When does claire meet gretchen

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when does claire meet gretchen

For the Billionaire's Pleasure - Luke & Claire Evelyn Adams. “Claire,” said Gretchen, with mock sweetness. “You do You did work on this building, didn't you?” Claire Like Ed Samson, but,” she said, making sure to meet Gretchen's gaze. Meeting Gretchen Whitmer for the first time is less like meeting the more meals than most men do in a week,” she says—they also need to be. For the Billionaire's Pleasure - Luke & Claire Evelyn Adams The only question I have is how far ahead of time did you work things out with her and she said she wouldn't go, but not because he intended to meet Gretchen or anyone else.

At the lunch, Gretchen talks about Claire hiding her powers.

when does claire meet gretchen

She then talks about how she plans in majoring in biology and talks about a case she saw on YouTube about a girl who didn't feel pain. Noah realizes she's talking about Claire. Gretchen then asks what Claire plans to major in. When Claire says she doesn't have to declare until her third year, Gretchen says that some choices are inevitable.

She then asks Noah about his job and he admits that he's retired. She leaves for the restroom and Noah and Claire discuss the situation.

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Later, Gretchen and Claire walk back to the dorm and Gretchen apologies for being too pushy. She says that when she was in junior high, students used to tease her and call her "Retchin' Gretchen" because she smelled of vomit and they thought she was bulimic. Claire finds that hard to believe but Gretchen doesn't deny it. Claire invites Gretchen to ask her anything, and Claire reveals her power.

Later, the two girls chat and Claire lets Gretchen cut her hand to show her how her ability functions. Shortly after this, Gretchen asks to borrow a book from Claire, who responds by inviting her to be her roommate. Hysterical Blindness Gretchen admits that she has a crush on Claire. Claire and Gretchen share breakfast and Claire admits that it's a pleasant change of pace for her to have a normal morning.

when does claire meet gretchen

She tells Gretchen how much she is looking forward to a normal life when suddenly, Becky Taylor appears and offers Claire a position in Psi Alpha Chi. Gretchen declines on her behalf, not believing that sororities are a good place for making friends. Claire insists that it will be fun and Gretchen reluctantly agrees to tag along. The two of them arrive late for the mixer and as Claire speaks with a pledge, she learns that Gretchen has only been talking about her. Claire later notices that Gretchen is wearing her sweater.

She allows her to continue wearing it but then finds several pages on Gretchen's laptop devoted to her. Gretchen returns and is disappointed when Claire tells her to go to the mixer before her.

During the mixer, Claire is nearly crushed by a pole. When she looks up to where the pole was, she sees Gretchen. The two of them return to the dorm room and Claire reveals that she knows all about Gretchen's computer. Gretchen insists that she is not stalking Claire and then kisses her, admitting that she only has a crush.

Before Claire can say anything, Becky and the other sisters rush into the room, announcing that Claire and Gretchen are officially in the sorority. Becky later returns to the carnival and reveals that it has been her doing all the awful things to Claire, not Gretchen.

Strange Attractors Claire and Gretchen, while trying to get to sleep, decide to discuss Gretchen's feelings for Claire. Claire is worried that Gretchen may kiss her while she sleeps and Gretchen assures her that she will not. Claire then surprises Gretchen by saying that the kiss was not so bad. Becky and the other sisters burst into the room and "kidnap" the girls, placing them inside of a truck. Gretchen is close to Claire in the truck and Claire admits that she does not know how she feels about Gretchen.

When they arrive at the slaughterhouseClaire and Gretchen team up to try and escape before the other girls, Olivia and Ashley. Gretchen and Claire walk through the slaughterhouse and Claire asks Gretchen how long she has liked girls. Gretchen admits that she has had more boyfriends than girlfriends and then learns that Claire is a virgin. Gretchen says that they are strange attractors and is then pushed to the floor by Claire, who manages to move her just in time to avoid being hit by a hook.

Claire tells Gretchen that someone may be after her and Gretchen says that no one was in the room with them. Claire explains that there are lots of abilities and that someone may be trying to kill Gretchen like they killed Annie. They meet up with the other two girls and agree to work together to get out. Claire and Gretchen go into one room and Gretchen is attacked by an invisible Becky.

Claire tries desperately to save her but Becky pushes her onto a spike. Claire manages to get Becky off of Gretchen just as the girls arrive. As Becky flees, Gretchen helps pull Claire free.

She and the other girls then watch her heal. Shadowboxing After the attack by BeckyClaire stated to Olivia and Ashley that the water that they got was drugged, Gretchen confirms this. Tracy calls Noah, who realizes that the cuts are on the stomach and reaches in to remove a key.

He goes to visit Peter Petrelliwho has returned to his life as a paramedic, and asks him to help find where the key leads. Following the trail to a safe deposit box, they find a broken compass. Edgar attacks, but upon realizing Peter has mimicked his power he flees. Noah shows Peter the compass, which starts working in Peter's hand. Peter, however, refuses to keep the mysterious item, only interested in saving the lives of others.

Edgar later attacks Noah and reclaims the compass.

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Recovering in hospital, Noah is encouraged by Tracy to help those with abilities. Meanwhile, Angela is troubled by her son Nathan Petrelli's self-doubt, knowing that he is really Sylar.

She contacts Matt Parkman to help, but he refuses to use his ability again. Nathan begins to demonstrate some of Sylar's powers, and attempts to contact Peter about his situation. Sylar's consciousness later manifests inside Matt's mind, attempting to drive him mad and force him to undo his actions. Under Sylar's constant encouragement, Matt eventually uses his power again.

However, following their first mission Hiro remains frozen in time. He later wakes up, but confesses to Ando that he is dying. Ando suggests that he travels fourteen years back in time to a carnival, where he was first inspired to be a hero. Hiro refuses to change time, but losing control of his powers he is transported back anyway.

Unable to return, he meets past versions of himself, Ando and his sister Kimiko. Samuel approaches him and reveals that he has a power too. Samuel encourages Hiro to change the past, allowing Ando and Kimiko to start a relationship.

when does claire meet gretchen

Returning to the present and seeing the change that has occurred, Hiro resolves to spend his remaining days righting the wrongs he has made. Samuel also returns to the present day and predicts Hiro will come to the carnival soon. Using the same method as before, he reveals pictures of Sylar, Claire and Peter.

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