Sport meet house bachelor 2016

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sport meet house bachelor 2016

On 21 May , the University of Pretoria (UP) will hold an open day for high school admittance to UP can visit the residences and meet the house committees, find out about UP's BSportSci (Sports Science) - Bachelor of Sports Science. Here's your chance to select the House captains and Vice captains who will lead your house towards 'NSBM Sports Meet ' - Champions'. 3 October 26, · Vol. 2 No. Bachelor of Business: Banking and Finance / Financial Risk Management The first round of NSBM Inter-House Sports Meet track and field events were held today, 24th March at NSBM.

Today they shine as contributing resourceful citizens to the nation. The winners with their faces glowing with pleasure and satisfaction marched to receive their awards. Those who broke ground records and those who became Champions walked up to the podium to receive the certificates escorted by students of all five houses carrying their House Flags.

Seven ground records were established this year and two previous records were equalled. Mathurangan m Hurdles U21 1min Kirushanth m U19 17m 52sec S. Nithiyajeevan m U15 1min 01sec M.

sport meet house bachelor 2016

Niloshan m U21 R m Hurdles I in Thanujan C. R in Best Performance: Kesavan Discus Throw Elilan Long Jump 5. Sivatharshan Long Jump 5.

sport meet house bachelor 2016

Handy and Thompson House Cup for m U19 went to: Kirushanth Cup for m U19 went to: Sabesan U15 — N. Enochshan U17 — M. Priyatharshan U19 — S. Kirushanth U21 — J. T Competition and March Past. Trophies were presented to Individual Champions of each age group, winners of the Tug-o-war competition, Relay Champions and to the Best Performers in Track and Field Events Ultimately the much awaited final results were announced by the Prefect of Games Mr.

Inter-house Sports Meet | Visakha Vidyalaya

Peto House which had become Champion for four times in a row secured their fifth successive win this year by earning points. They have reigned champions and have remained unbeaten since The placing of the rest of the houses is given below. Johnstone points 3rd Place: Pargiter points 4th Place: Thompson points 5th Place: Handy points The function came to an end at Let me very sincerely and joyfully express my gratitude and thanks to the Rev.

Principal and the organizing committee for your kind gesture. I am honoured to be here. Right from the very inception, St. It has become a highly recognized and reputed school and it continues to do yeoman service to the Northern Province, particularly in the District of Jaffna. Lord Jesus has taught people how to live in a society; so that society can be a locus where people live in peace, unity and harmony, whatever their race, religion, colour or status in their society.

sport meet house bachelor 2016

About years ago, when this educational institution was established, it was the centre of excellence in education and it still is. We are confident that St. Even before my connections with St. John's as the Assistant Secretary and Zonal Director of Education, I had a strong association with this college — which only a few may know. I proudly say that I am a product of Hartley.

sport meet house bachelor 2016

I wish to resemble some of the ideologies and philosophies of the Late Principal, Mr. All the Johnians got in through the gates of this college due to individual merit. The school is shaped by Christian values which contribute to the pluralistic community. Learning at this academic establishment extends well beyond the classroom. I wish to elaborate on two at this juncture. It is a known fact that the academic and sports activities are tightly interlinked in the system of St.

I know that all your successes and achievements are inculcated with strict disciplinary mottos - this is the real secret behind all your victories and success. Your students are already making a positive impact in various streams.

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Several of your students have succeeded in securing many National Awards and Medals in Public Examinations and competitions My dear friends, there is a great decadence in morality at present. The lighting of the Olympic lamp and the reading of the Oath took place soon after. Thereafter the sporting events commenced. The Chief Guest for this year was Mr.

sport meet house bachelor 2016

Buddika Aluwihara, the Athletic Captain of He was welcomed by the Principal and led to the grounds by the Eastern Band. Each year the Athletics Meet ends with the March Past.

Inter-house Sports Meet 2016

The march was inspected by the Chief Guest and the Principal. The awarding ceremony commenced once the students were assembled in front of the J. The main awards were as follows: Champion House U — Hartley 67 Best Performance U — Lasen Rodrigo — Hartley Long Jump — 4. Harward 73 Best Performance U — Shamil Poojana — Marsh Long Jump — 4.

Marsh 97 Best Performance U — Dulen Kularathne — Boake Long Jump — 4. Boake Best Performance U —