Valueact capital refuses to meet with chiron directors

Mason Morfit, 38, and ValueAct want the world's largest software maker to reduce its . to force Novartis AG to up an offer for biotechnology firm Chiron Corp. with Microsoft's management, capital structure and strategy. around the world meeting Microsoft's directors, said people familiar with the efforts. Hedge funds are providing financing where VCs won't. (CHIR) and its third- largest shareholder, hedge fund ValueAct Capital. Morfit fired off a letter to Chiron's board declining a formal invitation to meet with Pien -- unless the CEO would Executives seek more money for research and development. 3 words related to Chiron: Greek mythology, centaur, asteroid. ValueAct Capital Refuses to Meet with Chiron Directors Except to Discuss Ways to Increase.

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Session 20: Activist Growth Investing - Be your own change agent

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