Relationship between diversity and discrimination

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relationship between diversity and discrimination

There is legal protection against age discrimination in Northern Ireland. is a statutory obligation on public authorities to promote equality of opportunity between: for Northern Ireland has responsibility for enforcing race relations legislation. Institute of Industrial Relations for financial support. This paper establishes the distinction between diversity itself and the main effects of race. Even so, equality and diversity are very often used together, sometimes even they have, suffered from inequality and discrimination based on differences.

No kidding; it was that cut and dried. Welcome to the real world. Continue Reading Below That may have been 30 years ago, but I will never forget how wrong it felt. Call me strange, but I was always pretty much colorblind when it came to race, not to mention gender, religion, nationality, sexuality, whatever.

For whatever reason, it never meant that much to me. I actually grew up in racially segregated Brooklyn, New York. My friends and I were bussed into an all black and Hispanic junior high school in the middle of a slum. It was a real war zone. People were killed there every year. Still, none of that made a difference. The same is true of racially exclusive organizations and cultural norms like political correctness.

They promote resentment, poor work ethic, victim mentality, entitlement behavior, and yes, even racism. They undermine personal responsibility and accountability. They reduce organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Diversity and discrimination

And when that happens, even the most altruistic goals and strategies can have unintended consequences that reinforce the wrong behavior.

Advertisement When smart business leaders find themselves in that situation, the first thing they do is be completely honest with themselves about their situation.

Then they come up with a common goal and figure out what kind of cultural change they need to achieve it. Then they make sure that everything they do reinforces the behavior needed to bring about that change.

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Take affirmative action, for example. Maybe there was a time when it was needed, but today, affirmative action is basically institutionalized racism. It provides advantages to certain select groups while discriminating against others.

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It specifically forces us to look at and make decisions based on race. Moreover, when people are hired, promoted, or admitted into schools based on anything but their merits, that changes their behavior. Affirmative action also creates resentment in those who are passed over in favor of special minority groups. That, in turn, erodes their personal accountability and self-reliance.

Have you ever felt like you have been judged unfairly just for being young? This is sometimes called having privilege. Privilege can be hard to understand, but usually the people who have the most privilege or social power deal with the least ageismracismsexismhomophobiaetc. So then discrimination is sort of like the opposite of privilege. People who have lived through challenges often have powerful insight and can help build stronger communities. Allyship Allyship is when we join together to stop discrimination.

relationship between diversity and discrimination

Becoming an ally is a lifelong process of learning and asking questions. We can all challenge ourselves to think and act in ways that are more accepting and inclusive. We can also take action! Listed below are just some of the ways we can encourage more diversity in our schools or community life. Look at your own attitudes and behaviours daily.

relationship between diversity and discrimination

We are all going to make mistakes occasionally and say something insensitive. When it happens apologize and keep trying. Challenge them if you feel safe to do so. Step outside your comfort zone and get to know different types of people, their stories, their hopes and their dreams.

Learn from people who are different from you. Listen more than you talk. Organize awareness-building events at school. Learn the real history where you live. Who were the first Peoples of where you live today?

Educate yourself and understand what is happening in Canada and around the world. Volunteer with community service organizations like a drop-in centre. Boycott companies that are homophobic, racist, sexist, fat-phobic etc. Ask school administrators to make education about respecting differences among people a priority. Questions about Diversity and Discrimination How can people overcome racism, homophobia, etc.? It can be very hard for someone to cope with their experience of any type of discrimination i.

Some people feel like the experience makes them stronger, others feel like it hurts them or breaks them down. For many people it is impossible to erase the hurt that they feel from discrimination.

We can help each other out by trying to put an end to our own discriminatory behaviors, and working to stop discrimination in our schools and communities. Check out our Appreciating Diversity section at the top of the page for more information on ways you can get involved. When you support a friend facing discriminationwe call it being an ally.

There are a number of things that you can do: The term privilege refers to special status and entitlements that are unearned.