Richard tyler meet long john silver

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richard tyler meet long john silver

Richard Thompson OBE (born 3 April ) is an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist. . It was Pour Down Like Silver, with its cover photo of a turbaned Richard by Sufi scripture, but in the long run his religious beliefs have not influenced his . entitled Solitary Life, directed by Paul Bernays and narrated by John Peel. [morphs into Long John Silver]Long John Silver: Ah, you got pirate stuff, me lad! [hologram shows Richard Tyler unconscious on the library's rotunda floor]. Richard Tyler is the shy, later courageous, main protagonist from the film Here, he is met by Mr. Dewey (Christopher Lloyd), an eccentric librarian who tries to Dr. Jekyll, Captain Ahab, Long John Silver, and the dragon reappear in a.

As a storm hits the area while riding his bike home from the hardware store, Rich takes refuge in the town library. He meets the eccentric librarian, who tried to talk Rich into exploring the fictional area of the library.

richard tyler meet long john silver

On his way to the payphone, Rich's curiosity leads him to the fantasy section, and, still dripping wet, slips on the floor and hits his head. When he awakens, the paintings of wizards and dragons in the library start to come alive.

Rich is soon part of the paintings, having become 'illustrated'. Rich meets the wizard, known as "The Pagemaster". The Pagemaster tells Rich to get back home, he must face three tests: Adventure, Horror, and Fantasy.

Rich first meets Adventure, a pirate book, who agrees to help him.

richard tyler meet long john silver

He also meets Fantasy, a fairy tale, who also will help him if Rich helps them get 'checked' out as well. Unfortunately each time a book is opened, the characters come alive. A hound from Baskervilles chases them all into the Horror section, where they see the Exit sign beyond a haunted house. After some coaching, the three of them approach the house where they encounter Horror, who warns them of Dr. He agrees to help them nagivate the house.

Once inside the meet Dr. Jekyll, who transforms into the monstrous Mr. He chases all the them throughout the house, where they encouter bats, ghosts, and gargoyles. Rich learns to escape and rescue his friends, getting braver with each hurdle.

Eventually they escape the house, find a boat, and start sailing to the exit with Adventure as captain. Soon they see whaling ships, let by Captain Ahab hunting Moby Dick. The whale wrecks their boat, sending them all into the water where they become seperated. Rich and Adventure find a floating piece of wood, and soon a row boat with two unsavory characters comes to their rescue. Unfortunately they take both of them back to the pirate ship where they meet Long John Silver and are taken prisoner.

Long John Silver lands on Treasure Island and finds the treasure chest empty. Not so much in the fantasy section.

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Has a hook and a peg leg, but is still pretty awesome. He is a pirate after all. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he often argues with Fantasy and mocks Horror, he is a good man at heart and ultimately feels guilty for mistreating Horror. Well, he is a pirate and voiced by Patrick Stewart after all.

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Claims to be, but doesn't get much chance to show off his skills since he is the Butt-Monkey of the film. A very traditional role. Aside from being a talking book. Contains a number of pirate-related weaponry within his pages. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: They spend a good deal of the film bantering before he pulls a surprise kiss on her near the end.

She doesn't take too kindly to that. Talk Like a Pirate: You'd better believe it, mateys. Being the prideful braggard that he is, he certainly shows no gratitude when Horror and Fantasy help him and Richard fend off the pirates, especially since he spent the entire fight trapped in a chest right when he saw a good opportunity to have a good battle.

Richard Thompson (musician)

I coulda taken the lot of 'em with one hand tied behind me back! It's just his way of saying thanks. Whoopi Goldberg A sassy book from the fantasy section. Mis-shelved, Fantasy meets Richard by chance and agrees to guide him through the library in exchange for checking her out.

richard tyler meet long john silver

A talking book with a fairy motif. Honey, that's what they all say. I'll have you know I'm a classic! Accompanies Richard on his journey.

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Acts as one to Richard and claims to grant wishes. Fish out of Water: She was mis-shelved and is clueless to the horror genre.