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swap meet louis vuitton shoes

LOUIS VUITTON Official International Website - Find all information about Product Care in our Client Services section. OTN Swap Meet Shoes & Boots · Men's> · Men's Shoes Continued> · Prices · Men's Boots> · Prices · Women's> · Women's Shoes> LV Purses & Hand bags. Machine learning can tell if you're wearing swap-meet Louie said “The hat mighta had a L V on the back but at the swap meet that ain't jack,” and to test a product and it can distinguish fabrics, leather, pills, shoes and toys.

I would always stop there and try to get shoes. My mom bought the first five toys for me to sell and then I kept doing it. This was when I was 6 years old! Even when I was younger, I always loved shoes and I wanted shoes to match our different uniforms.

It definitely started at a young age. Once I could afford them and I was able to get what I wanted, my passion for them only grew. Quentin Richardson, year NBA veteran: We would pick out shoes from Payless ShoeSource. When I was in grade school, I got the Payless joints. How I landed with Jordan Brand is a cool story. I went there when I was in high school and then I was a counselor when I was in college.

We knew we could get some great workouts and pick-up games in. When we arrived at the camp, neither of us had a shoe deal. We had a few companies courting us, but nothing was decided. I thought you were Nike guys? Our agent is working on our deals.

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He wanted us out of that And1 stuff immediately! That was the illest thing ever, you know? Langston Galloway, Detroit Pistons: I fell in love with sneakers when I was a kid.

I thought that I could play like them and be like those guys if I had their shoes. Growing up in AAU, shoes were a big part of the culture.


Everyone wanted to know what the other players were wearing and stuff. She actually worked at Jordan Brand for five years, until she recently moved to Greece with me.

swap meet louis vuitton shoes

She rocks Js like me, and she actually has even more shoes than I do, which is saying something because I have a lot of shoes in my closet. As far as my collection, that started when I was in high school. From there, I can remember pretty much every shoe I ever got.

I played with a team that was white and red, so I got every single white-and-red shoe I could find.

swap meet louis vuitton shoes

I got his first signature shoe and then I kind of went crazy after that. How many shoes do you own? I would say close to 1, Maybe a little bit more.

The rapper Fat Joe once said that Bibby has an entire guest house full of shoes. And if you want more, you can order more. I would get a certain number of free shoes every year and, of course, I took advantage of that and used up all of those each year. I have three different closets full of shoes right now. Then, when I got to the league and signed with Nike, I obviously started getting a lot more. I have no clue how many shoes I own now. The reason I have so many shoes is because they would send me every single item that they made early on.

There was no way one person could keep all that stuff. D-Miles and I would go out to the mall just to post up in Foot Locker and let everyone see them! Being in the NBA, you can really become part of the sneaker world and create a lot of contacts. I think I have about now. I need to count up all of the shoes I got this year. I kind of went crazy with it laughs. Those joints were so hard to come by, it was crazy. But it worked out! I had a pair of the Yeezy Red Octobers. I liked them so much that I wanted to buy a second pair, but at some point it gets to be too much.

I stick with Jordan 1s. My mom would probably kill me! I get a lot of free shoes too. My year-old will ask for Yeezys or something and I will never buy them. As long as I keep getting free shoes, why would I? I take after my pops when it comes to that.

I see what my kid does to his shoes! Enjoy all of these top-of-the-line free shoes! I think it had to be the Just Dons when they first came out.

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What Are the rarest sneakers you own? I have the first Yeezys, the Air Yeezys. I love different colorways, so I have a lot of PEs.


I was able to work out some deals — either making trades or buying them. I had a pair that were one-of-one, but Fat Joe took them from me. I only have one pair of each of those. But he took the one-of-one pair and he has them in his sneaker store. They were Retro 9s with my number on the back and they were patent-leather.

Hmm, let me think. I have the first Yeezys that were ever made. I have the first LeBrons and the postseason LeBrons. My brother is a big sneakerhead, though. All of my PEs are the rarest ones I own. I know a lot of people like my PEs. The sneakerheads show me love and I appreciate it. Because of that, most of my PEs were some colorway that you never really saw before.

That made a lot of my PEs pretty crazy, and they were making me heat for nearly 13 years! Our PE game was crazy; we all had heat that was different. I also have the Kobe and Jordan pack with the 8s. I think sneakerheads are those guys who find a way to get a pair of shoes when they come out without spending a ton of money. He has a lot of heat and he even plays in some them. We text and try to help each other find shoes sometimes.

He tried to help me find a pair of Jordan 3s in the Georgetown colorway, but I ended up buying a different pair right before he found them. Wilson Chandler has a lot. He has a crazy collection, for sure. Right now, I think I might be at the top, to tell you the truth. These luxurious and delicate textiles require special handling and attention to ensure these attributes over time. Textiles are susceptible to the appearance of pulls caused by sharp objects such as fingernails, jewelry, zippers, etc.

When not in use, store in a cool, dry place away from dust and humidity. Dry cleaning is recommended for cleaning. Any home remedies or machine washing can severely damage the textile. Fashion Jewelry Louis Vuitton fashion jewelry is made of brass with a golden or silver finishing, allowing for both durability and a lustrous appearance.

While resistant, your jewelry requires special handing and care to ensure optimal performance and appearance. It is recommended to use any perfumeshairsprays or lotions before putting on your jewelry, as repeated contact with such chemicals can cause the materials to dull or oxidize.

Please remove jewelry when bathing, cleaning, or performing strenuous physical activities. Wearing in very humid, or salty environments such as a beach, sauna, or pool is not recommended, as it can cause the brass to tarnish prematurely.

To minimize the appearance of surface scratches, limit the exposure to abrasive surfaces. It is always best to rotate your jewelry, as uninterrupted use may cause the materials to break down prematurely.

For storage, simply place in the pouch provided at purchase away from dust, moisture, heat and humidity. Lightly polish with the same pouch for cleaning. Immersing in water or the use of any chemicals may cause irreversible damage. Sunglasses Louis Vuitton sunglasses are created with specially trained artisans in our ateliers with exclusive know-how. Crafted with cutting edge materials and fresh designs, your Louis Vuitton sunglasses can be easily maintained. While wearing your sunglasses, it is best not to place upon your head to rest, as this may cause a widening of the arms and an augmented fit.

Please keep in mind, as you wear your sunglasses, the frame will naturally form to your unique face shape. For storage, place inside the pouch and protective case provided at purchase in a cool, dry place.

Storage in hot environments cars, heaters, etc. To clean your sunglasses, place under lukewarm water and gently dry and polish your lenses with the pouch provided at purchase.

Lightly soapy water using mild dish detergent may also be used to remove residue from the lenses and frame. Timepieces Timepieces Louis Vuitton timepieces are made in Switzerland with generational know-how that embodies the spirit of the house. Your timepiece is a living, working object that functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, requiring the highest levels of performance.

Servicing your timepiece every years will help keep your timepiece in its best condition. To prolong the life of your timepiece, please take into account the following considerations: Timepieces perform differently depending on the level of use, unique to each wearer. To avoid magnetization of your timepiece, limit contact with magnets, telephones, and security scanners.

Protect your timepiece from external shock as this can severely impact the functionality. Please remove when performing strenuous physical activities and sports lifting heavy objects, golf, swimming, etc. For automatic timepieces, if not worn regularly, they may need to be re-wound in order to ensure optimum performance. The timepiece can be re-wound manually using the crown. For smart watches, ensure that the moble phone and watch are both regularly updated.

Exposure to extreme temperatures may cause slight condensation under the watch glass. This will disappear by itself and will not affect watch performance. If condensation does not go away, please contact a Louis Vuitton boutique. Avoid contact with water if wearing a leather or canvas strap.

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The depth of water resistance is located on the back of your timepiece. Check your watch annually to ensure water resistance. To clean your timepiece, simply polish with a soft, dry cloth. It is not recommended to clean leather straps as they will age with time and wear. The lifespan of a leather strap will depend on its exposure to moisture and frequency of wear.

Rubber straps can be cleaned with slightly soapy water. For steel straps, a soft brush and soapy water can be used to eliminate deposits between the links. Store your watch in the box provided at purchase or in a cool, dry place away from dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

For specific usage instructions, please refer to the booklet provided to you at purchase. Fine Jewelry Fine Jewelry Created with delicate accuracy and precious materials, Louis Vuitton's fine jewelry is a delightful companion that will stand the test of time. To ensure your lasting treasure's beauty, please note the following considerations: Please remove jewelry when washing your hands or when using abrasive chemicals that can damage precious metals, stones and pearls.

Limit the contact with abrasive surfaces, as this may cause the appearance of surface scratches. Protect your piece from external shock, as this can affect the setting and its performance capabilities. Ensure your piece is stored in the pouch or box provided at purchase to avoid scratches and debris. Store each piece separately to avoid abrasion caused by other jewelry. Brush is not recommended. For pieces that contain semi-precious stones such as Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Malachite, etc, ensure that cosmetics and perfumes are used before wearing the piece.

Please take time to be sure that cosmetics and perfumes are dry on your skin. For refreshing or polishing services, please contact a jewelry specialist in our Louis Vuitton boutiques. High Jewelry pieces should only be entrusted to a specialist in one of our Louis Vuitton boutiques as these are extraordinary creations that require specific care. Shoes Shoes Crafted from beautifully selected leathers, Louis Vuitton shoes are the perfect blend of sophistication and savoir-faire, passed down through generations of dedicated craftsmen in Italy.

These natural and living materials need to be regularly cared for so that you may fully appreciate their beauty and comfort for years to come.

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It is best to rotate your shoes every two days of consecutive wear. This will allow the leather fibers adequate air and rest. When not in use, store in the felts provided at purchase in a dry place away from any direct heat source. Contact with water or products containing solvents, oily, or abrasive elements should be avoided as they may cause unwanted staining or blisters. When putting on your shoes, a shoehorn is suggested to avoid damaging the material in the back of the heel.

For proper maintenance, be sure to have the toplifts the bottom of the heel, made generally in rubber, in direct contact with the ground of your shoes changed periodically to prevent from becoming too worn down as this can become very slippery to the wearer. For cleaning grained leather and exotic leathers, wipe any surface stains with a soft damp cloth.

Once leather is dry, polish in circular strokes using a high quality colorless cream. Patent leather shoes can be cleaned with dampened soft cloth and then dried with a clean soft cloth. To avoid color migration, limit contact with other leathers or highly pigmented colors. Fabric and leather shoes, or completely fabric shoes, must never be washed by soaking in water or in a washing machine. This would cause damage or migration of color and can detach the sole from the shoe.

To clean a superficial stain on fabrics, use a damp cloth with slightly soapy water; let it dry for a suitable time before returning the shoe to the felt bag for storage. Suede and nubuck leathers can be maintained with a soft shoe brush to preserve the velvety texture.

If shoes have been in contact with water, please allow ample time to dry before cleaning. In case of superficial stains, a rubber brush may be used.