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I am a great fan of Mihawk too, but keep in mind Shanks and wouldn't really be a a swordfight anymore but a fight which happens to be between swordmen. This means Mihawk fought Shanks in the 9 years before he met Luffy or in . http :// How strong do you think Shanks and Mihawk were when they had He was still growing when Roger died, and he didn't meet Luffy up until 11+ years later? .

Yonko are rarely goes outside of the New World, let alone Grand Line Shanks was obviously not a Yonko at the moment Teach scarred Shanks when he as still a cabin boy on Roger's ship. And you don't know when BB scarred Shanks, Shanks was cautious about BB, if Shanks was weak, he wouldn't mention about it when he was a freaking Yonko.

He was probably Vice-admiral level, just as the time when they dueled with Mihawk. SpiRo Vice Admirals Hype: Let me explain, i know i know, it's hard.

Since "fight between two Vice Admirals" never happened and it was just autistic comparison from an autistic person, it has absolutely no relevance to response. MeMeStEr 99 MeMeStEr 99 Damn you are an imbecile. Show one link that proves that Mihawk and Shanks had duels after Rogers death. Luffy's age was 7 when the manga started, Roger died just when ace was born and ace is 2 years older than Luffy So you claim some nonsense and you ask me to disprove your bullshit.

Yeah that is how you idiots work. Don't ask me to disprove your imaginary claims. No, your opinion is not same as mine. Your opinion is autistic fabrication of some imaginary events without any proof. Why would he when he didn't even have a crew.

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We saw him gathering crew in East Blue. WB claimed that everyone was shocked when Shanks returned to GL without an arm. Which implies that Shanks did not return before losing an arm. Shanks was obviously not a Yonko at the moment I never said he was an Emperor.

Teach gave Shanks those scars and Shanks has those scars on his jolly roger. Oda had conveniently hidden the left side of Shanks face in any flashback that occurs between the period of Roger's death to anytime before Romance Dawn.

He had hidden Shanks' jolly roger in the same way. Pretty obvious Teach scarred Shanks when Shanks was a cabin boy and whatever he saw made him realize he should be weary of Teach. Don't ask me to disprove your autistic claims. No your opinion is not same as mine.

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You told me to show you evidence and when i said that it is you who needs to provide evidence for your claim you tell me how i am retard for asking evidence. Proof that Master0fHell is truly an autistic imbecile. And this is how you prove a claim. I actually hate when Oda does this. Why hide Croc's face in the flashback too? But, here's the thing.

Shanks didn't have the scars when they fought Shiki, so that means he got them after that. WB's last memory of Shanks on Roger's ship was also scar-less. So, regardless of the last battle between the crews happening before or after Edd War, WB did not remember Shanks with scars. Late in Roger's life, he was friends with WB. WB asked him about the D.

If you are becoming Shichibukai, then you're accepting the superiority of the Admirals. And that's what Mihawk did for years. Another information about being a Shichibukai, Kaido outright underestimates every Shichibukai's power, including Hawkeye Mihawk. And now they think they're really hot shit Even tougher than surpassing myself. In another source, Mihawk states that he wants to see the power difference between himself and Yonko Whitebeard, he knows there is a significant power difference between each other and he wants to see it.

So I can see it with my own eyes the difference in actual strength between that man and I There are numerous pirates out there. However he is now one of the most powerful four pirates alongside the Whitebeard. Law states that Yonko were on par with each other including ''world strongest man'' Whitebeard.

Then Mihawk himself, once again accepts that he isn't in the same level with top-tiers, he says that Zoro has found a greater ambition than his own. Helping Luffy to become a PK. What's Zoro's previous ambition? Being World's Greatest Swordsmen. Another confirmation on this matter ; Luffy says that being the World's Greatest Swordsman is a small thing in front of being part of the PK's crew. And this is another solid confirmation of his power level; Marco the Phoenix sends Vista to deal with Mihawk ''alone''