What episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

In wich episode and season ghostfacers met Castiel? | Supernatural Amino

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

Ghostfacers is a webseries spin-off of Supernatural featuring the Ghostfacer team led by as they tackle the supernatural, which ran for one season, 10 webisodes , starting on April 15th in which the Ghostfacers meet Castiel, first shown during the Hell Hounds Con. 7 Characters 'DBZ Abridged' Did Better. Spoilers Policy A. Any/all content relating to the current or most recent season must be given that season's flair; do not flair it "News/Misc" or. Supernatural - The Ghostfacers and Castiel meet. TRENDING NOW! POLL: What did you think of Blue Bloods - Season Premiere? Follow on Facebook Follow Ghostfacers - ANGEL from Joe Rubalcaba on Vimeo. Source.

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Advertisers We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. As the lights go out, she hides in her closet and calls While she is talking, a hand holding a knife appears behind her.


Blood begins to pour through the closet doors. Sam is doing research in the library when Dean comes in and tells Sam that he will be back.

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

When Sam questions him about his leaving, Dean says he found a case, but he wasn't going to take Sam because he doesn't know what Sam wants. Sam wants to come along, so the boys head to Washington.

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

The Ghostfacers, Harry and Ed, are sitting in a diner, and Harry is obsessing about his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page when Sam and Dean sit down with them. The boys exchange some witty banter with the Ghostfacers, and Sam and Dean warn them to leave town. In the meantime, the busboy gets in trouble with his manager for not doing his job properly. The boys return to the motel to research, and Sam checks the Ghostfacers website where they discover the Ghostfacers latest obsession: The boys argue about whether they are hunting a ghost or Thinman.

Meanwhile, Ed and Harry return to Casey's bedroom to record some footage for their fans. They continue to discuss Harry's ex-girlfriend.

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

A frustrated Ed says they should bail on the case, but Harry insists they need to find Thinman to make all the haters eat their words. As the boys continue to research at the motel, Dean is still skeptical of the Thinman legend.

They wonder how the photo ended up online, so they head to the police station to gather more information.

They get assistance from Deputy Tom Norwood who has also been talking to the Ghostfacers about the possibility of a supernatural killer.

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

That night, at the diner, the manager is going through receipts when a mysterious figure comes up behind him and slits his throat. The next day, Sam and Dean arrive at the diner to find the Ghostfacers are also there to investigate. Dean confronts Ed and Harry, about Thinman and possibility they created another Tulpa. Harry wants to search the woods for Thinman, but Ed isn't so sure. He suggests that Sam and Dean should take over because two people are dead.

Harry insists on continuing the hunt. At the motel, Sam and Dean are tossing around ideas and discussing the case. Dean brings up how when, as kids, they pretended to be Superman and Batman. They reminisce and laugh about how they jumped off the shed and Sam broke his arm, and how Dean rushed him to the hospital on the handlebars of his bike. Dean and Sam share a moment before the tension returns and Harry interrupts. Harry was becoming wrapped up with his new girlfriend so Ed made up Thinman to keep Harry in the game.

Sam insists that Ed tell Harry the truth because secrets ruin relationships. Meanwhile, Harry is attacked by Thinman who slashes Harry across the stomach. Harry says he can't trust Ed, and Ed leaves. Sam arrives and talks to Harry about secrets and whether they are forgivable. Sam believes this is something that Harry needs to decide for himself. Dean comes in and says they have a lead on the tire tracks so Sam and Dean leave.

what episode does ghostfacers meet castiel

Then, Harry and Ed decide they will work together to fix the mess that Ed has created so they follow Sam and Dean.