Nina pham meet president obama

Two US Nurses Declared Cured of Ebola |

nina pham meet president obama

Pham met Obama the first time in October after being released from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland when she was declared. The meeting, which included a hug from the president, came immediately after Nina Pham was released from the National Institutes of Health's. President Barack Obama gives a hug to Dallas nurse Nina Pham in the Oval After her release, Pham met with President Obama in the White.

Hulbert is protesting for a mandatory quarantine for people that have returned from Ebola affected countries.

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Craig Spencer, 33, is in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. Pham left the Dallas hospital where she was receiving treatment for the Ebola virus and being transferred by air to a National Institutes of Health Facility in Bethesda, Maryland.

The training session, at a Federal Emergency Management Agency site, comes as a second hospital worker contracted Ebola after treating a stricken patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The classes, meant for healthcare workers going to West Africa, may be expanded to include domestic workers, according to a CDC spokesman.

Amber Vinson, 29, was isolated immediately after reporting a fever on Tuesday, Texas Department of State Health Services officials said. President Obama speaks with members of his cabinet about the fight against the Ebola virus during a meeting at the White House, Oct.

Obama canceled a campaign trip in order to meet with Cabinet officials about the Ebola outbreak. Amber Vinson, the second Texas nurse who had contracted Ebolawas sent to Emory on Wednesday after being transferred from Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

She had treated Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola and was the first patient diagnosed with the virus in the United States.

nina pham meet president obama

A second worker at the Texas hospital where a Liberian man died of Ebola has tested positive for the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said early Wednesday morning. The revelation has raised alarms about further spread of the disease, which is transmitted through body fluids such as blood and saliva after the victim starts showing symptoms.

Ohio health officials aren't sure how many people came into contact with a Texas nurse as she visited family in the Akron area days before being diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas. The Ohio Department of Health says she visited family from Oct.

He died on Oct.

Obama to meet with nurse who recovered from Ebola - The Boston Globe

By late afternoon, Obama announced he was meeting with his cabinet again and issued an order giving the Pentagon the power to call up reserve National guard troops if they were needed to help fight the outbreak in West Africa. NPR's Scott Horsley said this did not indicate a mass mobilization, but was instead the authority to "call up people with very specific skills-- e. Two days later, he returned to the hospital, was placed in isolation and subsequently diagnosed with Ebola.

nina pham meet president obama

That's when officials believe Pham and Vinson, 29, became infected. In his testimony, Varga acknowledges that the hospital did not correctly diagnose the disease on Duncan's first visit.

Pres. Obama meets with discharged Ebola nurse Nina Pham - 10/24

After treating Duncan but before she exhibited symptoms, Vinson traveled by commercial airliner to and from Cleveland. That has raised questions about why she was allowed to travel with the public and whether anyone in an official capacity cleared her to do so.

Her reported temperature was below the threshold set by the agency, and she had no symptoms, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman David Daigle, who talked to The Associated Press.

The CDC has said that the likelihood of her passing the virus to a fellow passenger is considered very low. In an interview with CNN, Dr. Marguerite Erme, the medical director for Summit County Public Health, explained that through interviews, the CDC found out that Vinson may not have been feeling well days before she tested positive for Ebola. Vinson, Erme said, is believed to have presented with "non-specific symptoms" earlier than first thought, so the people on her flight to Cleveland and those who may have been in a bridal shop while she was there are now considered "contacts.

The hospital says it followed CDC guidelines at the time. Texas Health Presbyterian also said it would offer a special room "to any of our impacted employees who would like to stay here to avoid even the remote possibility of any potential exposure to family, friends and the broader public," according to a statement late Wednesday, adding, "We are doing this for our employees' peace of mind and comfort. This is not a medical recommendation.