Talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

WotLK [Guide] Combat Rogue - The top kek DPS, In depth guide

talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

Region 1 · 1 · Canutillo · El Paso · El Paso Andress · El Paso Austin · El Paso Bowie · El Paso Burges · El Paso Chapin · El Paso Irvin · El Paso Jefferson · Young. Recently rerolled to a Rogue; I've tried all 3 specs and I enjoy all of them. Which one do you prefer for pve/pvp?. Black Hole Explosion damage reduced by 35%. Trait) to continue to track spells after Innervate is removed from the target earlier than . gained by casting Ice Form (PvP Talent) to match its reduced cooldown. attempting to zone in to Kings' Rest or Siege of Boralus without meeting the requirements.

With Exsanguinate the only way to scale bleed damage is through Elaborate Planning and Deeper Stratagem which are now inferior talents. So while the spec may be good for players who recently hitthe spec suffers greatly due to poor scaling and is the main reason why it is no longer taken for raids. Tier 7 Level Talents Until they make any further changes to the other two talents, Venom Rush is the only viable talent this tier. Instead of the fast paced play-style of Outlaw, Assassination requires you to think ahead and pre-plan everything if you want to achieve optimal dps.

Our most important DPS cooldown which is used almost every time on CD unless there is a priority add or burst phase coming up soon.

Starting a rogue

With the combination of Master Assassin relics and Convergence of Fatesyour CD is on average 1 minute which lines up nicely with Vanish.

The trait which determines when we use our finishers and the amount of CP you should use them at. It should be noted that while these abilities get snapshotted by the Nightstalker buff meaning the damage buff stays throughout the duration regardless of you leaving stealth, everything else is updated dynamically. This means that your bleeds will do increased damage when you activate Vendetta and then return to their normal damage after it expires.

Our standard finisher and the main ability used to keep Surge of Toxins uptime high.

talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

With our 4 pc set bonus Envenom is able to compete with Rupture for overall damage contribution. It is important to note that Envenom scales with our Mastery: Our artifact weapon ability which becomes a big portion of our damage contribution with the fixes introduced in 7.

AKA Poison Bomb is one of the main reasons why Assassination damage can be so streaky especially during fights with multiple targets. Blood of the Assassinated: Envenom is immediately cast after Kingsbane and Mutilate in order to take advantage of the poison application buff.

Cast Mutilate as your CP generator.

talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

If Rupture has less than 6 seconds remaining on the duration then reapply the debuff, otherwise cast Envenom. Wait until the last tick to refresh it. Every finisher you use will apply the Surge of Toxins debuff scaling higher with more CP usage.

talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

Ideally all finishers will be used with 4 or more CP to take advantage of the Surge of Toxins debuff. Your main goal will be to clip your Surge of Toxins debuff with every Envenom cast, this means casting Envenom at the last possible second before Surge of Toxins runs out so that Envenom is boosted. Cooldown usage Vanish should be used on cooldown to empower your Rupture and preferably lined up with Vendetta.

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There are certain scenarios where delaying Vanish to be used with Vendetta is worth it: This spec has a very good sustained damage, aswell as being the less penalized in target switching because of the reliance on only Rupture to be on the mob. Assassination has also a good "cleave mechanic": The damage gain is sensible and the rotation is faster due top multiple Rupture proccing more Venomous Wounds and thus granting us more energy regen.

Managing the cycle and Rupture on multiple targets can be difficult sometimes, but it definitely pays off. The only Assassination-only glyph is Glyph of Vendettawhich trades some damage bonus for more duration.

Hotfixes: November 27,

It is a dps increase, but be aware that you will need a longer time window to not waste the cooldown. The Glyph of Energy is a good choice since the rotation is all about pooling to avoid Envenom clipping. As a side note, if you choose to take Shadow Apparition as lvl talent, keep in mind that vendetta isn't off the GCD, so you shouldn't macro them together. Also, it's a small dps increase to trigger SA before Vendetta, because theclone doesn't benefit from your own debuff, but instead needs to apply it by itself.

Back to top Combat Focused on weapon damage. With the normalization of Combat Potencya slow OH now is completely viable. DfA has been fixed - now returns one combo point only from Ruthlessness. This means haste is once again the best stat for combat though Multistrike stays just belowand DfA is no more worth actually taking - i suggest switching to Venom Rush until more gear makes the energy ergen less valuable.

Bandit's Guile has become from a more or less passive damage increase fighting against Restless Blades now removed and baked into Ruthlessness to a core mechanic and something you need to learn to manage well. Ideally, Revealing Strike is a debuff that lasts 24 seconds on the target - while you want it always active for your SS spam, it's not good to refresh it as soon as it expires.

It's better to pool energy so as soon you use RvS you can dish out a subsequent SS, to use the less energy possible on it and the most possible on Sinister Strikes due to the chance of generating an additional combo point.

Anyway, using RvS doesn't advance Bandit's Guile state: Worth noting that Deadly Poison is no more available to Combat - it changes into Istant poison which is a simple proc of nature damage omn your target; for this reason, Venom Rush lvl talent works a little different becoming a self-buff that lasts 15 seconds and is refreshed every time you poison an enemy.

So, basically when you have more than one target available, toggle on BF and continue to follow your single target rotation. Crimson Tempest doesn't proc MG via the dot anymore, so it's not worth using at all in any environment. It procs additional free attacks, and represents a quite good part f our total damage. Anyway, Combat mechanics still favor Haste as secondary stat.

Similar to Assassination, Combat has a good sustained damage, and recent buffs brought the single target damage on par with Assassination. Has a better burst than Assassination with Killing Spree. Ruthlessness lowers our CDs, so keep an eye on them. Use it on CD, but never with KS; also try to dump your energy to 0 before triggering it to avoid energy capping.

It's very likely you'll cap energy during AR if you need to move away from the boss, so try to use it when you're sure to get full effect from it. Use it on CD and don't delay it too much, but dump your energy to avoid capping. Try to use it when you're sure that there aren't any other mobs in range if you want to use it for burst and not aoe.

talent rogue pve 3 5a district track meet

Works with Blade Flurry. Back to top Subtlety Focuses on fun. Everytime you Multistrike with BS or Ambush, all dots on target istantly tick reducing their duration by 2 seconds. Contrary to what's expected, Shadow Focus is still better than Subterfuge, very likely because of the low energy regen; if you decide to also take Prey on the Weak and the mob is stunnable, throw in the opening rotation a Cheap Shot for additional damage.

The strongest point of the spec is to maximize Find Weakness uptime through Vanish and Shadowdance. Don't delay much time waiting for cooldowns, Vanish-Ambush and just after the debuff has expired throw in Shadow Dance. Use Preparation to reset Vanish cooldown as soon as possible. Anyway, it's a very good move and a DPS increase to pool up to energy before using Shadow Dance; same goes for Vanish, pool around 45 before using it - you don't want to use your cd and then find yourself energy starved.

The managing of HaT procs is much easier with Anticipation, since it guarantees to save every CP proc. If for some reason you don't take it, pool energy if you're low and wait for HaT procs when you are at 4CP - kee in mind that this is a generic tip, it all depends on the situation.