rights and environmental law

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur has three components: Firstly, outlining the elements of the problem and conducting a general survey of issues involving the human rights of the victims, with special emphasis on difficulties encountered by African and other developing countries; secondly, to identify, investigate and monitor actual situations, specific incidents and individual cases, including allegations received; and thirdly to produce annually a list of countries and transnational corporations engaged in the illicit traffic of toxic and dangerous products and wastes to developing countries.

Explicit provisions concerning the environment are limited in international human rights instruments. The UDHR protects the right to life and a standard of living adequate for health and well-being, rights from which the right to a healthy environment can be inferred. Similar provisions are found in other UN treaties.

relationship between human rights and environmental law

In General Comment 14 on the highest attainable standard of health, the Committee established that: For example, States parties should ensure that natural water resources are protected from contamination by harmful substances and pathogenic microbes.

Likewise, States parties should monitor and combat situations where aquatic eco-systems serve as a habitat for vectors of diseases wherever they pose a risk to human living environments. Governments shall take measures [ In the regional systems, Article 24 African Charter and Article 11 Protocol of San Salvador explicitly address the right to a healthy environment.

Although provisions regarding the environment are scant, human rights cases related to the environment are being brought to the international and regional supervisory bodies. The Human Rights Committee has dealt with some cases where the environment has played a role.

Brief Introduction To Human Rights And The Environment - Aequitas

Canadaviolations were alleged of the right to life because of the environmental impact of nuclear stockpiles situated close to housing inadmissible because of non-exhaustion of domestic remedies. Like the ICCPR, the European Convention does not contain provisions on the environment but the European Court has decided some cases where the environment has come into play.

Spain, the Court held that Article 8 ECHR had been violated because the applicant had not been indemnified by the state for damage resulting from environmental pollution. Italy, the state was found to have violated the right to privacy and family by not providing information on environmental pollution that would have allowed the applicants to assess health risks they were facing by living in a certain area.

Belgium, the Court found the right to property was permissibly restricted because of the legitimate aim of environmental protection. In the Inter-American system, the Inter-American Commission has, when reviewing the implications of environmental degradation for human rights, noted that: Respect for the inherent dignity of the person is the principle which underlies the fundamental protections of the right to life and to the preservation of physical well being.

Human Rights and the Environment

Conditions of severe environmental pollution, which may cause serious physical illness, impairment and suffering on the part of the local populace, are inconsistent with the right to be respected as a human being.

The majority of cases involving the right to a healthy environment in the Inter-American system are based in communal or indigenous rights rather than individual rights. The Commission found violations of the right to life, liberty and security, the right to residence and movement and the right to health under the American Declaration. Mayagna Sumo Awas Tingni Community v. The Commission found a violation of the right to recourse and the right to protection of private property.

relationship between human rights and environmental law

The United States Case The Commission found a violation of the right to property, fair trial and equality before the law. Maya Indigenous Communities of the Toledo District v.

They alleged that, by granting logging and oil concessions in and otherwise failing to adequately protect those lands, failing to recognise and secure their territorial rights in those lands, and failing to afford them judicial protection of their rights and interests in the lands on account of delays in court proceedings instituted by them, the state had violated several rights under the ACHR.