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For the same trope, but IN SPACE, see Batman Can Breathe in Space. For similar extraordinary skills of surviving in ice, see Harmless Freezing. See also. Luntik wanted to cook the jam, because he knew that this magic pan. But then the guys Friends learn to make a kite, but they came out so big, that they turned to using Korneevich. Add Image .. Know what this is about? Be the first one .. Now Kuzya and Luntik could ride the scooter without adult assistance. Add Image . Explore Custom Concepts and Meet the Artists at Urban Hardwoods Much like Urban Hardwoods transforms dying trees into beautiful furniture, since reading, cleaning, driving, walking, spending time with my friends, God is there with me the Aloha State was included in the last chapter of his journey around Oceani .

Moonzy and Weebee think that he may be a Moon Bee and not a dream, like Skip thought. Where should a Moon Bee live? In its house, of course! Carried away by excitement, Skip and Weebee start looking for a house for their friend. He wants to be their friend, but he doesn't really know what it means to be a friend. The Rowdy Caterpillars take advantage of this and deceive him. Sad little Moonzy doesn't want to be friends with anybody anymore.

This is how much the caterpillars have confused him! It's a good thing that Skip is by his side and Moonzy finds out what a real friendship means! What's in a Name Mr. Diggins tells Moonzy that everybody else has a name. So, Moonzy tries to figure out his name. Skip and Weebee help him out and they come up with an original name - Moonzy. Moonzy really likes it!

So, he hurries to Mr. Diggins to tell him that now he has a real name, too! Surveying the land through his binoculars, he finds Moonzy. General thinks Moonzy must be a dangerous stranger, but as he tries to get a closer look, he bumps right into Moonzy. General Stringer gets so scared that he scares Moonzy. Moonzy then accidentally hides in the General's house.

Peppers Never eat the chili peppers, no matter how bright and appealing they might look; it burns, so said Granny Annie. Whoopsie and Poopsie laugh at everyone: Not a big deal! Skip doesn't consider himself a little boy and is ready to bet with Whoopsie. Very soon both of them discover it was a bad idea. Stolen Sun It's been raining for two whole weeks and there's no sun in the sky.

The mood is really serious. Why is it dark and depressing? It's because Woopsie and Poopsie took the sun to their place. Tidus and all other blitzball players in Final Fantasy X can all hold their breath for at least five minutes - the length of each game's half. However, they and Rikku though she is a mechanist and might possess a rebreather also go into underwater levels in Gagazet which seem to take much longer than that.

Even Yuna seems to be able to in the Macalania Springs Scene. Handwaved with the explanation that the water used in blitzball arenas is infused with pyreflies, magical Soul Jars that figure heavily into the game's world; the rest is all training. One NPC says that the best blitzball players can even sleep underwater.

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In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistanceSora and the Dream Eaters don't have any issues breathing under the ocean in the aquatic section of the Prankster's Paradise and move about as though they're on the land, albeit with lower gravity.

The former doesn't question why he's able to do this, either. Also, swimmer class trainers will complain about how exhausted they are and one even asked for a ride back to shore if he wins the battle. If you win, he just continues to float there and not drown. Same can be said of any swimmer trainer far away from any type of land. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appears to subvert this trope, at least for the trainers, as one of the trailers shows Brendan wearing diving gear.

It's played straight for one class, though, the Free Diver. Not only are they able to stay at the bottom of the ocean with no sort of scuba gear outside of a pair of goggles, they can even speak underwater! Sports Game If you play in the Aquadome in Backyard Baseballthe gameplay is not altered; the characters can still breathe and hit hard.

Stealth Based Game Garrett from the Thief series can, in the first two games, hold his breath and swim around underwater for a decent amount of time. This is despite him carrying a sword, a bow, arrows, other thief tools and loot he may have collected. It doesn't hold true for the third game where, due to engine limitations, falling in water results in instant death. Normally, averted in the Metal Gear franchise, as the player character will start to drown if under water too long, and usually has to get an oxygen tank if available in the game in order to stay under longer.

However, played straight with certain unlockable items in some of the games that, when equipped, will keep your oxygen meter from diminishing: Visual Novel Some story branches in Burly Men At Sea have the Beard Brothers swimming around underwater for in-game hours with no sign of oxygen distress.

You could say the breathing is just part of the soul's effect, but if you unequip the soul in an area you can't surface in, it becomes more of a straight example of Super Not Drowning Skills. Mikey wears a diving suit in the underwater levels. Water is acid to Nosgothic vampires, and Raziel carries this weakness over in his transformation to a reaver of souls.

If he falls into water, his material form is instantly destroyed and he falls into the spirit world. His brother Rahab, however, evolves an immunity to water, and Raziel gains this ability when he reaves Rahab's soul.

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Being Dead to Begin Withhe has no need to breathe and can swim indefinitely. The Legend of Zelda: Once you put on the Zora Tunic you can be underwater as long as you want without drowning. Justified by the shirt being explicitly magical.

The Zora Armor does the same thing, but has the decency of Hand Waving it by having a face mask pop up to cover your mouth whenever you're underwater. Majora's Mask takes it a step further: It is also notable that one of the few games where Link does not get Super Not Drowning Skills of any kind is Wind Wakersomewhat odd when you consider that it is also the only game that takes place on an ocean. Also problematic when the damn boat keeps talking to you instead of letting you on, even when your swim meter is about to run out.

Link can only drown in the ocean. Justified near the beginning of the game, where it's explained by an NPC that the Great Sea's currents will tire Link out and swallow him up if he swims in it for too long. He doesn't have this problem in the various small ponds and streams on some of the islands, as they are presumably shallower and a lot less rough to swim in.

The Shantae games zig-zag about this, but water is never lethal by itself. The Mermaid Dance allows her to swim underwater freely and indefinitely. The Crab Dance allows Shantae to walk on the bottom of the body of water she drops into, allowing her to access gaps that the Mermaid form is just too big for. If Shantae hits water in human form, she floats to the top and stays there, but is capable of swimming on the surface for quite some time.

If she dives into the stuff in any other form, she will revert to human form on contact. The Player Characters of the Darksiders series can stay underwater indefinitely, as they are Horsemen of the Apocalypse War in the first game, Death in the second. Azurik of Azurik Rise Of Perathia can swim indefinitely due to his attunement to the elements. Jonathan in Pharaoh Rebirth can't swim and as such water is lethal to him; however, when he has to traverse a temple that is half underwater, his friend sends him a drone carrying a very advanced breathing apparatus.

From that moment on, swimming is no longer a problem for Jonathan, and you can revisit previous areas blocked by water. Action Game In the God of War franchise, Kratos can only swim on top of water before finding Poseidon's Tridentwhich lets him breathe underwater.

The Little Mermaid 's main character is a mermaid. Total Destruction has this, in that Lizzy and the aquatic creatures are able to actually gain health from water hazards, which both injure and knock down other characters. Adventure Game Grim Fandango. However, that doesn't explain their ability to talk normally. Toyed with in the case of Glottis, who is a demon, in the afterlife.

He did eventually have to get out of the water, but only because his skin was getting all pruney. The spell wears off once the underwater segment is over. If you forget to pick up an item, you will not be able to dive. Additionally, you must inspect all available oxygen tanks and pick the one with the most oxygen remaining, or you could easily drown before completing the underwater task! Guybrush Threepwood can hold his breath for ten minutes The only way to die is to leave him underwater for 10 minutes.

Played as a joke and an Easter Egg. Guybrush swaggers about his ability to hold his breath for 10 minutes. Much later in the game, a puzzle involves being thrown to the sea with a weight tied to the feet.

The puzzle is easy enough to solve in much less time, but waiting to see what happens may reveal the unexpected ending. Leaving him underwater after ten minutes in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeThe Curse of Monkey Island maybeEscape from Monkey Island only onceand Tales of Monkey Island both while still alive and as a zombie only results in him scrambling back up to the surface for air, after which he can dive underwater to try again as many times as he wants.

The only exceptions to these are in Escape, when, after ten minutes on the second time underwater, he will drown, with no second chances this time; and in Tales, when he becomes a Ghost Pirate in Chapter 5, and not only does he walk or run while underwater in the Manatee Mating Grounds as a ghost, but he stays underwater indefinitely I thinkuntil the player decides to make him come up to the surface. This will happen until he finds a way to repossess his own body.

Also, in spite of his ability to hold his breath for ten minutes, Guybrush is able to move his lips while talking underwater, as seen in Secret and Curse, for example, but especially evident in Tales, when his lips are clearly seen moving when he talks underwater. In one instance you are shrunk and must search a bottled ship. If you look in a certain place on the ship, you can see a skeleton dressed up like Guybrush, and examining it gives you the message "Looks like his ten minutes are up.

Collectible Card Game In the Magi-Nation game, the main character Tony Jones can breathe underwater and swim really fast after acquiring a magic belt. According to the official fiction of the card game, all of the people on the moonlands have this skill. First Person Shooter In Crysis the protagonist is wearing a super-tech nanosuit. Presumably this can act like a CO2 scrubber, or just holds enough air in its structure to make it a non-issue.

In the Marathon series, you do have an Oxygen Meterand it doesn't refill with air simply by surfacing; you must recharge your suit's oxygen tank from canisters and wall sockets. You can stay underwater for a long amount of time, but the second that tank has depleted There are also vacuum levels, which have the same mechanic, and additionally disallow the usage of some weapons.

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The Metroid Prime series and Super Metroid allow Samus to stay underwater for any duration she wants, without drowning, thanks to her Power Suit. If she can walk in space without dying, why should water stop her? However, movement and visibility in water are both highly limited, until one receives the Gravity Suit, as which point the water's actually just there to look fancy. Or in the case of MP2to let Samus have better maneuverability than anywhere else. Team Fortress 2 - Since drowning is resolved in the game mechanics as taking persistent damage until the player dies or goes up for air, one can gain Super Not Drowning Skills by being in the range of a friendly Medic or Dispenser.

Justified and lampshaded in Vampire: Since you are Dead to Begin Withyou don't need to breathe at all, let alone under water.

The Lampshade Hanging comes in one of the final levels, when you infiltrate the Hunters ' base and can overhear two of them discussing an underwater passage, to which one remarks, "I can't imagine any man holding his breath for so long," and the other says, "It's not mortal men that should be our concern.

Tribes and its sequels Tribes II and Tribes: Vengeance allow indefinite underwater lurking. But with the waterbreathing spell or an underwater action item, it becomes irrelevant. Warforged, being magically animated living constructs, don't breathe in the first place and can always stay underwater indefinitely.

Well, the devs tried? A good chunk of Guild Wars 2 's content is underwater, and it's been confirmed that you get a breath mask item that allows you to stay underwater indefinitely. However, amphibious Ranger pets anything that isn't a fish, bird, or spider get no breath mask, but can stay underwater indefinitely.

Unequipping the breather has no effect on the character, however, aside from you losing any armor or stats it would give you. World of Warcraft is semi-justified. Most player-races have an Oxygen Meter but the Forsaken, being Dead to Begin Withthey have no need to breathe and can stay underwater much longer than the others since Mists of Pandaria, indefinitely. When they run out of air they quickly die from drowning damage. Some classes also have spells to let them breathe underwater, plus there's an alchemist potion and engineering helm.

Pets, however, have no oxygen meter and can breathe underwater without the aid of magic. This might be Handwaved in the case of Warlocks' demonic minions, and makes sense with the water elementals used by frost mages since they're, well, waterbut the most likely explanation for Hunters' pets is that most of the animals in question can hold their breath at least as long as a humanoid or much longer.

Though this doesn't explain Hunters who use artificial means. Non-player enemies, of course, are not affected by this, but some will not even chase players who escape into water. Siege engines on the other hand have Super Drowning Skillstaking a lot of damage quickly due to water damaging the machinery.

The game also uses a secondary meter to prevent players from swimming out into places they are not supposed to reach, called Fatigue. This meter appears in or above deep water unless the player is on a ship or other automated transportsruns out much quicker and there is no way to avoid it quickly killing you except turning back.

Unless you're a druid, which, with decent gear and liberal application of its instant-cast heal-over-time spells, can swim indefinitely through Fatigue. Fatigue can get interesting when you take into account Water Walking spells and mounts. Somehow you manage to drown while standing on the surface of the water. This got especially annoying in Mists of Pandaria's Timeless Isle. It contained a boss, a giant whale, which swam an endless circle around the island, never stopping no matter how many people were attacking it - the entire things was a moving beatdown on a high HP target.

A few parts of its path took it into fatigue territory, forcing players retreat to shallower waters where they would be unable to attack. One zone, Vashj'ir, takes place entirely underwater. In order to prevent drowning from becoming an issue, the first quest in the zone, which is a prerequisite for all of the others, has you collect some of the local creatures to help a shaman cast an enchantment on you that will allow you to breathe underwater while in the zone—and also move faster through the water in the zone.

In the original game and the first Burning Crusade expansion, your breath meter went down at a realistic rate while you were underwater. After about 30 seconds of holding your breath, you started to drown. Nowadays, though, even the lowliest neophyte can hold his breath under water for two solid minutes with no ill effect.

He can also cast fireball spells if a mage or use his Battle Shout and Demoralizing Shout abilities if a warrior while fully immersed. Wizard gives several justifications for this in various underwater areas, such as water breathing potions, aqualung fish, or just a side effect of whatever teleported you to the lake bed. Pirate zig-zags on this front. First there's nothing stopping you from staying underwater for as long as you want, without so much as a Lampshade Hangingthen an underwater fight where your ability to hold your breath serves as a time limit, and finally a lake of magic water that supposedly any land creature can breathe.

You're wearing full scuba gear in the underwater level. In other levels, you have Super Drowning Skills. Tropical FreezeFunky Kong is the only playable character who can stay underwater indefinitely. When he goes underwater, he's shown with diving gear on him. Character is a tarball. Before then, your character will be able to swim for a bit before needing to get air. The main character is a talking fish. In the second game known as Robocod - he wears a mechanical life support suit allowing him to completely invert this trope Presumably his gills are fully enclosed.

Made safer by the fact that you can't take it off while you're in water, unless you touch an Enhancement Remover. Of course, it doesn't protect you from other underwater hazards The main character of Mega Man Classic series is a robot, but he still creates bubbles as if he were breathing, though. The bubbles are probably air escaping from whatever open space exists in his robot body. Mega Man Zero give Zero similar underwater properties, but plays with in it one level where Zero does have a time limit to get inside a submarine before it dives too deep and the pressure crushes him.

The main character wears a Powered Armor suit that allows her to move through most environments. While normally slow underwater, the Gravity Suit eventually turns water into a formality, since you can move through it as if it wasn't there. Spyro the Dragon series Playstationstarting with Spyro 2: In these games it's a magical ability. The Great Juju ChallengeLok who normally has Super Drowning Skillsdue to fish hating him can walk around underwater indefinitely while he's wearing the Lobster Suit, which was specifically designed for underwater exploration.

The four playable characters are all turtles, which means that they do have greater underwater survival ability than most; however, the timer on the bombs is short enough two minutes, thirty seconds that breath is the least of their worries.

If the timer runs out, it's an instant game over, but if a turtle dies in some other way before it does, it resets for the next one In the video game adaptation of Toy Story 2Buzz can stay underwater for as long as he likes, but it makes sense considering that 1, he always wear a helmet, and 2, he's a toy and doesn't even have lungs.

However, a magic item later on in the game allows one character to play this trope straight - as long as the item is equipped on that character, they can swim underwater indefinitely. The title characters swim underwater in big air bubbles, containing their whole bodies.

Which is an example of Acceptable Breaks from Reality in itself. In The Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseMickey's head is surrounded by an air bubble if he is wearing the magician outfit while underwater.

With the other costumes, he has no air supply and takes damage after several seconds.