Japan bangladesh economic relationship between hong

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japan bangladesh economic relationship between hong

Afghanistan · Bangladesh · Bhutan · Maldives · Nepal · Pakistan · Sri Lanka From the 45th anniversary of the normalisation of China–Japan diplomatic relations in to a relationship as partners, not as threats'; and 'developing a free and fair trade regime'. Author: Zhao Hong, Xiamen University. According to the World Bank, China is the second-largest economy in the world, behind the United States, ahead of Japan. Hong Kong Closer Economic and Partnership Agreement (CEPA); Mainland and Macau . Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin. Trade with Japan (). Exports from Bangladesh: 1, million dollar (woven garments including knit goods and leather); Imports to.

Bangladesh–Japan relations

Customs Requirements and Documents A number of documents are required for customs clearance in Japan. An import Customs duty payment declaration form must be submitted to Japan Customs with the following documents: Invoice Bill of lading or Air Waybill The certificate of origin where a WTO rate is applicable Generalised System of Preferences, certificates of origin Form A where a preferential rate is applicable Packing lists, freight accounts, insurance certificates, etc.

The commercial invoice should include names of the shipper and consignee and detail of each commodity in the shipment. The packing list should include the contents of each container, its gross and net weights in metric measurements.

japan bangladesh economic relationship between hong

Labelling and Marking Requirements The Japanese Measurement Law requires that all imported products and shipping documents show metric weights and measures. Japanese law requires labels for textiles, electrical appliances and apparatus, plastic products and miscellaneous household and consumer goods.

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Generally labeling for most imported products is not required at the customs but at the point of sale. For most products country of origin labelling is not required, except some beverages and foods which do require labelling and marking of true information. Japanese laws requiring product certification and labelling are numerous. Standards Imported products are subject to product testing and cannot be sold in Japan without certification of compliance with prescribed standards, falling into two categories: It is important that a Japanese agent or partner be fully aware of the wide variety of legislation that could affect the sale of the product in Japan.

Major laws stipulating standards that apply to products in Japan include the following: JAS applies to beverages, processed foods, forest products, agricultural commodities, livestock products, oils and fats, products of the fishing industry, and processed goods made from agricultural, forestry, and fishing industry raw materials.

Hong Kong's Trade with Japan Most Hong Kong goods such as garments, toys, jewellery, housewares, watches, clocks and major electronic items can be imported freely with import licences, except certain items covered by the import restriction system mentioned above. While semi-conductors, electronic valves and tubes, and telecom equipment and parts are the major import items, Hong Kong is the largest export destination for Japanese foodstuff.

japan bangladesh economic relationship between hong

Sustained economic growth has also rapidly increased the demand for energy, transport and urbanisation. World Bank, Fitch Solutions 2.

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December The next general election is expected to be held in December, but the date is still to be announced. Major Economic Indicators Sources: October 5, 4.

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WTO Date last reviewed: October 5, Note: Latest available direct data is ; direct data not available for or from Trade Map Sources: Trade Map, Fitch Solutions Date last reviewed: October 17, 4. October 5, 5. Bangladesh used to benefit from preferential access to the US market through the GSP programme, but in June former President Barack Obama suspended Bangladesh's membership in view of the government's insufficient progress in securing the rights of Bangladeshi workers.

The US government has provided Bangladesh with a point action plan which, if implemented, will provide a basis for the reinstating of GSP trade benefits. The US is the single largest export destination for Bangladesh.

japan bangladesh economic relationship between hong

As a result, Bangladeshi exporters face