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terry shafer utah meet me

Michael W Homer, Suitter Axland, Salt Lake City, UT, for San Juan .. Nor is there any reason for the court to wait for the parties to initiate the .. (Proposed Pretrial Order at ถ 96); (2) that "Mrs. Shafer noticed the . while Ms. Lyman took ER call and they would not supervise me. Dr. Terry Cook. 8. Read Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives, May 15, , p. 21 with family history and genealogy records from Salt Lake City, Utah Sharon Stephens Schaefer posted on 12/18/ Your family and friends are in .. Terry Eden & Jane Weaver posted on 11/7/ Jack was truly like a . It will take endless prayers and God's grace to see me through it. I am assured by our Lord.

Byhe had been in practice in his specialty for about eighteen years though not in active practice for at least the prior year[9].

On or about December 9,Dr. MacArthur full provisional one-year privileges within thirty days after his request, as contemplated by the SJHSD medical staff bylaws. Nor did it deny them. James Redd granted him two-week "temporary" practice privileges allowing him to treat at least a limited number of patients at SJHSD facilities, and these "temporary" privileges were extended twice, through February 2, MacArthur exercised his "temporary" privileges in providing care to several patients at SJHSD facilities; he also participated with another physician in a delivery by cesarian section in November or December of In doing so, Dr.

He was further troubled by rumors that cast doubt upon his background, professional integrity and expertise, and a local newspaper report that his privileges had been "lifted" by the SJHSD, when in fact no formal determination of his request had yet been made. On or about February 2,the SJHSD did not further extend his "temporary" privileges, and had not yet acted on his requests for full provisional privileges.

At that point, the delay as to full provisional privileges was explained on the basis that required documentation was missing from his application packet viz. By February ofDr. MacArthur had become apprehensive that his request for full provisional privileges may ultimately be denied, albeit for questionable, perhaps even pretextual reasons, and that his "temporary" privileges would soon expire and might not be further extended.

MacArthur decided to move his medical practice to Ely, Nevada, and did not further pursue his request for full provisional practice privileges at the SJHSD facilities. MacArthur now contends that his requests for full provisional one-year privileges were deferred in violation of his constitutional right as a licensed physician to pursue his profession through use of publicly-sponsored medical facilities, and for pretextual reasons viz. Lyman genderand Jewish and Mexican-American physicians Drs.

Penn and Menaand his reporting of remarks concerning Dr. Proposed Amended Complaint at Plaintiff Michele Lyman resides in Blanding, Utah, and has been practicing as a licensed Physician's Assistant since She then became employed by and practiced under the supervision of Dr. Jones as a "back-up" as well. While working for Dr. Lyman was regularly covering Dr. Lyman ceased working under Dr. She alleges that she was effectively denied her staff privileges at the Blanding Urgent Care Center within three days after leaving Dr.

Redd, and thereafter experienced considerable difficulty in exercising her privileges at SJHSD facilities, even though she was working in Monticello under the supervision of two other Monticello physicians having SJHSD staff privileges, viz. Penn had moved his practice to Moab ,[13] and Dr. In earlyMs.

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Penn opened a Blanding Family Practice clinic; Ms. Lyman eventually purchased that clinic from Dr. Penn and operated as a "state-approved off-site independent rural clinic" for three years, until she in turn sold her practice. Proposed Amended Complaint at 14, In DecemberMs. MacArthurwhich request was delayed, purportedly because of "missing" documentation in her personnel file, e. Lyman is certain had been properly issued and were current through at least December of She furnished copies of the missing cards, but alleges that the dates on those cards had been altered.

By the end of March,formal administrative action on her request for privileges was still being deferred by the SJHSD until the CPR certification card issue was resolved.

Lyman may not have had a supervising physician practicing in San Juan County who had staff privileges with the SJHSD, except for the brief period, between December 23, and February 2,when Dr. Lyman were de facto denied by nursing personnel and medical staff without any action by the District governance board. Proposed Pretrial Order at Lyman's counsel explained at pretrial, She's complaining that she could not get the privileges at the hospital when she was working under physicians that had privileges.

Her patients she would send over to the clinic, they would not get shots. At one point she was told she couldn't order labs or x-rays. At one point she was told she couldn't set foot in the facility. Lyman alleges harassment and intimidation of, and denial of health care services to her patients by Dr.

She also alleges a deliberate campaign of harassment conducted against her by Dr. Redd since she ceased working for him in October ofintended to hinder and frustrate her professional practice, and cause her severe emotional distress. She contends that Dr. Redd created a misogynistic "hostile environment" in his own medical office in Blanding during the time that she worked under his supervision, and that her personal and professional reputation has suffered as a consequence of defamatory rumors, insinuations and accusations published to her patients and others by one or more of the defendants.

Lyman seeks an award of "damages in excess of Six 6 Million Dollars" as compensation for "unfair practices" interfering with the exercise of her practice privileges and he relationship with her patients, the harassment and intimidation of her patients, "the terrorism of her children, and herself, and the spreading of rumors that equate to nothing less than criminal defamation for both Michele Lyman and Dr.

She also seeks injunctive relief "to protect patients of Mrs. Lyman and her supervising physician, and give Mrs. Lyman's patients uniform and considerate care with District staff sensitive to the unique needs of the patient," and allowing Ms. Helen Valdez The claims of plaintiff Helen Valdez arise out of a single event that took place on April 14, On that date, Ms.

Valdez, accompanied by her sister-in-law, Charlene Gonzales, went to the San Juan Hospital emergency room at about 8: At that time, she was suffering from what was subsequently diagnosed as acute diverticulitis; she was experiencing symptoms including vomiting, cramping, diarrhea and pain, and felt very weak and tired.

Valdez told the emergency room personnel "that she'd been sick, [and] needed to see a doctor. She signed the form, as did the clerk. At that point, Ms. Valdez had not described her symptoms to the clerk. Valdez became ill and went to the lavatory, and when she returned, she observed a nurse in the emergency room, Lori Wallace, R.

Valdez and Michael Bailey, another individual who had come to the emergency room with an injured foot. Valdez went to the lavatory a second time, her sister-in-law, Ms. Gonzales, says that she overheard the nurse, Ms. Wallace, tell the clerk to "tell Helen [Ms. Valdez] to go to the doctor's office. Penn's office would open at 9: Gonzales did not hear Ms.

Wallace say anything else, and did not converse directly with Ms. Wallace about what she had overheard. Gonzalez related the overheard conversation to Ms.

Valdez upon her return from the lavatory, and without any further conversation with Ms. Kascheaiveaz, or other emergency room employees, Ms. Valdez left the emergency room, again accompanied by Ms. Instead of going to see her doctor at his office, Ms. Valdez had not discussed her symptoms with Ms. Kascheaiveaz, whom she had seen in the emergency room,[21] and had not yet seen or been examined by a physician. Redd diagnosed her condition as acute diverticulitis, for which he prescribed oral antibiotics and a strict liquid diet.

Valdez' condition did not improve significantly, and two days later she went to Cortez, Colorado, where she was hospitalized and placed on IV fluids and antibiotics. After receiving treatment in the Cortez hospital for several days, Ms. Within a few days, she became ill again, and this time was admitted to the University of Utah Hospital, where she was diagnosed as having an obstruction requiring immediate surgery.

She underwent surgery, which apparently was successful. To compensate for "the badge of inferiority she was made to wear as she left the facility she had sought help from, not being able to see the provider of her choice, [and] not being able to feel as though she could return to a facility in Monticello for fear of Laurie Wallace," Ms.

Lloyd Val Jones, Dr. Bill Redd and Ty Lewis. The County, Commission and District Board, by not policing and supervising the medical staff and leaving carte blanch[e] decisions on who gets on staff and does not get on staff, contributes directly to the private use of the staff's use of the governmental processes.

Redd and other District staff members. Valdez, plaintiffs state that "[t]he Health District and County Commissioners were informed of these problems in a Board meeting, with an executive session attended by Commissioner Bill Redd and County Attorney Craig Halls. More generally, the Part I Plaintiffs allege that the County Commissioners, County Administrator and County Attorney "behaved in a deliberately indifferent manner, failed to adequately investigate the problems Mrs.

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Rather than addressing alleged conduct of individual Board members, the Plaintiffs appear to be complaining of alleged inaction by the Board as a Board: The County was aware of the problems and did nothing to investigate, hold hearings, or resolve the provider and patients' and public's concerns as evidenced in petitions with hundreds of signatures.

The District has illegally operated the district by having County Commissioners as board members, by not holding doctors accountable for violations of the law, by not following their own medical by-laws, by not applying policies equally across the board to all persons, by not overriding letters or memos of doctors that set policy, without board approval, while stifling economic competition in the area.

Reid Wood and Rick Bailey did nothing to assist Mrs. Lyman in exercising privileges with the District that the District Board never officially and formally terminated.

terry shafer utah meet me

The Defendant community leaders Rick Bailey, Ty Lewis, John Lewis, Karen Adams, Cleal Bradford, with the power and authority over the entire district, did nothing to investigate, find and hold accountable the responsible parties, and carried out a state identified de facto policy that diminished the standard of care for the patients. All three doctors were not employees of the District when supervising Mrs. Lyman's attempts to rectify her situation, or exacerbated it.

Lyman called SJHSD administrator Reid Wood twice to see if she could resolve some of the issues she was having with the nurses at the hospital since joining Dr. Penn and to resolve some of the problems with the clinic. Reid Wood did not return her calls. Lyman called she was told by Carla Grimshaw that he was out of the office.

Bradford, the plaintiffs describe the process by which he granted temporary practice privileges to Dr. MacArthur limited temporary privileges that it was best for the District if referrals to the District facilities came from District doctors. MacArthur was not employed by the District. Cleal Bradford and James Redd had access to District board members and County Commissioners and the County Attorney as relatives and close friends, in a highly rural and isolated area.

MacArthur and Michele Lyman did not have this familial and close friend relationship with Commissioners and District Board members. Cleal Bradford who signed off on privileges as the District CEO lobbied the Board and County Commission, and medical staff, in meetings with a plurality of the decision-making body, without Mrs. What conceivable cause of action the latter allegations would pertain to is not readily apparent. The balance of the allegations against Wood, Bailey and Bradford assert a failure to take affirmative steps to investigate and remedy plaintiffs' grievances involving members of the SJHSD medical and support staff, similar to plaintiffs' claim against the individual SJHSD Board members.

MacArthur had an incident report allegedly filed against him by Marilee Bailey, Julie Bronson, Laurie Shafer, Cleal Bradford that was never discussed with him or placed in his District file, and is a report that he considers to be untrue.

Shafer noticed the dates [on Ms. Lyman's CPR card problems of wrong dates without Mrs. Lyman being present," that "Mrs. Lyman's CPR cards were reviewed and found to be appropriate on more than one occasion by Carla Grimshaw and Laurie Shafer," and that "[t]he medical staff and Cleal Bradford and Laurie Shafer unanimously decided to publish the altered cards to the American Heart Association by vote of the medical staff, who was considering privileges for Mrs.

MacArthur of any missing documents in his application packet. MacArthur's privileges with Mr. MacArthur's privileges was private information. Lyman was told that her friendship with Laurie Shafer would be over as she knew it if Mrs. Lyman associated herself with Dr. Lyman was treating a patient at the Blanding Birthing Center under Dr.

Shafer allegedly told "Mrs. Lyman and another nurse of Dr. Jones that they would have to leave. Lyman and the nurse finished caring for the patient.

Further, they allege that on December 16,Ms. Yanito who gave her this order and she stated that Laurie Schafer and Dr. Lyman could use the lab and xray only during Dr. Penn's office hours, otherwise Ms. Lyman did not have privileges. At relevant times, defendant Marilee Bailey, R. Plaintiffs allege that Ms. Ora Lee Black Plaintiffs allege that "Ora Lee Black, as manager of Blanding clinic and birthing center, posted a paper on the walls within site of the patients stating that Mrs.

Later the limited privileges of lab and exray [sic] were extended to her for her patients as required by State law," and that SJHSD "Staff had previously voted for her privileges and then the County, Board, and medical staff did nothing while District staff Ora Lee Black, Dr.

Redd, Gloria Yanito denied her the same. Some privileges as to labs and exrays [sic] were eventually restored. Lyman's secretary was told by Ora Lee Black that Ms. Lyman would not be allowed to order labs until Ms. Lyman sent a letter to Dr. Redd stating who her supervising physician was. Penn in Moab as her supervising physician and Dr.

Mena in Monticello as her back up supervising physician as he was closer that Dr. Penn and could back up any emergencies for admits for Ms. Lyman at the San Juan Hospital.

terry shafer utah meet me

Plaintiffs allege that "Mess than 24 hours prior to the February 2, medical staff meeting, Carla Grimshaw called Mrs. Lyman's office to invite Mrs. Lyman's file to her," and that "Mrs. Lyman's credentialing files while in the District's custody"; that "Mrs. Plaintiffs also recount that on May 5,Andrea Bianchini Ms. Lyman's secretary faxe[d] Ms. Lyman have been requesting her privileges be restored through Reid Wood. Andrea also called Carla Grimshaw to make sure that the certifications have reached her.

Grimshaw state[d] that the faxed cards have arrived and that Medical staff reviewed the certifications, found them in order, and the packet has been placed in her personnel file.

Lyman attempted to send a patient to the E.

terry shafer utah meet me

As soon as the patient got to Blanding, Christine Singer who began working for Dr. Yanito stated that Ms. Lyman did not have privileges and that Ms. Lyman "can not give orders of any kind or use any of the county facilities". Singer then told Ms. Lyman, with several witnesses sitting in the office. Lyman immediately called Ms. Yanito back and asked Yanito to repeat the Message. After falling short in his quest for the White House and then being passed over by President Donald Trump for secretary of state, friends say Romney still has unquenched political ambitions.

On a campaign swing through Idaho last month for gubernatorial hopeful Tommy Ahlquist, Romney met with Republican mega-donor and wellness company executive Frank VanderSloot. Romney told the donor he was seriously thinking about running for Senate, according to several people familiar with the discussion. The former GOP nominee has spoken about a prospective Senate campaign with a number of key figures in the state, including Sen.

He has received encouragement from longtime friend and campaign donor Kem Gardner, a prominent Utah businessman. You can unsubscribe at any time. Two veteran Romney hands and gatekeepers, Spencer Zwick and Matt Waldrip, have begun reaching out to senior Republicans to take their temperature on the political atmosphere in the state. After the new year, he cut a tribute video that played at an event for Gov.

This summer, he issued an endorsement for Katie Witt, a former Romney campaign staffer and candidate for mayor of Kaysville, a small city in the eastern part of the state.

Romney also backed Utah Rep. Romney, who built a sizable fundraising network during his and presidential runs, is also giving his party a hand in races beyond Utah. He recently traveled to Massachusetts to host an event for Gov. Charlie Baker, who is up for reelection next year. Next month, he's slated to attend a New York City donor retreat hosted by House Speaker Paul Ryan, his former vice presidential running mate.

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The former governor has also been making fundraising calls for Congressional Leadership Fund, a pro-House GOP super PAC, and is expected to host an event for the organization in California early next year. Over the course of the year, Romney has been active in Idaho and Arizona, both of which border Utah and have heavy Mormon populations. He held a fundraising event for Arizona Sen.