Seekonk speedway swap meet

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seekonk speedway swap meet

Don Hoenig's 44th Annual Auto Swap Meet brought thousands to the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park to sell, swap, and socialize. Jason has been racing street stock at Seekonk and the Speedway for years. He had. 25 results Swap Meet in Lake Elsinore on See reviews, photos, . NASCAR Home Track Seekonk Speedway announces Awards banquet for its. automotive swap meet sat, may 5 9am n classic Seekonk Speedway - Are . seekonk speedwayone day insurance - direct event insurance.

Then, on lap 35 of the feature, Jimmie Gordon, also of Sacramento, flipped, was hit by other cars, and exploded in flames. All three drivers were dead on arrival at the hospital.

seekonk speedway swap meet

Dave runs the Vintage Midget Racing series for caged midgets on Wednesday and Saturday nights during the summer months.

Dave can be reached at It worked just fine, and they won the first night out. Fats Caruso noticed all that and managed to source another one — made of steel and ball bearings from his employer, Wyman Gordon. That one went the distance, and Reino steered the 10 car to the championship.

He jumped out of his car and gave Dr. Dick Berggren a big ole hug. It was Bergie's final Fox broadcast. Event promoter Dino Oberto was helping Duane Mausteller to push his 21 Sprinter through a driving snowstorm into the mall.

About 50 other cars would soon follow. When he came in, he said, "I know you. He looked over out of his car and shook his head at me. I asked him how he thought I felt when the national hero showed me such disapproval. He said, "Where did you say you're from? I reminded Frankie of what had happened the last time we met. He said "Goddammit, I still never heard of Massachusetts.

Buzz brings his buddies along each year, and it is quite the show. Here, right to left, are Jimmy Oskie behaving after a night of dancing out on the town in TulsaBobby Unser clearly having a good timeand Buzz Rose what can you say?!? He had the youthful energy and the money. Insisting on utilizing American componentry only, his team came up with a steel space-framed, four-coiled Scarab with Offy power. When he arrived in Monaco in with Chuck Daigh, they realized almost immediately that they were out-handled by the new European mid-engine designs and down 50 horsepower to the Ferrari and BRM team.

They lasted just a few races. On this occasion in Augusthe led before the first lap, even ahead of the pace car. As was so very much deserved, he was being honored on "Dave Lape night," his final racing performance.

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The fence and the cars were patched up, and everyone was ready to go. At the start of the open competition main, Don Casey brought them down for the green in a minimalist cut down. He is perched on what might be one of the coolest rear bumpers in history. In no time, however, it turned to huge and horrendous mayhem when the second row got crossed up. Frankie Kerr, who started inside that second row, somehow escaped the carnage and won it. There were lots of compelling characters and shining cars.

The chrome was especially noticeable in the booths with the latest Modified tech. Surely Modifieds have become a game for economic one-percenters only. Right at the entrance of the show, however, was a car many considered the neatest in the place: It features a remarkable front end — with front-wheel drive, semi-elliptical springs, and a fabulous exhaust manifold on motorcycle power.

Raced all over Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana long before the interstate highway system, it was not for the faint of heart. Just before the start, year-old pilot Farnum Fish flew a Wright Brothers airplane over the gathering. That was pretty exciting for the time. It is said that it became the first race to be photographed from a plane. The cars were built in the late s by Harry Skirrow in London.

He produced popular, hot setup chassis for early British Midgeteers. Eventually his designs developed into the configuration above — way ahead of its time with all-around independent suspension and four-wheel drive.

So many interesting folks stopped by for a chat. One was Chuck Stevenson Jr.

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Chuck says he once asked his father what kind of race car he liked the best. He said Midgets were the most fun, but he had flipped every kind of race car there is — and all of them were heavy. American Championship Racingby Dick Wallen. There were the Abreu, Larson, Swindell, and Swindell shows.

seekonk speedway swap meet

And then there were the fans…. His trademark one-handed driving came right with him, sort of. Note the Nomex-clad arm resting on the outside body. It was from a dummy. Dave Dalesandro captured a moment deep in the mix of racing passion and family bonding.

That's Barefoot Bob McCreadie Rsurely one of the most popular and talented center-steer Modified wheelmen ever, and his son Jordan, talking setups for the main event at Weedsport, New York. He recalls, "The chassis itself was basic.

We welded and welded — all square joints because we had no tubing bender. The motor was a stroked to aboutand we put some big valves in it. I had a gallon tank out back and one gallon on each side of the drive shaft.

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It was tough back then. I felt pretty self-conscious with this little dog we'd welded and ground on. There were 81 cars there, and we weren't used to lappers. First off was a slightly larger main jet for the carb.

This really helped the top end power of the cc single port engine, especially on those long highway hills where the bus seemed to run of steam often. Using a larger main jet is a good way to compensate for using today's fuel in our old air-cooled engines.

Next up was a rear brake adjustment and new rear shocks. Likely the shocks in the bus may have been originals, like so many other things on this "time warp" old bus. The new shocks really helped the ride quality of the bus, with no more bouncing over every bump and pothole. Hopefully a few of them noticed my '64 convertible sitting out front next the race route on Rt. At the helm Beers was showing that he was going to make it tough for anyone to try and pass him. With the laps wearing on Beers was looking closer to becoming an upset winner as Strohl and Kochenash could only watch from second and third.

Then on lap the action slowed the action for a minor incident and again three laps later for a spinning car. By then Kochenash had advanced to second and Hirschman made some fancy moves to take third. The pair would then engage a in a dogfight for second and few laps back under green and Hirschman was there.

Heading into the waning circuits it was looking more and more as though Beers was on his way to victory until that ill-fated caution waved four laps from the end. My experience probably paid off and all I can say is what a future that kid has. The car was great tonight. Modified Feature Finish Laps: The familiar Matt Hirschman carried a busy yet successful stretch into Saturday night, winning at five different tracks in five races since Labor Day weekend.

The new kid on the block was teenager Austin Beers, who aside from a championship season rookie in a Sportsman Modified, had only select starts in the headlining division on used tires and a couple disappointing outings elsewhere. Beers remained calm and collected, winning his heat race and comfortably leading numerous laps late in the going in true veteran fashion.

The breakthrough win looked to be entirely his, until four laps remained. Toward the rear of the lead lap cars, another local teenage sensation, Joey Jarowicz, spun on the frontstretch, requiring the need for the yellow flag to be flown. A single-file restart, based on speedway rules toward the conclusion of a race, kept Beers in command, but as has been seen on many occasions over the years, Hirschman was able to set him up to make the pass during the final dash to the finish.

One major factor perhaps was that Beers had run the entire set of distance on the same set of tires in which he took the green flag. I had thought on that run when I was in second, I remembered my first big win was at King of the Green at Evergreen Raceway in nearby St.

Johns, PA and his dad Eric Beers finished second to me. That was such a big deal because at that time he was the top guy on the local circuit, and I thought about how this is going to be so cool if he wins this big race and I finish second to him.

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I was going to try for it and that was key. I had pitted for tires and that last restart was where it showed up, and it did. We just had that one move to make, made it a good one, and I was able to get by him. I congratulated him and he gave me a little pep talk about how I did great and stuff, so it was cool.

It almost was tonight. Hirschman was coming on strong and so were quite a few other competitors, such as local favorites Kevin Rex Jr. Both Kochenash and Hirschman primarily viewed it as a racing deal and had a discussion at length in the pits after the checkered flag, but have a prior history of altercations at area facilities.

Beers gave me all the room that I needed to try and make the pass, but my tires were just too far gone at that point. Hirschman added his vantage-point of the incident as well. Teams were allotted to exchange for up to two fresh tires during the distance, in which he did around halfway.

The cautions played out right. Hirschman was not in the field on that particular night, and as a matter of fact, this was his first appearance on track at one of his home facilities in two and a half years. It truly is something not to take for granted. Race fans will be able to watch that event via a live pay-per-view broadcast on Speed Hirschman would be the very first car to time trial on the day and would set a blistering lap that would go unbeaten by 26 other drivers.

seekonk speedway swap meet

After a top 10 redraw Bobby Jones would lead the field to the green flag over Matt Hirschman. The race would get off to a fast start as the first 27 laps would go caution free when Randall Richards and James Pritchard would come together off of turn 4 with Pritchard tagging the front stretch wall.

Hirschman would pace the field for the next 60 laps or so pitting on lap 90 to take on a new right rear tire. That would hand the lead over to Zane Zeiner. Zeiner would begin to fade over the next 30 laps. John Mandato who had pitted early on in the race would charge his way up to 2nd and pressure Zeiner using the outside to take over the lead.

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Zeiner would continue to fade and would later spin off of turn 2 on lap setting up a 25 lap dash to the finish.

Hirschman with 25 to go before the yellow was stuck in traffic running 14th. Hirschman would restart 10th on the lap restart. Hirschman would quickly make light work through the field however with less than 20 laps to go contact from Roger Coss would send Hirschman in a slide.

Hirschman would save the car and continue his drive to the front. Hirschman would climb his way back to 3rd as Roger Turbush and Roger Coss would rage war with a side by side battle over the next ten laps. Hirschman would pound on lap taking the lead and never look back claiming his 3rd straight track championship.

Zeiner would rebound for 2nd over Coss, Defebo and Roger Turbush.