Tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

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tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

Business Opportunities are available here at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet! Current buildings available are listed and updated below: Rent to the T.V.S.M. for a single space building is as low as $/mo. Vendor Postcard Business. Tanque Verde Swap Meet General Policy All vendors must leave their spaces clean or a fee will be charged. Take all items generated from your business with. La La Land on Sep 28, in Tucson, AZ at Tanque Verde Swap Meet. Vendors for drinks, fresh popcorn, and snacks will be available.

tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

That's always been its goal, appealing to people from all walks of life. Some Tucson businesses, like Mac's Indian Jewelry and Kent's Tools, have gone on to brick and mortar stores after starting as a booth here. Chapin says he tries to treat his vendors well, and he brings in colorful extras like live music, pony rides, kiddie rides, a beer garden and all variety of carnival comfort food.

Two of Chapin's four grown daughters now help run the swap meet, along with Fiore's children. Inthe family lost its lease at Tanque Verde and Grant.

Developers had big plans for the intersection. By then, the swap meet was well-established, and Chapin again took a risk, sinking his life savings and every nickel he could borrow into a new home for the market.

Within 90 days, he had purchased a parcel across town at Palo Verde and Ajo, gotten it permitted, paved it, installed proper lighting and moved vendor buildings. Fiore says Tucson's loyalty during the transition, as quick as it was and as far away as it carried the market, still impresses her.

Marie DeGain, one of Chapin's daughters, says the swap meet has been embraced as part of the cultural scene of Tucson's South Side. I don't think there's a more motley market that can be found. You can get an airbrushed T-shirt here, or a rosary, or a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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Or a tattoo, or a haircut. There are at least two micro barber shops, and they had long queues last weekend. Chapin says once, a rogue band of bikers was busted fencing books stolen from libraries.

He also recalls pianos being sold at one point, and secondhand knick-knacks at a booth run by the prominent physician Robert Jarvik, the inventor of the artificial heart his implants were not among his wares.

tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

The mix of new and used merchandise from permanent and transient vendors keeps people guessing, and the faithful coming back for more.

Because you never know what you'll find.

Day 7 Tanque Verde Swap Meet Tucson

It could be the "Footloose" soundtrack on cassette, or a vintage typewriter, or a cell phone case. Perhaps it's in the passion of its creator.

tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

Aaron Bates has been a horror film buff and an artist since he was a tot. He now combines the two loves with his customizations of Cabbage Patch Kids, painted up as slasher flick icons, and sells them at a steady clip from a card table at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet.

SELLING & POLICIES | Tanque Verde Swap Meet

So is Jason Voorhees "Friday the 13th"whose hockey mask carefully follows the contours of his chubby face. Carrie White "Carrie"the telekinetic high schooler whose prom night humiliation was one indignity too many, wears a pink dress Bates sewed himself.

Vendors who occupy a space before 3: All tickets are non-transferable.

tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

No animals are to be walked within the Swap Meet except service animals. No games of chance are allowed. Bicycle, scooter, or skateboard riding in the Swap Meet is not permitted.

The speed limit in the Swap Meet is 5 mph.

Vendor Village

Pedestrians have the right of way. Open fires are not permitted at the Swap Meet. Pornographic pictures, profanity, or immoral items shall not be openly displayed to the public. Homemade food items, beverages, firearms, throwing stars, blow guns, snapcaps, smoking paraphernalia, stink bombs, or any fireworks, shall not be distributed on TVSM property. No weapons knives, crossbows, air soft, air guns, etc.

tanque verde swap meet vendors missouri

Payment for non-reserve space rent is on a cash only basis. Vendors must be prepared to pay for space rent upon entering the Swap Meet. Rental of a non-Reserve space and the payment of a new Reserve space are on a first come, first served basis.

No non-Reserve vendor will be allowed to enter or stay on the Tanque Verde Swap Meet property after According to Pima Co. Beer also cannot be consumed in the parking lot area. Title 4, no firearms are allowed to be carried or sold at the TVSM.

The TVSM Management reserves the right to inspect all items for sale, and to determine whether such items can be sold or displayed. Counterfeit items are not allowed.


The Tanque Verde Swap Meet reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. A space is considered occupied only by a vehicle, merchandise, or pole framework and will incur a charge.

Anything else may be removed or incur a charge at TVSM discretion.