Relationship between beneatha and walter

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relationship between beneatha and walter

What conflicts might arise among family members and others? (2) Your family Describe the relationship between Beneatha and Walter. 6. What function does. Walter and Beneatha do not get along for several reasons. They disagree about how Mama will use the insurance money she is about to receive. Beneatha tells. Aug 29, According to Mama, what's the difference between her generation and the development of Beneatha's relationship with her brother Walter. 3.

What is the relationship between Walter and Beneatha in The Raisin in the Sun?

What did Mama do with the money? What reasons does she give Walter for why she did what she did?

relationship between beneatha and walter

What does Walter say she does to his dreams? What was the news in the black paper? Johnson say about the Younger family and how they act? Has Walter been to work for the last three days? What does Mama give to Walter? Scene Three Who comes to see the family? What is he supposed to do What organization is he a What does he say most of the trouble in the world is caused by? What message from the community does he bring?

What is the community willing to do? What does Walter do to the man and what does the man say in response? What presents does Mama get from the family?

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What news does Bobo bring the family about Willy? Act Three What does Beneatha say was the one concrete thing a human can do?

relationship between beneatha and walter

Beneatha tells Asagai that she has stopped caring. What does she say about progress? What does Asagai suggest Beneatha do when it is all over? Walter went through the boxes. What was he looking for and what did he do when he found it? Does Mama want to move now? Who did Walter call?

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What did Willy Harris teach Walter? Although Ruth and Travis seem to have an intimate mother-son relationship, Walter Lee has his own private relationship with his son. Travis unintentionally plays one parent against the other in order to get what he wants, as do most young children his age.

Walter Lee plays into this world and acts like the 'good parent' by giving Travis the money he needs for school, even though the family does not have it to give.

relationship between beneatha and walter

Walter Lee likes to blame his so-called failure in life on both the color of his skin and his unsupportive family. He believes that his wife and mother do not give him any credit or support, and that they are holding him back. Ruth knows that the only thing holding him back is himself - not his family. Beneatha and Walter Lee fight over the check with pure sibling rivalry.

Bennie knows that the money belongs to Mama and thinks she should decide where the money goes, while Walter Lee obsesses over his selfish idea of a liquor store.

What is the relationship between Walter and Beneatha in The Raisin in the Sun? - Help Notes

The reality of the situation is that the money represents family - their father - and belongs only to Mama. Mama recalls her late husband's words and integrity. He would talk about dreams and living them for and through children.

Family was the most important thing to him, and she hoped it would be for her children, as well.

relationship between beneatha and walter

Bennie and Mama discuss Ruth's physical condition and allude to a possible pregnancy. Mama knows that she has never been wrong before about such behavior and realizes that her family may be expanding. The family mentioned in this section has a double meaning. Asagai represents the African family as a whole. As a Nigerian, he is different; yet, as a Negro, he is the same.

relationship between beneatha and walter

Asagai and The Youngers all come from the same African family roots. Ruth reveals her pregnancy and possible option for abortion.