Swdubs mega meet results

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swdubs mega meet results

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The last body of work for these team captains was to win over the other attendees to join their teams to help fill in the gaps that they needed with skill sets such as designers, developers or more business people. Once these teams were formed they began to piece together what their winning formula for success would be as they had little more than 48 hours to get ready for the finals. A big goal of the weekend is to make sure that all attendees had the opportunity to get a rapid insight in to how a tech Startup can be built, validated and grown.

In 54 hours trying to get all of this accomplished was not going to be the easiest of jobs, so we called in some professionals! Some advice was so good that one time split in to two different teams which brought our overall number up to 21 Startups formed out of the weekend!

After 50 hours of team building, idea refinement, rapid mentoring and presentation perfecting our 21 teams were into the last 4 hours of Startup Weekend and were ushered into the Google Foundry event centre for the grande final. Attendees on the night included our fabulous mentors, Startup community leaders and individuals that wanted to learn from the pitches as to how they could improve their skills.

The Judges left to deliberate which team had made the best impact over the weekend in the areas of technology, business planning and marketing knowledge and we were treated to a fireside chat aimed at helping attendees understand that although the event was over, there were lots of ways to keep working on their Startups.

The overall advice from our panel was that you need to figure out who your customer really is, size them up to see if there is a real market opportunity and get them paying to use your Startup!

swdubs mega meet results

The Judges had deliberated and it was time to give their verdict. The judges comments were very motivating to the teams involved over the weekend as they were extremely impressed as to the level of research, quality of presentations and follow on potential for many of the Startup ideas that had formed over the weekend.

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The first award was for best pitch sponsored by ourselves at FCR Media which went to Tracy Keogh of Insurifyan app designed to help people get better pricing for their insurance quotes.

Tracy, by her own words, had attended the event solely as a participant, but had been swept away with the energy of the Friday night pitching that she pitched her own idea, formed a team and won best pitch!

All that was left to do at that point was turn off the lights, power down the laptops and clean out the venue. The 21 Teams were: Read more about the event over at Silicon Republic with their review of the event here Images thanks to the great skills of Anatoly Lebedev and our teams over the weekend.


Time and attention is needed for a successful campaign Many companies may swerve clear of Google AdWords given how time-consuming and expensive it can be, but for others, the potential ROI makes the platform more than worth the huge amount of time spent contemplating, researching and planning for the best campaign. However, Google AdWords can certainly be frustrating if you do not give it the attention that it deserves.

swdubs mega meet results

From specific keywords to directing users to the right places To ensure that your clicks come from the right prospects, keep your keywords specific. So, consider the very specific terms that actual human beings are likely to enter into a search engine.

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You can also maximise the relevance of the users who are shown your ads by putting keywords into themed ad groups. A bakery, for example, may have separate ad groups for keywords related to cookies, brownies and cupcakes. An ad from that ad group can then target a shared set of keywords.

swdubs mega meet results

Consider, too, where visitors will be directed when they click on your ad. Sometimes, your homepage may be a perfectly suitable destination, but doing this too often can make visitors feel more than a little exploited — particularly if, for example, they click on an ad for a certain type of shoe, only for them to be led to a page lacking even a picture of a shoe.

It's absolutely locked solid - I've walked away in disgust before something got smashed. The diff rotated fine with one driveshaft attached but fitting the second has seized it up solid. I'm hoping it's some weird hub related hassle sven fegg1n pees o sheet valkwagan krap on a stick sheetbox.

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I'm hoping it's some weird hub related hassle I'm hoping it's some weird hub related hassle EAK!!! Sounds like it could be the wheel bearing housing thing http: I've got the mk2 outer CVs that should clear the mk1 hubs The off side is fine. This is the hub that the bearing collapsed on - way back at the build start - think I'll just fit a new bearing and attack the carrier at the same time.

Just need to find someone with a press I had a similar problem on mine a few weeks ago. Fitted the new front wheel bearings, tightened the hub nuts up and the wheels were locked solid! Forgot about the larger sized outer CVs fouling the inner hub! So out came the grinder!

swdubs mega meet results

Even had to grind the inner circlips down a bit as the were fouling too! Put it all back together and then thing wouldnt rotate!! So had to take the shaft off, and re assemble the inner CV. That was like some kind of funky 3D jigsaw getting that back together!